Do Pitbulls Have Hair or Fur? All You Need to Know About Your Pittie’s Coat

How many times have you gotten confused when you went to the pet shop and asked the guy to get you shampoo for your dog, and the guy asks if your dog has hair or fur, and You didn’t want to seem like you don’t know what’s your dog’s coat type, But deep inside, you and I know that you don’t know the difference.

So, Do Pitbulls have Hair or Fur?  

Pitbulls have fur, they have single fur coats with no undercoat layer. Pitbull’s coats are short, smooth, and come in many colors including grey and black. Pitbulls’ fur sheds very little and their coats are low-maintenance.

This article was specially written to save you the embarrassment of Fur or hair questions. After reading, you’ll have a deep understanding of their differences, and a full, confident answer to that question. 

Dog Hair VS Fur – What’s the difference? 

dog hair vs fur to show do pitbulls have hair or fur

Many of us had the same question even though the answer was simple. The terms Fur and hair can be used in parallel when describing a dog’s coat and are easily distinguishable. A double coat is referred to as a fur coat, and a single coat means your dog has only one layer and is referred to as a hair coat.  

Still confused, here’s a quick guide.

Description HairFur
Coat layersSingle coatDouble coat 
Hair length Short or long hairShort or long hair
Hair layers I layer of hair; no undercoat Guard hairs and a fluffy undercoat
Shedding Little shedding Continual shedding 
GroomingInto Looks “Hair cuts” and little protection.“Practical” for thermoregulation. 
Growing periodLonger growth period Shorter growth period 
Example Bichon Frise, Maltese and poodle Golden retriever, St.bernard, and Siberian Husky 

You may want to know that there are different types and shapes of dog coats, not only short and long. In case you wanna read about your Pitbull’s coat ONLY, checkpoints number TWO & FIVE, unless you want to tell your friends about their dog’s coat, check the rest.

8 types of dog coats

Longer dog coat 

This type of coat in dogs is beautiful, magnificent, and comes in a variety of colors. However, they may be high maintenance, especially if the dog is highly active, they can be prone to tangles and bad smells. So in this case it requires regular grooming and trimming.

Short coat dog ( like your Pitbull)

It’s characterized by being smooth and shiny. It’s ideal for owners who need low-maintenance coats and don’t want to constantly untangle their dog’s hair. Keep in mind that short coats also need bathing and brushing. 

By the way, your pitbull’s coat doesn’t provide much insulation, which may be a good thing that helps them run better, it also means they can get cold more easily. You can learn when do Pitbulls get cold and when pitties need coats or sweaters in the winter here.

Medium dog coat

This type of coat is slightly longer than short coats but not long enough to be a long coat. If your dog has a medium coat, bathe him only once a month, and also this type of coat may be perfect for people who don’t have time for constant grooming.

Double coat

the golden retriever is an excellent example of a double-coated dog

As we said before, a double coat means that your dogs have two layers of fur; a short layer, and a longer one on top.

That’s why it’s called a double coat. This type of coat needs proper grooming to maintain your pup’s temperature.

Single coat

Single-coat dogs unlike double coats lack the undercoat, which makes them shed less and is easy to care for.

How to care for your pitbull’s coat? 

Pitbulls’ coats are very easy to take care of, they are smooth and short and quite low maintenance. 

When it comes to grooming and avoiding dog’s matting, use a brush specially made for fur coats and with circular motion move on your dog’s coat to increase blood circulation,thus increasing hair strength. 

I have tested dozens of brushes over time, and my current favorite is this double-sided brush as It’s quite gentle on them and works great. You can check it here on Amazon or by clicking on the image below.

Make sure to check your pitbull’s coat as you groom for any skin diseases that make them scratch and cause itchiness. Such as fleas, ticks, or mites. skin parasites could cause internal damage to your dog like tapeworm, so it is very important you check them regularly 

 When checking your Pitbull’s skin, look for the following

  1. Sores
  2. Redness
  3. Rashes
  4. Bald spots 
  5. Parasite’s bites 

Unlike most people who think that you must bathe your dog regularly, this is fortunately not true because we all know that sometimes bathing could be a hassle . Luckily, you only need to bathe your pitbull every couple of months to prevent his natural hair oils from stripping off his coat. Unless you think your dog needs a shower because he stinks, then it’s okay not to bathe him. Make sure you use high-quality shampoo free from chemicals.

Your pitbull’s short coat won’t prevent it from experiencing mats and tangles. Keeping up with your pup’s nutrition for a healthy, shining coat requires you to give him essential fatty acids, such as vitamin E, Omega-3, and 6. however, talk to his vet to tell the recommended supplement and the dose for his weight and age. 

Important Note: Avoid shaving your Pitbulls coat unless advised by his veterinarian, as this will make him extra prone to sunburns.  

Are Pitbulls Double-coated or single-coated? 

Pitbulls are single-coated dog breeds like Doberman and rottweiler. This means they only have one layer of coat. Yes, this is good news for people who need low-maintenance dog coats and don’t have time to consent to salty care. However, you need to keep an eye on your pitbull’s coat to avoid mats and tangles.

Do Pitbulls Shed? 

Surprisingly, even though Pitbulls are single-coated dogs, they are likely to shed more frequently than other single-coated dog breeds. However, it’s possible to keep your pup’s shedding under control at home with some easy tips.

6 Easy ways to manage your pitbull’s shedding 

Choose the brush

Choose your dog’s brush like you choose yours. Get a brush especially made for fur coats to make sure you remove all tangles and not scratch your dog’s skin.

Get a de-shedding tool

Shedding tools are a necessity, as it is specially designed to remove all dead hair from your dog’s coat.

Healthy diet

Even in humans, a healthy diet means strong hair. Make sure you feed your dog. A Balanced food that contains all vitamins and nutrients essential to keep their hair follicles strong.

You can start by checking out this article on the benefits and risks of raw meats for Pitbulls.

Exercise and Hydration

It’s great to always keep exercise in your dog’s daily routine to keep him in the right physical and mental state for his overall well-being as stress can be the reason your dog sheds a lot, and also always keeps your dog hydrated. 

Visit his veterinarian

If you ever noticed your pup shedding excessively, then this might be a sign of a skin condition. Parasites and skin infections can cause extra shedding. 

Bath your Hyper or uncooperative Pitbull 

You’ll never know how your pitbull will turn out to be, a cooperative pet or a hyper one that can turn bathing time into a massacre.

Here are 6 tips to make bath time easy for you both

  1. First, gather all you might need beforehand 
  2. Slowly slide warm water over your pups back
  3. Apply shampoo
  4. Rinse it with warm water 
  5. Dry him out by patting gently
  6. Praise him alongside bath time if he’s being good

What type of fur do Pitbulls have?

Pitbull’s fur is single-coated. It’s characterized by being short and coarse. Even though they have short hair, they can be prone to tangles if not brushed twice to three times a week. 

Are Pitbulls short-haired?

Pitbulls are short-haired dog breeds, even though they have short coats, they are likely to shed more frequently than any other short-coated dog breed.

Do Pitbulls get winter coats? 

Pitbulls need winter coats to maintain their normal body temperature as pitbulls have a short, single-layered coat of fur that doesn’t keep them warm and they get cold easily when the temperature drops under 20 F.

Do Pitbulls shed in the summer?

Pitbulls don’t shed frequently in any specific season. Because they are single-coated dog breeds, they don’t need to get rid of any seasonal layer of fur. 

Can my Pitbull have Skin issues?

Your Pitbull can have serious skin issues if his coat wasn’t being taken care of. You might notice your dog attempts to bite or scratch his skin frequently, this is a serious indication that there is something wrong with your pops skin even if it isn’t eye-catching.  


Remember to make grooming a good experience by rewarding your Pitbull repeatedly. Visit your pet’s veterinarian if you see any of the above concerns, and make sure to follow the 6 steps in making bathing time fun for you pup.  

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