Are American Bullies Legal in the UK? 5 Rules You Must Know

Not all types of dogs are legal to own, breed, or sell everywhere around the world. Each country has its own rules and laws about domesticated dogs and if, how, and where you can keep them.

If you plan to adopt, buy, breed, or even travel from your country to another with your dog, then you must first check the laws where you are going.

Are American Bullies legal in the UK? American Bullies are legal in the UK. The only dogs that are banned in the UK are the Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, and Fila Brasileiro. However, the ban has more to do with what the dog looks like than their breed.

So, does that mean you can move to the UK with an American Bully? Are there any regulations or things you need to keep in mind? Continue reading to learn everything you need to know about keeping an American Bully in the UK.

Are American Bullies Legal in the UK?

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American Bullies are legally allowed to be owned, bred, and sold in the UK. But you need to keep in mind that American Bullies are a type of Pit Bulls, which are banned in the UK. 

I have another article where I discuss where Pit Bulls are banned in more detail.

However, here is the trick: The ban applies according to the dog’s physical appearance rather than its breed. Meaning that if your American Bully has a lot of Pit Bull-like physical characteristics, they will be considered illegal to own. 

If your Bully does look a lot like a Pit Bull, the authorities can take them away even if they are not acting dangerously and no one has complained about them. They need a warrant to do that in a private place, but in public, they do not need the warrant to take your dog away.

Can You Move to The Uk with An American Bully?

Assuming that your American Bully does not look like a Pit Bull and you want to move to the UK, is it doable? Yes, it is.

The UK government has rules and regulations about traveling to the UK with your dog that you must abide by. Knowing these rules ahead will make the moving/traveling much smoother and easier, so let’s break them down in more detail:

Get a pet passport and other documents 

Like you, your American Bully cannot travel without proper documents. Depending on where you are traveling from, your dog may be required to own a pet passport or a Great Britain pet health certificate.

For travelers from the US, a Great Britain pet health certificate is a must as they do not accept American pet passports.

Get your dog microchipped.

Microchips are a permanent form of dog identification you need to get for your dog before traveling. They are as small as a rice grain and have no negative effects on your dog.

Since it is implanted in your dog’s body, this must be done by a vet to ensure the safety of the procedure and that it is done correctly. 

Get your dog vaccinated for rabies.

An important note is microchipping before or during getting your dog vaccinated for rabies. If you vaccinate them first and then get them microchipped, you will have to redo the vaccination process.

Both these processes must happen at the vet’s clinic, and your dog must be older than 12 weeks.

Get your dog treated for tapeworms.

A tapeworm treatment is a must before traveling to the UK. The treatment needs to happen no more than five days ahead of traveling and no less than 24 hours.

If your dog is not treated for tapeworms, it can be banned from entering or quarantined for some time.

After you’ve prepared your American Bully’s papers, got them microchipped, vaccinated, and treated, you are now ready to take your dog to the UK.

Are American Bullies Recognized in the UK?

American Bullies are recognized by the United Kennel Club in the UK. This recognition will help your American Bully take part in dog shows and competitions if you are into this kind of thing. 

However, you need to keep in mind that being recognized by the United Kennel Club will not help your American Bully if they look too much like a Pit Bull Terrier.

Recognition from Kennel clubs does not stand in court, just like breed papers. In the UK, it’s all about how your dog looks.

Can You Breed An American Bully in the UK?

Since they are not illegal, American Bullies can be bred in the UK.

They have recently been gaining a lot of popularity because of their loving natures, their loyalty, and their protectiveness. Bullies are also very active dogs and need little to no grooming, making them very sought after. 

But because of the UK’s laws against Pit Bull Terriers, many people and breeders get worried about breeding an American Bully that looks too much like a Pit Bull, resulting in it being taken away by the police. This makes breeders careful about breeding American Bullies.

Related Questions 

What Dogs Are Banned in the UK? 

The dogs that are banned in the UK include Pit Bull Terrier, Japanese Tosa, Dogo Argentino, and Fila Brasileiro. Owning one can get you in serious legal trouble and will result in your dog being taken away if they have not acted dangerously.

Are XL American Bullies Legal in the UK?

XL American Bullies are legal in the UK. All American Bully types are legal to own and breed in the UK. However, if they have many Pit Bull physical characteristics, they can be taken away even if they are officially an American Bully by papers or even DNA.

How Much Do American Bullies Cost in the UK?

American Bullies cost anywhere between £400 and £1000. The cost depends mostly on where you get it from. Buying from breeders can be more expensive than adopting one for a shelter. Taking care of an American Bully can also cost you around £85 to £160 per month.

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