Do Pit Bulls Have a Favorite Person? 5 Tips For Every Pittie Owner

Do you ever wonder if Pit Bulls become attached to one person only? Since Pit Bulls have a strong appearance that gives a fearful impression to anyone who sees them, some are afraid of adopting them to protect the family members from any dangerous behavior that may happen. But guess what? The answer will surprise you. 

Do Pit Bulls have a favorite person? Pit Bulls don’t have a single favorite person. They spread their love to all the family members equally. This breed is very affectionate and caring by nature, so they like bonding with people, and they can bond with new people too, not only family members.

Keep reading this article to learn more about how pit bulls choose their favorite humans and how to be one of their favorites.

Do Pit Bulls Have a Favorite Person? 

a photo of dog licking its owner's face to show if Pit Bulls do have a favorite person

The Pit Bull breed is very affectionate by nature. You don’t have to teach them how to love you and be loyal. Under normal circumstances, Pit Bulls don’t tend to love a specific person more than others or have a favorite person.

Pit Bulls love all family members equally. They are known for the ease of getting along easily with families. They feel as if they are one of the pack and will obey all their commands without choosing to take these orders to form a certain person. The key is to train your Pit Bull well when it’s still a puppy to make him a socializing dog.

How Do Dogs Choose Their Favorite Person?

Dogs, including Pit Bulls, are emotional and affectionate creatures, so they get attracted to the same energy in humans. They tend to choose their favorite person by choosing the person who gives them the most attention.

Among all family members, they will give most of their love to the person who fills their bowls with food and water every day or take them for exercise regularly.

Physical affection is very important to dogs. If a person is unfriendly and stand-offish towards the dog, then the dog will react the same and be unfriendly. But on the other side, if a person pampers the dog and gives it affection, then the dog will love this person back and show affection.

Some dogs are attracted to the quality more than the amount of affection and attention given. If you spend most of the time with your dog and give it food every day, and someone else comes and brings your dog his favorite toy and lets him do whatever he loves, the dog may prefer this person.

Dogs are interested in things other than spending time with them. Their choice of their favorite person is also affected by associations, which makes sense. Who can resist someone who always pampers them and make them their favorite food?

They love the person who always fills their bowls with delicious food, gives them loads of their favorite treats, and always plays with them interesting games. On the other hand, they will react poorly to humans who have bad associations with them.

How Do Dogs Show That You’re Their Favorite Person?

As mentioned before, dogs are emotional and affectionate creatures, and they will show you that you’re their favorite person in various ways. As long as the bond between you and your dog is strong, it will reflect a positive manner.

Your Pit Bull has so many different ways of showing affection, and you will find them everywhere if you start looking for them, but you need to understand that the ways in which your dog show love to you are going to be different than how we, humans, show love.

If your dog follows your steps wherever you go and act as your shadow, then that means that you rank very high on its list of favorite people. Dog lovers often refer to these dogs as velcro dogs because of how clingy they are.

Keep in mind that clingy behavior in dogs might escalate to separation anxiety which will result in several displays of destructive behavior from the dog. Check out this article about why Pit Bulls are so clingy to learn more.

Licking can also be a sign that you are your dog’s favorite person, as it’s a way for most dogs to show affection. However, licking is not always about affection for dogs. 

So. what does it mean? Our bodies, especially our hands and face, produce salty sweat, which smells appealing to some dogs, causing them to start licking you. It can also be an act of communication as the dog will start licking you to tell you that it wants something like food or treats. Learn more about why Pit Bulls lick so much here.

How to Become Your Pit Bull’s Favorite Person? 

If you feel like you’re not your Pit Bull’s favorite person, don’t worry. You can still fix it and strengthen the bond between you two by spending more one-on-one quality time and doing various activities.

Here are some activities you can do with your Pit Bull during your quality time that will help strengthen your bond: 

  • Playing games such as fetching, tug of war, or treat hunting
  • Working on building new skills and reinforcing the old ones together
  • Going on walks in new places where you can explore
  • Offering the dog its favorite food and treats
  • Massaging your dog and getting it groomed 

The most important thing about bonding with your dog is being patient and consistent. As long as you treat your dog well and show it that you care, it will naturally love and shower you with affection in return.

You can always show your dog some love with new toys, and they don’t have to cost you very much. You can find my picks for the best toys for Pit Bulls here that are affordable, durable, and fun.

Related Questions 

Do Pit Bulls Get Attached To Only One Person? 

Pit Bulls do not get attached to only one person. They are a very friendly breed and affectionate, and they love bonding with their owners and all family members equally. They are also very friendly with new people too as long as they are trained and socialized from a young age.

Do Pit Bulls Bond with Their Owners?

Pit Bulls do bond with their owners, and they would do everything to strengthen the bond between them and their owners. These dogs are characterized by being loyal, friendly, affectionate, protective, and caring toward their owners, which makes them excellent companions.

Why Do Pit Bulls Love Humans So Much?

Pit Bulls love humans so much because they are very affectionate by nature. Even though they used to be bred as fighting dogs, they’re now bred as companion pets. As long as their humans train them and treat them well, they will show lots of affection. 

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