Can Pitbulls Handle Hot Weather? 8 Ways to Keep Them Cool

Pitbulls ‘ single coats make their owners’ life easier in shedding times, but Do you think this single coat could help your pitbull to enjoy his summertime playing in the yard on sunny days?

Can Pitbulls Handle Hot Weather? Pitbulls cannot handle hot weather over 80°F because they can’t regulate their body’s temperature too well due to their short coats, nasal passage, and muzzle. Pitbulls are also more susceptible to hyperthermia and heat stroke in hot temperatures. So, they need attention in any extreme weather

You are probably wondering how hot Pitbulls can tolerate, and how to keep your pitbull cool during the summer months? Continue reading to find out.

Can Pitbulls Handle Hot Weather? 

pitbull in the sun to show how can pitbulls handle hot weather

Regardless of how much Pitbulls love to play and spend all their time in the sun, they really can’t handle it well. Pitbulls find it hard to handle hot temperatures that are above 80 F due to their Short coat, muzzle, and shorter nasal passages. 

In the summer months, you will note that your dog’s behavior changes. Pitbulls lose their energy and become lazy on hot days, they will refuse to do anything except lay on the floor in the shadowed areas.

They will be looking for anything cold or refreshing to keep them hydrated, because short nasal passages make it hard for Pitbulls to pant which is the way to keep dogs hydrated.

How hot is too hot for Pitbulls?

Pitbulls can deal with hot temperatures up to 80 degrees Fahrenheit with no problems but it becomes too hot for Pitbulls when the temperature rises to 85 – 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and they will be more prone to hyperthermia, heatstroke, and footpads burning. 

It is not only the hot temperatures that annoy your dog during summer but also the high humidity that can make your dog’s life harder because humidity lowers your dog’s chance of being able to cool himself by panting.

If you are planning to take your dog to a walk on a high-temperature day, this can make your dog suffer more because even if the air is not that hot, the ground of pavement will be 40 or 60 degrees hotter than the air, which can cause footpad burns for your dog.

So, dogs are just like us, If it is too hot for you to be comfortable outdoors or indoors without air conditioning, then it’s too hot for them too. If the pavement is too hot for your bare feet, it’s also too hot for their paws.

8 Ways to Keep Your Pitbull Cool in Summer

While Pitbull’s single coat is not helping your dog to lower his body temperature, and Pitbulls are not so good with panting here are 7 ways to keep your pitbull buddy cool in summer:

Set up your dog summer area

You will need to set up an area (or more) for your dog that can be cool and comfortable for them during the summer months where they will also have their food and water. It can be outside or inside.

While some dogs prefer to stay indoors during the hot days, other dogs don’t feel comfortable being indoors all day long, so you will need to know what is better for your dog before starting the summer area preparations.

Here is how to do it in both cases:


The easiest way for any dog owner is to protect their dogs from the high temperatures is to keep them inside the home with the air conditioning on, but some dogs don’t like to be trapped in the home and not all people have air conditioning in their house.

In this case, you will need to set up the outdoors to keep your dog hydrated.


Shade, whether it’s from a tree or something you put up, can make the temperature lower for your dog but if you don’t have trees to shade in your yard, you will need to prepare a tent or put something up to shade your dog’s outdoors area.

Consider adding cooling pads for your dog, it will make him feel fresher, and some cooling pads effect last for 8 hours which can help your dog to lay on during the day. I use this affordable cooling mat which you can also get on Amazon and it works pretty well for my dogs, as I’m sure it does for the other thousands of people who have left positive reviews for it.

You can also get it by clicking on the image below:

Add two or three large water bowls in different areas in your yard and don’t forget to refill these bowls.

Fresh cool water

Nothing is compared to fresh cool water with ice to make you feel hydrated, same for dogs. Make sure your dog is drinking water every 15 or 20 minutes but take care it’s not good for dogs to drink too much water.

Now, are you curious to know how much water should your dog drink while walking? 4–8 ounces for a dog weighing 45 -55 lbs which is the average weight for Pitbulls.

If you don’t want to be too worried about giving them fresh water two or three times an hour, you can simply get them a water fountain and it will provide them with fresh water all-day-long.

I have the one from PetSafe and it’s more than good enough actually. Just get the larger 2-gallon one so you don’t need to do a lot of re-fill runs.

Healthy diet 

Maintaining a healthy diet can improve your dog’s ability to regulate their body’s temperature and can provide them with a percentage of the water they need to stay hydrated. Here are the main factors to keep your dog in better health during the summer:

  1. Switch to less and lighter food that contains water inside, your dog is exercising less in summer.
  2. Give them fewer treats.
  3. Calculate the calories per treat. 
  4. Leave at least 3 – 4 hours between meals
  5. Less dry food and more natural and wet foods.

Summer fur

Pitbulls have fur, not hair which is much easier to take care of it during summer, make sure that you are regularly grooming your dog and brushing them.

Walking times

The pavement ground temperature is much higher than the air temperature, this may cause footpads burning.

Try to avoid the sun’s hottest hours when you walk your dog, These are the best times to walk your dog during summer.

  1. Early morning (5-7 Am)
  2. Late afternoon (6-7 Pm)
  3. Night 

Dog boots

In case, you have a jam-packed schedule or have an emergency so you have to go out with your dog during the hottest hours of the day, you can get your dog a boot to keep their footpads safe.

But note that some dogs don’t like to wear this boot or they may take time to get used to it. You will just need to be patient and consistent.

After some trial and testing, my Pitbulls seem to find these boots the most comfortable. They are also affordable and quite well-made, so consider them for your own dogs as well.

Cool treats

Give your dog cool treats to help them to refresh during the day. You can make this treat at home or you can even give him ice cubes it will make your dog happier and cooler.


Pitbulls are a very play full and energetic breed. In the summer months, nothing will make them happier more than swimming exercises, while playing with their favorite games, if you don’t have access to a swimming pool, a foot bath will be a good alternative as they cool down their body temperature through the sweat glands in their paws.


Hyperthermia happens when your dog’s body temperature is higher than the normal range which is 101 to 102.5 Fahrenheit. 

Hyperthermia usually occurs in summer especially when your pitbull is in a sunny place with no shade or when you leave the dog in a locked car for more than 15 minutes (please never do that).

If your dog’s body temperature is rising above 106 degrees, they are going to be in serious risk of hyperthermia or worse. And you need to start moving fast because when your dog’s temperature is past 109 degrees, they are in risk of their heart or brain failing.


Some reasons can make your dog more vulnerable to Hyperthermia

  1. Very young age or older ages dogs
  2. Sick and injured dogs increased risk
  3. High levels of thyroid hormone
  4. Heart, brain, or lungs disease
  5. Short coated dogs
  6. Weak or unhealthy bodies
  7. Overweight 


  1. Unstable heart rate, increased heart rate, followed by a slower heart rate
  2. Overindulgent panting 
  3. Increased body temperature over 104 F
  4. Shock
  5. A very small amount of urine 
  6. Fast mood
  7. Unstable movement
  8. Fast and unstable breathing 
  9. Seizures
  10. Dryness
  11. Vomiting blood
  12. Muscles twitching
  13. Black, tarry stools
  14. Reddened gums and moist tissues of the body

How to treat it

Hypothermia is not too hard to handle but in some extreme cases, you will need to see a vet as fast as possible.

If you have seen hypothermia signs check your dog’s temperature, minimize his movement and begin to treat him till he reaches the normal temperature again – Here is what to do to treat your dog:

  • If you note the signs while you walking, first, go home
  • Turn the air conditioner on
  • Put your dog on a cooler pad
  • Spray them with cool water
  • Cover his body with a wet towel
  • Offer him cool water but don’t force him

Repeat this process and if his temperature doesn’t go down ask for a vet’s help, also after they cool down, it will be better if you take him for a check-up.

However, never give them water with ice or put them in an ice bath as this can lead to Shock.

How to prevent it

Keep your dog’s body cool, using the 6 ways we have mentioned before in this article. Hypothermia occurs when the weather is extremely hot or cold. So, in extreme weather make sure to be ready for any hypothermia signs.

If your dog has suffered from hypothermia or heatstroke before, he has a high chance of experiencing it again, keep aware of the signs and respond quickly once you notice the signs.

Related Questions 

How Dogs Naturally Cool Down?

Dogs naturally cool down by panting and sweating through the sweat glands in their paws, but sometimes is not enough cause their sweat glands are not strong enough to keep them cool. And this is why they need their owner’s help to keep them hydrated during hot days.

Which dog breed hates summer the most?

While any dog will find it hard to deal with extremely high temperatures some breeds hate the summer months more than others because they find it hard to cool themselves down.

Bulldogs, Pugs, Pomeranian, and Boston terriers Plus any snub-nosed dogs because due to their shorter nasal passages, they are having a hard time lowering their body temperature.

The best dog breeds Dealing with hot weather?

When it comes to staying cool some dog breeds are dealing with higher temperatures better than others. So, if you are leaving in an extremely hot area this will be your best dog options:


This cute pocket-sized dog is doing a great job adapting to the hot weather climate because of its thin coat and small size.

American Water Spaniel

The American water spaniel has a short double coat that keeps him active and productive no matter how high is the weather temperature.

Great Dane

These large dogs are ideal for the hot weather because they naturally desired to save energy.

Chinese Crested

This dog breed is mainly hairless. They have been developed in Asia with imported African dogs who used to deal with hot weather.

Ibizan Hound

These dogs are a great fit for the extremely hot weather areas as they have been bred to run in the scorching heat in search of prey.

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