Do Pitbulls Get Jealous? 6 Signs To Watch Out For & Solutions! 

Your dog is your most loyal friend; a sentence that could not be any truer. Lucky dog-owners. Loyalty comes with strings attached and that is jealousy. 

While at times dog jealousy may be adorable, it is sometimes overbearing. It is fascinating how dogs and humans are so alike. 

If you’re a Pitbull owner, you probably have wondered many times whether dogs get jealous. We are here to answer your questions. 

Do Pitbulls get jealous? Yes, Pitbulls get jealous as they enjoy being the center of attention. So, when this attention is taken away from them, it can be quite irritating and they will do whatever it takes to have it back. 

If you want to know the signs to watch out for and how to deal with your pitbull’s jealousy, keep reading. Some interesting findings are coming your way. 

Do Pitbulls Get Jealous?

pitbull with a sad look to answer do pitbulls get jealous

Pitbulls have been misunderstood for being violent and emotionless, when in fact they could be very sweet and loving. Hence, Pitbulls are among the top 10 most jealous dog breeds. 

Having another pet with your pitbull at home can be a bit of a problem. 

If you think that Pitbulls get jealous of other pets only, you are mistaken. Your pitbull can also get jealous if you hug or greet a family member. 

Sometimes it can be difficult to understand why your dog is jealous or what to look out for in such cases. 

Why do dogs get jealous?

Jealousy is in dogs’ nature; they are needy creatures. Dogs require their share of attention, feeding, grooming, walks, and so many other things. 

However, change can trigger feelings of jealousy. We all know, change is hard. Here are some changes that could cause jealousy: 

  • New schedule 
  • New home 
  • New primary caregiver 
  • New pets at home 
  • New people at home 

While adapting to changes, your pitbull requires you to hold their hand through the process. Try easing it in, especially if that change is a new pet or person at home. 

Your pet, partner, or family member can be perceived as a threat. Make sure to give your pitbull constant attention and love through all changes. 

6 Signs your pitbull is jealous 


Your love interests don’t go unnoticed by your pitbull and they would often display aggression towards your partner, family member, friend, or a new pet.

The aggressive behavior will be demonstrated through biting. Jumping, or nipping. Make sure to not respond with aggression yourself, it will only intensify feelings of jealousy. 

Well-trained Pitbulls are not normally aggressive, so if they start acting aggressively when a certain family member or a pet is around, it could be a sign they are jealous of them or how you treat them.

Destructive behavior

If your dog is normally well behaved and suddenly starts having an understood destructive behavior, then they are probably jealous and seeking your attention.

Destructive behavior can mean that they are going to the bathroom outside of their litter box, scratching or biting your furniture, or is generally disobedient. 

Being clingy 

Your pitbull is abnormally close to you all the time? You probably enjoyed it at first, but now you probably need your space. 

A dog crowding your space or being clingy is a basic sign of jealousy.

They are probably showing signs of distress when you are not in the same room as them. Separation anxiety can be quite discomforting for your pitbull and you need to pay attention to him. 

A healthy and balanced dog will maintain their independence, while also smothering you with love at times.  

Pushy behavior 

If your pitbull has a pushy behavior that requires them to stick themselves in tight places, especially if it’s between you and the new person in your home, then they are probably jealous. 

Examples of such behavior are: gazing longingly at you, whining, and climbing on your lap at any chance they get. 


When a dog grooms itself, they are sometimes giving themselves the love and attention that they are missing from you.

If you notice your dog grooming itself more than usual and you are sure they are clean and physically healthy, then it can be an indication that they are stressed. 

The stress your dog is feeling could be caused by jealousy. 

Leaving the room 

If your dog leaves the room when they are jealous, then they are either very polite or just plain mad. The tendency to withdraw can be a last cry for your attention. 

Your dog will probably leave the room when the new person enters the room.  

How to stop your dog from being jealous?

Here are some easy ways to stop your dog from being jealous and avoid the negative consequences:

  • Keep track of triggers 
  • Don’t reward jealous behavior 
  • Reward good behavior
  • Get them moving and training 
  • Divide and conquer
  • Include newcomers in activities 
  • Consult a behavior specialist 

Keep track of triggers 

Whenever you notice signs of jealousy, write it down. You should mention the circumstances that caused your pitbull to get jealous in the first place. 

This way, you can pinpoint the cause and start working on easing your dog into it. 

Don’t reward jealous behavior 

Sometimes the best reaction is no reaction at all. If you give in to your pitbull’s jealous behavior, it will probably encourage them to resort to it whenever they get jealous. 

If they show their jealousy by crowding your space, then calmly remove them from the area they have placed themselves in. 

Reward good behavior

When your pitbull is calm, you need to acknowledge this behavior. You can reward your dog with treats and attention. 

Giving your pitbull treats and attention in times of good behavior reinforces the idea of good behavior.

However, you should not punish your dog for acting in a jealous way as this may backfire and end up with the dog being more frustrated. Make sure to also take a minute to learn how to discipline and punish a pitbull correctly here.  

Get them moving and training 

Dogs need to exercise too, they need to stay in shape, both physically and mentally. If your pitbull is demonstrating signs of jealousy, you need to get him to exercise for approximately 2 hours a day. 

Here’s a plus: You and your pitbull can train together, it would be a precious bonding time with your dog and you would both get in shape. 

Your pitbull is a great and reliable workout partner. Maybe it’s time you finally get into running. You can find our complete guide to running with your pitbull here.

Divide and Conquer 

If jealousy stems from the fact that you have more than one pet at home, then you need to be as fair as possible. You need to give each pet the attention and one-on-one time it needs. 

It might be useful to spend time with each dog individually.

For instance, you can feed or bathe them separately. Yes, it is more time-consuming, but it will be worth it to manage or prevent your pitbull from getting jealous. 

Include newcomers in activities 

It is possible that you have a new member in the family; it can either be a new partner, a family member, a friend, or a new baby. Your pitbull is not used to having that person around, so you should be careful. 

A new baby is especially threatening to your pitbull because it gets all the smothering and care.If you encourage your baby and your pitbull to play together, they might become the bestest of friends. 

If you have a new partner, it is useful to let them take your pitbull for a walk or feed them. This will provide them with some bonding time.  

Consult a behavior specialist 

If the issue is still ongoing, even after you have tried many methods, then it might be useful to consult a professional. 

You can also leave your dog with a pet sitter, which will help them regain independence. 

Can Jealousy lead to aggression?

If not properly addressed, dog jealousy can lead to aggression. It stems from fear of being neglected by the owner. 

Some pitbulls tend to be aggressive. So, if your dog is a pitbull with an aggressive attitude, it might be dangerous to not address their jealousy properly. 

Is it dog jealousy or dominance? 

 There is a fine line between dominance and jealousy. One of a dog’s aggressive attitudes is a show of dominance. 

If you are noticing that your dog is showing dominance, then it feels like it needs to be in control of the situation. That situation could be any of the changes that we have discussed earlier. 

In short, jealousy can be an underlying cause for a show of dominance. 

Actions of a show of dominance include growling, biting, and snapping. 

Related Questions 

Why do pitbulls get so jealous?

It has been proven that Pitbulls get jealous as a result of boredom or attention-seeking. Your Pitbull may feel like they need to grab your attention if any changes in your home have occurred lately. 

Such changes include a new home, a new person at home, or a new pet. 

Why is my pitbull so possessive? 

Pitbulls can be possessive when they want to claim a certain toy, a bed, or you. A possessive behavior is caused by jealousy, anxiety, and lack of training. 

Do dogs have a favorite person?

Yes, dogs choose a favorite person based on his/her personality traits. It is mostly chosen based on which person matches the dog’s energy and traits. You can become your dog’s favorite person by spending more time with them and caring for them well.

Of course, when a dog has a favorite person, it is more likely that they would get jealous over it. 

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