Can Pitbulls Have Long Hair?

Pit Bulls are known to have short hair that doesn’t really grow past a certain length. It’s one of the breed’s most distinctive characteristics and part of what makes them desirable by many owners.

It’s very rare for a short-haired dog breed like Pit Bulls to have long hair, yet it’s not entirely impossible.

So, can Pitbulls have long hair? Pit Bulls can have long hair, however, it’s very rare. They might inherit long hair if they were crossbred with a long-haired breed or inbred with both parents were carrying the responsible gene. Long hair in Pit Bulls is mostly considered to be fault by breeders as it doesn’t fit the breed’s standard.

Continue reading to learn more about the type of coat Pit Bulls have, why some Pit Bulls have long hair, how to determine the kind of coat your Pit Bull will have, and how to take care of your Pit Bull’s coat.

What Type of Coat do Pit Bulls Have?

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Most Pit Bulls have single-layered coats with very short hair that’s slightly coarse in texture.

Their hair doesn’t grow past a certain length and doesn’t grow very fast, which means they don’t require a lot of time and effort to groom.

They are low-shedding but they still shed more frequently compared to other single-layered coats which might be inconvenient for some dog owners, especially if they have allergies.

It’s very rare for Pit Bulls to have long hairs, but it’s not impossible as the type of coat any dog will have depends mainly on its genetics.

To tell what type of coat a Pit Bull will have, you will need to take a look at its bloodline and determine which genes the dog’s parents are carrying through a genetic test.

Why Do Some Pit Bulls Have Long Hair?

As mentioned before, the type of coat that a Pit Bull will have depends on its genetics. So, some Pit Bulls have long hair because they have inherited the gene responsible.

The gene responsible for the length of the dog’s hair is a single recessive gene called “FGF5”. Since this gene is recessive, it must be carried by both of the dog’s parents for the dog to have long hair.

The only way for Pit Bulls to inherit is this gene is through crossbreeding with a long-haired breed or through inbreeding with another long-haired Pit Bull who would also be carrying the gene.

What Are the Benefits and Drawbacks to Pit Bulls having Long Hair?

The main benefit of Pit Bulls having long hair is that it will provide the dog with more insulation than short hair which will help it stay warm during cold weather.

It will also give the dog a very unique appearance among its peers considering how rare this kind of coat is.

The main drawback of Pit Bulls having long hair, on the other hand, is that it’s mostly considered a fault by breeders as it doesn’t fit the breed’s standard. This means that a long-haired Pit Bull wouldn’t qualify to participate in any dog shows or competitions.

Another drawback is that long hair will require a lot more time and effort to groom as it’s more prone to getting tangled than short hair.

How to Take Care of Your Pit Bull’s Coat?

To take care of your Pit Bull’s coat and keep it in good shape, you need to establish a grooming routine that involves regular brushing and bathing. You also need to improve the dog’s diet to strengthen its hair follicles and keep its coat healthy.

Here are some grooming tips you can follow to keep your Pit Bull’s coat in good shape:

  • Make sure to brush your Pit Bull’s coat at least once a week to remove any loose hair that was shed and prevent it from getting tangled.
  • Brush the dog in the direction of hair growth and avoid pressing down too hard on its skin with the brush so you won’t injure the dog.
  • Make sure to bathe your dog at least twice a month to prevent any dirt or grease from accumulating on its coat.
  • Avoid bathing your dog too frequently as this might irritate its skin and cause its hair to weaken and shed more frequently.
  • When bathing the dog, make sure to wet its hair starting from the neck and down to its tail before massaging the shampoo evenly over its coat.
  • Read the label for the shampoo you’re using to make sure it’s dog-friendly and contains natural ingredients that won’t irritate your dog’s skin or trigger an allergic reaction.
  • Make sure to rinse the shampoo off your dog’s coat completely and dry it thoroughly after the bath to avoid irritating its skin.
  • Massage the dog’s coat regularly with natural ingredients such as coconut oil or oatmeal to moisturize the dog’s skin and give its coat a shiny appearance.

Related Questions

Do Pit Bull Coats Change Color?

Pit Bull coats do change colors. As grow older, some Pit Bull coats might become lighter in color, while others might become darker. The color of the coat will change gradually and it might happen due to various reasons the dog’s health, diet, or the amount of time it has been exposed to direct sunlight.

How Long Does a Pit Bull’s Hair Take to Grow?

A Pit Bull’s hair takes about 6 to 12 weeks to grow. The speed at which a dog’s hair will grow depends on the dog’s genetics as well as the reason for hair loss. If the hair was lost due to shedding, it will usually grow back faster than if it was lost due to trimming or a health problem.

Do Need You to Trim Your Pit Bull’s Hair Frequently?

You do not need to trim your Pit Bull’s hair frequently as they have very short hair that’s doesn’t grow fats and doesn’t grow past a certain length. If you want to use your Pit Bulls, you can use an electric clipper with a finishing blade or you can take your dog to a professional groomer.

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