Do Female Pit Bulls Get Along? A Guide with Pro Tips

Although the idea of raising two female Pit Bulls might seem adorable to some owners, acquiring two dogs of the same gender is always a gamble as they might not get along well.

Keep in mind that one of the dogs may need to find a new home merely because they can not get along.

So, do female Pit Bulls get along? Female Pit Bulls can get along fine as long as they’re both trained and socialized properly. However, in most cases, having two female dogs is not the best option as they can get very territorial and competitive with each other, which will cause them to fight over a lot of things.

Continue reading to learn more about the risks of raising two female Pit Bulls and how to make them get along with each other.

What Are the Risks of Raising Two Female Pit Bulls?

Most Pit Bulls can get along well with each other and with other dog breeds. However, there are usually some risks when it comes to raising two Pit Bulls of the same gender.

So, here are the potential risks of raising two female Pit Bulls that you need to keep in mind.

Fights Might Turn Violent

If you’re thinking about adopting two dogs of the same gender, you might want to reconsider. As adorable and fun as same-sex pups are, once they grow, they are likely to be involved in some serious fights that might turn violent.

It is not a smart idea to think that the two dogs will figure it out together. Fights are prone to escalate, and one dog may badly harm or kill the other. 

This appears to occur most frequently when the two dogs are of similar ages or when one dog is older and a newer dog is brought home.

They Might Compete

There is generally a lot of competitiveness when two female dogs are roughly the same age. 

They will clash over a number of things; they may argue about who walks first up a stairwell or through the door, or they could argue about sleeping spots, food, rewards, and toys. 

A cause may not always be obvious to the owner, but one dog may have been intimidated by the other and sensed the need to push her down the ladder.

How to Introduce Two Female Pit bulls to Each Other?

a photo of two female pit bulls to show they do get along

It’s natural to feel apprehensive and excited when you introduce a new puppy to your household. 

Especially when it comes to two female Pitbulls, introducing them to each other will be quite the challenge.

To ensure a seamless adjustment, you should prepare each stage of the procedure, from the initial encounter with the dogs to the actions you’ll take to prevent conflict during the first few weeks.

Here are the steps you need to take to make the introduction process as seamless as possible:

Initiate Introductions In A Neutral Setting

Choose a neutral, outside, completely gated environment which neither dog has “claimed” by regular visits or walks if at all possible. 

The area should be calm and empty of other dogs or humans, such as a friend’s yard or a playground during the off times when no one is around.

Sadly, that’s not always practical, so the next best alternative is an outside place large enough for the dogs to wander freely while getting to know each other.

Put away everything that may spark a fight, such as dog toys, bones, beds, and perhaps even empty food bowls. Consider everything, including items that appear to be uninteresting to your dog.

Keep in mind that you will need to bring them inside and having the two dogs outside is only temporary until they get along well. You can learn why Pitbulls should not live outside here.

Monitor Their Body Language

Look for cheerful, tail-wagging body language and mutual interest in the dogs, rather than harsh stares, stiff stances, frozen in place, or a dropped or tucked tail.

Look for indicators that one dog is attempting to flee, which are sometimes overlooked or misunderstood. If your dog approaches you, do not push them back into it since this is typically an indicator that your dog wants to take a break from the encounter.

If you’re not happy with how the canines are behaving during this initial phase, or if you’re not certain what your dogs’ actions signify, seek the assistance of a trainer throughout the introduction process.

Go for A Walk with the Dogs Together

The next stage after introducing the two dogs is going on walks together. 

Both dogs should be near enough to be conscious of one another but not too near that they become obsessed with wanting to reach each other.

Both dogs should be walked in the same direction, with enough space between them to feel safe.

Turn around and swap places with the other dog-human pair so that each dog can smell where the other dog walked.

Allow the dogs to examine pee sites because sniffing urine is one way canines learn about other dogs. Both handlers should maintain a relaxed grasp on their leashes.

Allow Off-Leash Interaction Between the Dogs

If you notice that two dogs are getting along after the introduction and walking together, then it might be time to take off the leash and just let them interact freely. 

Allow the dogs to smell each other for a few moments while monitoring their interactions, and then urge the canines to keep on moving with you for a last, brief stroll together.

The dogs may keep on sniffing to discover more about one another at this stage, or they may start playing.

Other Tips to Make Your Two Female Pit Bulls Get Along 

Here are some other tips you can follow to make your two female Pit Bulls get along:

  • Make sure that both dogs are spayed. Female dogs in heat are more rapidly provoked and more aggressive than males.
  • Establish a routine for each dog. Feed one dog first one time, then the next. Allow one dog to go out first one day and another the next. Bring one dog on a vehicle journey one day, then another the next. 
  • Do not allow improper violence. Don’t let the dogs “fight it out.” At the first hint of improper violence, you must intervene and assume control.
  • Separate the dogs if you cannot monitor them. Keep them in crates or different rooms. Many Pit Bull owners put one dog in the crate and let the other out. 

Do Female Pit Bulls Become More Aggressive When They’re in Heat? 

Numerous dog owners are concerned when their female Pit Bull goes into heat as she will begin to display various physical and behavioral changes. You can learn more about when Pit Bulls go into heat here where I also explain what to expect your Pitbull to be like during each stage of the heat cycle, so definitely check it out.

When female Pit Bulls are in heat, they are more likely to become aggressive toward other dogs. That’s why you should consider spaying your female Pit Bull to prevent it from becoming aggressive.

However, keep in mind that the spaying procedure can still have some risks and you will need to consult with a vet about whether your dog should undergo the procedure without trouble or not.

Related Questions 

Can You Have Two Male Pit Bulls Get Along?

Two male Pit Bulls can get along if they are introduced to each other from a young age and they are both trained together. Meanwhile, two adult Pit Bulls might not get along easily as they will always be fighting and trying to assert their dominance over each other.

Generally speaking, it’s up to the dog’s individual personality, background, and training. You can learn how to make any two Pitbulls get along well in this article on how to raise a pair of Pitbulls.

Are Male Pit Bulls Better Than Female Pit Bulls?

Male Pit Bulls are not better than female Pit Bulls. Both of them make ideal companions as long as they are trained properly, and your choice will depend mainly on your preference. The main difference between them is that male Pit Bulls tend to be larger than female Pit Bulls.

Does your Pit Bull Need a Companion?

Your Pit Bull needs a companion if you have a busy schedule and tend to leave the dog alone for extended periods of time. Pit Bulls are social dogs, and they won’t tolerate being alone. So, having a pair of Pit Bulls will help prevent them from being lonely or developing separation anxiety.

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