Can Pitbulls Be Fluffy or Furry? Here’s The Truth

Pit bulls have a single coat and are known to shed. They are not hypoallergenic dogs, and they usually have short coats.

When you think of Pit bulls, what’s the picture that comes to mind? I bet it’s big eyes, a square-shaped head, a short and muscular body, and a short coat. 

So, if I tell you that Pit Bulls can look different, you would probably be surprised. 

While most Pit bulls look like I just described, some can actually be fluffy. And I’m just loving that fact. Let’s know more! 

Can Pitbulls be fluffy? Yes, Pit bulls can be fluffy. They often have a rich, glowy, and healthy coat, and sometimes they can be fluffy. They are rare but they do exist. Pit bulls carry the gene responsible for long hair. 

If you want to know whether pit bulls can be fluffy and furry and whether there are long-haired pit bulls, keep reading. It is about to get interesting! 

Can Pitbulls be fluffy? 

pitbull puppy with tennis ball to answer can pitbulls be fluffy

Pit bulls have fur, not hair. “Fur” and “hair” are used interchangeably. However, there is a difference. As described by the American Kennel Club, Pit bulls have a “short, stiff coat”, which means they have fur, not hair. 

Generally, dogs who have fur like Pit bulls shed more than dogs who have hair like Labradoodles. 

It is widely known that most purebred Pitbull breeds (American Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire Pitbull, red nose Pitbull, Bull Terrier, etc.) have short coats. 

If your Pitbull has long hair or is fluffy, then they are probably mixed breeds. If you are unsure, you can always ask your breeder to provide you with more information. 

If that is not an option, you can result to genetic testing, which is a service that can be provided by a lot of professional veterinarians. 

If you are rescuing an adorable Pit Bull, you might want to ask them to fill you in.  

Can Pitbulls be furry?  

Yes, Pit bulls can be furry. Pit bulls usually have short and furry coats. That being said, they do not have much fur when compared to other single-coated dogs. 

Your Pit bull’s fur can be fine and soft or coarse. Some Pit bulls can have very shiny, smooth, and beautiful coats. 

Such coats can be provided for your gorgeous Pitbull if you spoil them; provide them with a fulfilling and nutritious diet, set a bathing schedule, and brush their fur 3 or 4 times a week. You can learn how often to bathe your Pitbull here.

Proteins and fatty acids like Omega 6 and Omega 3 usually provide a healthy-looking coat, which will eventually result in a healthy dog. 

Your Pitbull also needs to be bathed and groomed once every 6 months. However, if you catch their fur dirty or foul-smelling, you should not hesitate to bathe them. 

It is better to use shampoos that are specially made for dogs, as to avoid harming your Pit bull’s gorgeous coat. 

If your Pit bull’s fur is a bit longer than usual, you might want to brush them more often and check for any fleas or dirt. You might also want to take them for a haircut or a trim. 

Generally, Pit bulls are among the mosy-shedding dogs; they shed all year long because they do not “blow” their undercoat because they simply don’t have an undercoat.  

So, what does that mean for you? 

It means that your Pitbull will shed the same amount of fur all year long. They are pretty consistent. 

If your Pitbull is long-haired, you might want to vacuum a lot. 

Are there long-haired Pitbulls?

Yes, Pit bulls carry the hair gene, which can make it possible for them to have long hair. Even though it is not common to see a long-haired Pitbull, they do exist. 

The reason behind that is that there is a gene called FGF5, which is responsible for hair growth. This gene can be inherited from both parents. 

However, it is not a rule that two short-haired (furry) parents will have a short-haired Pitbull. 

It might come as a surprise to you to know that the FGF5 exists in short-haired breeds like Pitbull. 

The reason we do not see many Pit bulls with long hair is that this variant exists at a very low frequency. 

In simpler words, the long-haired gene is very weak in the majority of Pit bulls, which results in very few Pit bulls having hair, not fur as per usual. 

For example, there are some American Pit Bull Terries who have long hair. Sadly, some people consider it a “disability”. 

In all cases, Pit bulls are loving, protective, loyal, playful, and caring dogs. Whether they have long hair or not will matter very much if you have a well-behaved and affectionate Pitbull at home. 

You should care for your Pitbull and love their appearance in all cases. If you want them to look healthier and even more lovable, you can always give them extra care, they will surely love you even more for it. 

Related Questions 

Do pitbull puppies have soft fur? 

Yes, Pitbull puppies can have soft fur. Most puppies have soft fur before their adult coat starts creeping in. Pitbull puppies can change their puppy coat from 4 to 6 months of age.

 If you want your Pit bull’s coat to stay healthy, consider brushing it every day. You can learn more about how Pitbull puppies’ coats change as they grow here.

Are Pitbulls wrinkly? 

Yes, Pit bulls mainly have loose skin, which gives the appearance of these cute little wrinkles. This is especially common in Pitbull puppies. 

The skin can stretch out as the Pitbull grows, making it less wrinkly. 

Do Pit bulls have fur or hair?

Pit bulls have fur, not hair. They have a single coat that consistently sheds all year long. Unlike double-coated dogs, Pitbulls do not “blow” their coat. 

What are the 5 types of Pit bulls?

The 5 types of Pit bulls are American Pitbull terrier, American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully, and American Bulldog. 

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