Can a Pitbull Kill a Wolf? (Wolf vs Pitbull) – What Actually Happens

As a pitbull lover, and someone who has owned Pitbulls all my life, there is no doubt in my mind that my dogs can fight the toughest monsters out there to protect my family, my house, and myself.

As anyone who has had Pitbulls in their life would tell you, although they may be cuddly and sweet at most times, they are shockingly fearless when it comes to protecting their families and their territories. But wolves are completely different animals in every sense of the word, and I would never want to see a fight between my beloved furballs and a wolf.

So, to answer your main question;

Can a pitbull kill a wolf? A Pitbull can not kill a wolf, and a fight between a pitbull vs wolf will end with the wolf on top 99% of the time assuming the two animals are adult, alone, and healthy. Wolves are larger, stronger, smarter, and more aggressive than dogs, however, wolves fear dogs because of human intervention.

So, while your pitbull will not be able to kill a wolf, it can still defend your home simply by being there and alarming you, and the wolf is going to be terrified of you and your weapon that it just won’t attack anything that smells like you, such as your dog.

To understand why your pitbull is still an effective defender against wolves, keep reading…

Pitbull VS Wolf

pitbull vs wolf to answer can a pitbull kill a wolf
wolf vs pitbull

A fight between a Pitbull and a wolf is not a fair fight, and while Pitbulls may be one of the toughest dogs out there, domestic dogs – including Pitbulls and American Bullies – are no match for the cunning and aggressive wolf.

Simply said: no dog can kill a wolf in a one-on-one fight!

To understand why a pitbull would not be able to take down the wolf in a one-on-one fight, let’s quickly compare the two – keep in mind we’re discussing the American grey wolf here, and these numbers are mainly for males, with females being slightly shorter and lighter for both animals.

Weight 35-60 pounds 70-145 pounds
Height 17-21 inches 26-32 inches
Speed 30 mph 40 mph
Bite force235 psi400 psi
Stamina up to 1 hour of vigorous activities
Teeth42 teeth
(including 4 fangs that are less sharp and weaker than wolves’)
42 teeth
(with 2.5-inch fangs that can puncture skin easily)
IntelligenceAverage – 48th smartest dogCunning – wolves are smarter than dogs
Fighting instinctsStrong (have game instincts)Stronger (and more predatory and wild)
Fighting experienceNone (for most modern-day Pitbulls) Extensive

So, although Pitbulls may look like they are strong enough to take on wolves, this thinking is not right. If you think any dog can take on wolves (mainly the grey wolves that live here in the US), you are severely underestimating the wolves.

Wolves are apex predators, they have the intelligence to fight together and to fight very cunningly, they have sharp teeth that can puncture the skin of any dog, and they are faster and stronger than Pitbulls.

They are also smart enough to fight dirty, fight in packs, and use tactics that are too smart for your Pitbull to understand and counter. Pitbulls don’t hunt for a living, wolves do, and this gives them enough fighting experience to take on any dog.

Wolves also have incredible stamina, in fact, wolves have the best stamina of any mammal or animal on earth, and this means that if they want to take down any animal in the wild, they can.

Even more, wolves know what dogs are.

They understand that dogs and humans are connected and they can probably smell your scent on your dog, and they are very familiar with the kind of force humans possess. That’s why if a wolf encounters a dog in the wild, they are more likely to attack it than to let the dog become part of the pack, regardless of how much they look alike.

However, in a pitbull vs wolf fight, how things will go will depend on many factors; is the dog alone? is the wolf alone? is the wolf desperate for food?

Let’s explore some of these situations:

What would actually happen in a pitbull vs wolf fight

In a pitbull vs wolf fight, the wolf is most likely going to avoid the fight altogether and run away. Wolves are smart enough to know that a dog means humans are probably close by, and they really fear humans (and our weapons), so they would rather avoid the conflict altogether.

However, if the wolf is cornered and has no way to go, or if the wolf is really hungry and the dog is blocking its way to food, the wolf is likely going to attack the dog and kill it quickly. Wolves do not eat dogs normally, so a wolf will not attack your dog to eat it, but they will attack to get them out of the way.

Something particular to Pitbulls, however, is that Pitbulls have what is referred to as “game instincts”. When the pitbull is in a fight, they are going to fight until their enemy dies or until they can no longer fight.

Pitbulls are stubborn like that, and they do not back up from fights (normally).

So, in a one-on-one fight, the wolf is likely going to avoid the fight altogether unless absolutely necessary and is just going to run away. But what if there is more than one pitbull?

A Wolf against two or more pitbulls

Two or more Pitbulls can actually take down a wolf and seriously injure it, and even if it’s not enough to kill the wolf, it will be enough for the wolf to back off and run away from the fight. The chances go up if the number of Pitbulls increases and three or more Pitbulls have a good chance of fatally injuring the wolf or killing it.

Wolves against Pitbulls in the wild

Pitbulls have no chance of winning a fight against Pitbulls in the wild. Not only do Wolves fight in packs and can ambush their prey and lure it to where they can fight it to death, but they also often encircle their prey and continuously nip at its flanks until the prey is exhausted before the wolves start biting more strongly into the prey and slowly turning those nips into fatal bites that can kill their prey.

Conclusion: A Pitbull VS Wolf is a lost battle for the dog

In conclusion, in any pitbull vs wolf fight, you can expect the wolf to come out on top. Unless the wolf is cornered by two or more Pitbulls, the wolf remains an apex predator that is twice the size of a Pitbull and has two-to-three times the bite force of a Pitbull.

Wolves are also faster, smarter, and more aggressive than Pitbulls. Thankfully, wolves understand the risks of human intervention and know that a human intervening can be a very bad thing for the wolf as there is really nothing the wolf can do against our weapons.

Wolves are also experienced fighters, while a Pitbull’s bite may hurt a wolf, Wolf’s bite will be strategic. When fighting prey, wolves will go for the legs first to incapacitate their prey before going for the fatal bites on the prey’s neck, dogs don’t have the wild instincts to execute such maneuvers.

Unfortunately, many dog owners think too highly of their dogs and this leads to many pet dog deaths in rural places where wolf attacks are common, such as Alaska. Instead, dog owners should know that the best thing their Pitbull could do in case of a wolf approaching the house or farm is to simply bark loudly to alarm you, and you should take things from there.

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A Pitbull’s bite is not stronger than a wolf, in fact, a Pitbull’s bite force is 235 psi while Wolf’s bite force is 400 psi, which means that wolves have twice the bite force of a Pitbull. Wolves are also excellent hunters and know where they should bite an animal to hurt them and make them bleed to death.

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