Can American Bullies Run? Every Bully Owner Should Know This

I get asked many questions about running with American Bullies, especially when people see me running with my own bullies. I guess people think of them more as muscular gym jocks than athletic runners, but that’s the wrong idea.

Bullies are characterized by being athletic and having strong, muscular bodies. But is that enough for taking them for a run with you?

Can American Bullies run? American Bullies can run with speeds up to25-30 miles per hour (40-48 kilometers per hour) and for distances up to 7 miles per day, However, they are not the running dogs due to physical limitations as they will become too exhausted and be at risk of injury quicker than other dog breeds

Keep reading to learn more about why American Bullies are not the best for running, how fast they could run, and what stuff you need to go running with your American Bully.

Can American Bullies Run?

a photo of an American bully running to show that American bullies can run

American Bullies can run and they’re usually very energetic. However, they may not be the best breed for running long distances because they have some physical limitations. It can be very threatening for their health to run for more than 7 miles.

They will try to keep up with your pace while running, but at some point, they will become too exhausted to continue or they might become seriously injured.

If you are the type of person who loves running for long distances, then you should look for a breed that is specially bred for running such a long distance. But when it comes to American bullies, they are perfect for casual jogging or small distances running.

By the way, I have another guide on how to run with Pit Bulls here that you should check out to see if Pit Bulls would be a better fit for your running needs, and the tips I discuss there are pretty useful for any dog in general, not just Pitties.

3 Reasons Why American Bullies Are Not the Best for Running

American Bullies got a lot of characteristics that make them perform very well when it comes to physical activities as they are highly energetic. However, there’s still a limit to the kind of physical activities they can do such as running.

So, let’s take a quick look at the reasons why American Bullies are not the best for running:

Short Snouts

American Bullies are brachycephalic as they have flat faces and short snouts, so they are more prone to breathing difficulties than dogs with long snouts. 

Having breathing difficulties while running means they will have less oxygen in their blood as quickly which leads them to become tired more quickly as well as put them at higher risk of getting cramps or sore muscles

Also, they will not be able to cool the air inside their lungs efficiently as American bullies regulate their body temperature by panting heavily. So, they will become overheated more quickly while they’re running.

Not Bred For Running

Although American Bullies are energetic and have strong muscular bodies, they are not bred for running long distances or doing any kind of heavy exercise. They are more suited for light physical activities such as walking, jogging, or hiking for short distances.


American bullies are considered one of the most reactive dogs and while they’re running, they are even more reactive than normal.

They consume a lot of energy, breathe heavily, and their heart races. All of this creates a sense of danger in the dog’s head which causes it to react negatively to other dogs or people you run by on the street.

How Fast Can American Bullies Run?

Over short distances, the average speed of American bullies is 25-30 miles per hour (40-48 kilometers per hour) but some bullies can sprint faster than that, of course. Although this breed is quite energetic, you shouldn’t make your American Bully run for distances longer than 7 miles.

You also shouldn’t make it run while it’s still a puppy because at that age, its body will still be going through development, and exposing it to intense physical activities will hinder its development and put it at risk of various injuries and health problems.

Are American Bullies Athletic? 

American bullies have a very impressive athletic build as they have strong, well-defined muscles. Their physical build is one of many reasons that they’re considered to be athletic. So, let’s take a quick look at the other reasons:

High Energy

American bullies are very energetic dogs. They have all the stamina to perform many physical activities, including walking, jogging, hiking, or running.

They require at least one hour of exercising every day to be able to release their energy, otherwise, they will become hyperactive which could lead them to display various destructive behaviors.


American bullies are characterized by being so persistent while doing any activity with their owners. They would be very excited to for out for a run with you, surprisingly, they will not lose their power and steam so quick.

They will keep running with you for the whole duration (However, that doesn’t mean that they are suitable for marathon training). 

Short Coats

The short coat of American Bullies is very supportive as it helps regulate their body temperature and prevent them from overheating while running or doing any physical activity. It also affects their energy a lot as the cooler their temperature is, the more energetic they will be.

In contrast, dogs that have long coats as they get warm easily while doing any exercise, which makes them get tired faster.

What Stuff Do You Need to Go Running with Your American Bully?

If you’re going running with your American bully, you have to bring some stuff to make the running experience easier, less stressful, and safer for you and your dog.

A Harness

You will need a harness to reduce the risk of getting his neck tired while running. The harness is lightweight, and it won’t hurt or chafe your American Bully’s neck.

The harness I use with my own dogs (and recommend for you as well) is the Auroth tactical dog harness because it’s quite comfortable, easily adjustable, and offers probably the best value for the money as it’s quite affordable for the high-quality and long-lasting durability that it offers.

Jogging Leash

you will need a jogging leash also to keep your hand relaxed and free and keep your American Bully running freely beside you while controlling it at the same.

The leash I currently use with my dogs (and have a few of them by this point), is the BAAPET leash which you can find on Amazon here. It’s super strong, it’s very simple, and it’s reflective so it’s good for both day and night walks as well. There are many length options to choose from as well.

For more options, check out my recommendations for the best leashes.

A Saddlebag

If you are taking your American Bully for a long walk, you may need a saddlebag to carry some of your dog’s supplies inside it.

Foldable Water Bowl

American Bullies get thirsty frequently during any exercises, especially if you are taking them running. They will need to be provided with water to stay hydrated and continue running with power.

I have tested quite a few water bottles with my dogs, and the one I love the most (so much so that I now have about a dozen of them) is this bottle from MalsiPree. It’s affordable, it is very well built (never leaks, not even a drop with all the walking and running), and the design is perfect. I highly recommend you check it out.


If you are taking your American Bully for a run in a new area, you need to take into consideration that the area may be unsafe for your dog’s paws, so you must make your dog wear suitable shoes to protect its paws.

My Top Picks for American Bullies!

Related Questions

When Can You Start Running with Your American Bully?

You can start running with your American Bully when it reaches the age of 1 or 2 years old. At that age, the dog’s body will be fully developed and mature enough to handle running without getting being at risk of serious injuries or any other health problems.

What Are the Risks of Making An American Bully Run Long Distances? 

The risks of making American Bullies run long distances include severe muscle strain, joint damage, and tearing of the CCL ligament. These injuries will cause the dog to feel a lot of pain. You can tell that your dog is injured if it displays symptoms like limping, shaking, stiffness, swelling, and lack of coordination.

What Dog Breed Runs the Fastest? 

The dog breed that runs the fastest is the Greyhound. These dogs can run at a speed that’s close to the speed of a cheetah. During its first strides, it can reach a maximum speed of 45 mph. This makes Grehounds suitable for participating in dog-running tournaments or marathons.

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