Are Pitbulls Emotional? What the Media Won’t Tell You…

Pit bulls can be great emotional support animals because of how supportive, loving, and passionate they are. 

Pitties are highly affectionate, which makes the relationship with your Pitbull extraordinary. 

They are also very active dogs and enjoy one-on-one time. 

So, if you take them for a walk, they will be overjoyed. 

Are Pitbulls emotional? Pitbulls are emotional and affectionate dogs. They also have a zest for life, and they will make your life simply beautiful and fun. They will show their emotions by being very close to you, sometimes even suffocating you with love. 

Read on if you want to learn more about the Pit bull’s emotions, emotional intelligence, whether they qualify as emotional support animals, getting an ESA letter, and so much more. 

Are Pitbulls Emotional? 

sad pitbull to show how are pitbulls emotional

Pit bulls are capable of experiencing a lot of emotions. Their affection and love for people make them emotional dogs. 

Pitties are dynamic dogs who experience real feelings, and sometimes they even know what they are feeling. 

What emotions can dogs have? 

Like humans, dogs can experience a lot of emotions, among which are love, dislike, guilt, happiness, sadness, etc. 

Complex feelings like shame and guilt are less common for a dog to feel, but they do exist. 

They also feel devotion and affection for their owners. 

Pit bulls can show affection by crowding your space or cuddling with you. 

They show devotion when they guard you while you eat; it’s their sense of protection.  

Are Pitbulls emotionally intelligent?

Yes, Pit bulls are emotionally intelligent dogs. Pitties are generally intelligent, which makes it easier for them to read how their owners or the people they love are feeling. 

However, you should not expect much from your dog, as they do not have the same level of emotional intelligence as humans. 

Can Pitbulls be emotional support animals?

Yes, Pit bulls can be emotional support animals.

Although the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not specify breed requirements for service dogs, it does differentiate between psychiatric assistance animals and emotional support animals.

As an emotional support animal, your pitbull is protected from breed prejudice in public housing. 

Many pit bull owners don’t know this, but if your pitbull is an emotional support animal, your Landlord can’t stop you from living with them in the house, even if they object to it. You can learn more about this and the laws and regulations regarding living with a Pitbull in an apartment here. 

How to get an ESA Letter? 

In some places (including houses and airplanes), proof that your Pitbull is an emotional support animal is required. Thus, you will need an emotional support animal (ESA) letter. 

Here are the necessary steps to get an ESA letter: 

Consult your doctor 

Your doctor probably knows your mental health needs, so you should start by booking an appointment with them. 

During the appointment, you should ask them to confirm that your mental illness will be improved with the support of an emotional support animal.  

Talk to a licensed mental health professional. 

Mental illness is a serious issue. 

And its seriousness requires professionals that know how to deal with it. 

For a professional to help you, you need to speak up about your needs for an emotional support animal. 

When the professional sees the whole picture and assesses the situation, you need them to write the letter. 

It is important to note that the ESA letter is only valid when written by a licensed mental health professional. 

Get your ESA letter.

By this point, the professional has already assessed and confirmed that you need an emotional support animal. 

So, now you are just waiting for your ESA letter, and it will probably not take long. 

Make sure your ESA contains the following: 

  1. Confirmation that your mental health disability is valid for an emotional support animal
  2. The species, name, and breed of your ESA
  3. A formal request to the place you are headed (airline) that your emotional support animal needs to accommodate you 

4. Paying for your ESA letter

ESA letters cost a lot of money. The doctor may charge you 75USD for the ESA paperwork, and the registration fee ranges from 100 to 200USD. 

If you are getting the ESA for an airline, you might want to know that it expires after one year from its issue date. 

How to tell your Landlord that your Pitbull is an ESA?

Sometimes landlords don’t allow pets in the apartment. 

That being said, emotional support animals are a different story, as they are protected under the fair housing act. 

This means that exceptions are made for emotional support animals and service dogs. 

So, to be part of this exception, you need to provide your Landlord with proof, aka the ESA letter. 

In order to do that, you need to follow the steps I have mentioned above. 

Related Questions 

Can dogs be emotional?

Yes, dogs can be emotional. They experience a wide range of emotions and feelings like joy, sadness, love, affection, devotion, and so much more. Some dogs can even experience guilt and shame too. But, according to scientific studies, these are more complex feelings that not all dogs experience. 

Are Pit bulls sensitive emotionally?

Yes, Pit bulls are sensitive. Contrary to their muscular and tough appearance, they are actually very sensitive canines. They love their owners dearly and do not want to cause them any harm. They are highly affectionate dogs that like to cuddle and can’t be left alone for too long. If Pit bulls are left alone for too long, they will most likely experience separation anxiety. 

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