Can American Bullies Jump? 5 Reasons and How to Stop Them

American Bullies are characterized by having strong muscular bodies that allow them to do various physical activities, but many owners often wonder whether American Bullies jump and how high they can jump.

So, can American Bullies Jump? American Bullies can jump. They can jump up to 6 feet high easily because of how strong their bodies are. If your American Bully jumping becomes a problem, you need to find the reason it’s jumping and fix it to protect the dog from getting injured or jumping over a fence.

Continue reading to learn more about the reasons why American Bullies jump over fences and how to stop them from doing it.

Can American Bullies Jump?

a photo of an American bully jumping to show that American bullies can jump

American Bullies can jump because their bodies are so strong and muscular, which helps them jump with little to no effort.

They tend to do well in sports that involve jumping, so you might want to take advantage of their ability and sign them up for some competitions.

How High Can American Bullies Jump?

American Bullies can jump very high for their size. They could reach up to 6 feet high when jumping, and with some professional training, some American Bullies might be able to jump even higher.

The height they reach will mostly depend on each individual dog’s size and physical strength.

Do American Bullies Jump Fences?

American Bullies do jump fences. Given how high they can jump, they can easily jump over fences that are 4 to 6 feet high.

Jumping fences is very dangerous for the dog as it might injure itself, so it’s important to understand why American Bullies jump fences in order to prevent it from happening.

5 Main Reasons Why American Bullies Jump Fences

Once you discover the reasons why American Bullies jump fences, you will be able to understand them and stop them from doing it again. So, here are the main 3 reasons why American Bullies jump fences:


If American Bullies are left alone for long periods without any mental stimulation, they will get bored and search for something to entertain them. So, jumping the fence might be their way of acting out and coping with boredom.

If you intend to keep your Bully at home while you go about your day, you need to know how to keep it happy while you’re not there. You can learn how to keep your Bully happy in an apartment here.

Lack of Exercise

American Bullies have high levels of energy, so they usually try to release that energy by running or jumping. If they don’t get enough exercise every day, they might attempt to jump the fence as a way to release their high energy.


American Bullies might jump the fence as a way of escaping something or someone that makes them afraid.

Things that frighten American Bullies include strangers approaching their territory and loud noises such as fireworks, thunder, or construction work.

Try to monitor your dog to determine if it feels afraid and keep it calm so it wouldn’t jump the fence. You can also learn about the reasons dogs run away and how to prevent it from happening here.

Hunting Instincts

American Bullies have some hunting instincts just like any other dog, even if they are brought up as inside dogs.

They might try to climb or jump over the fence if they see a rodent or any other small animal running across the top of the fence. They will view this small animal as their prey which will drive them to do anything to hunt and capture it.

Mating Instincts

When American Bullies go through their heat cycles, they will try to jump over the fence to seek other dogs to mate with. This is even more common in Bullies that are unneutered or unspayed dogs.

They might also try to interact with the neighbor’s dogs or even stray dogs through the fence when they’re not in heat because they simply want company, as American Bullies are a very social breed.

How to Stop Your American Bully from Jumping Over the Fence?

Here are some easy tips you can follow to stop your American Bully from jumping over the fence:

Fixing the root issue

Before you start doing anything, start with training your American Bully that jumping the fence is not a good action.

Make sure that the training period doesn’t exceed 15 minutes, as American bullies get bored easily. The shorter the training session is, the more he is focused and gets better.

Don’t forget the positive reinforcement when training your American Bully. Treats and their favorite food are the best incentives for them to be better and obey your commands.

Have the right outdoor space

American Bullies don’t require many needs in the yard. All you have to do to have the right outdoor space for them is to clear away anything that the dog may use to climb and jump over the fence, such as containers and chairs.

Try to block the view of the other side of the yard. This will prevent the dog from seeing anything that could excite it and decrease the dog’s desire to go out or jump the fence. Leaving some toys and hidden treats in the yard will also make your dog find it more interesting than the other side of the fence.

Learn more about whether American Bullies can live outside here.

Make the fence higher 

Since American Bullies can jump as high as 6 feet, you need to make your fence higher than 6 feet to prevent them from jumping it. The ideal fence height for a breed like American Bullies is at least 7 feet high.

If you do not have a fence already, then you definitely consider installing one. However, make sure to check in with your next-door neighbors before installing the fence, as it might be inconvenient for them. 

Consider using accessories for the fence

Using fence accessories will make it harder for the American Bully to even think about jumping it.

One of the most effective accessories you can install to stop your American Bully from jumping the fence is an L-footer. However, you need to make you’re installing it correctly by keeping it upturned and at the top of the fence.

It is an extremely effective method of keeping them trapped in the backyard where they belong, and because they are aware that there is a restriction in their path, they will not try to jump.

Check out this dig proofer kit that can be installed on the top of the fence to prevent the dog from climbing or jumping over. It’s made from durable wire that will withstand different weather conditions, and it’s easy to install as it suits all kinds of fences. It also prevents them from digging under the fence.

You can also use PVC pipes along the top of your fence to make it harder for your American Bully to jump over it. This option might not be easy to install, but it’s a lot more affordable. It will also keep any animal away if they try to get in and, at the same time, keep your dog inside.

For more ideas and tips on how to stop your dog from jumping over the fence and running away, check out my guide to why Pitbulls jump here.

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How High Should the Fence for American Bullies be? 

The fence for American Bullies should be 8 feet high. That is because American Bullies can jump up to 6 feet high. So, it’s better to keep your fence higher than 6 feet to prevent any chance of jumping over it. You can also install some accessories on the fence to make jumping harder.

Which Dog Breeds Jump the Highest? 

The dog breeds that jump the highest are Border Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, American Staffordshire Terriers, Greyhounds, Rottweilers, and Jack Russell Terrier. These dogs tend to rank very high in jumping competitions.

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