Does IKEA Allow Dogs? [2022’s Important Update]

Ikea’s everyone’s go-to shopping place, it’s even sometimes even a hang-out place, especially because it is at 50 different locations across the U.S. 

So, you might want to take your dog with you to Ikea, but are you allowed to?

Does Ikea allow dogs? Ikea allows dogs as of 2022. However, this is limited to service dogs only, which is a rule implemented in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). In fact, all service animals are allowed in all Ikea stores. 

If you want to know if Ikea is pet-friendly, whether Ikea’s rules change depending on the location, what animals are allowed in Ikea, what dog parking spots in Ikea are, and which stores allow dogs, keep reading! It definitely is interesting. 

Does IKEA allow dogs? 

dogs at Ikea to answer does Ikea allow dogs

Ikea does not allow pet dogs or pet animals in general. This rule is because they want to make sure the shopping experience is safe and fun for everyone. Don’t forget some people don’t like animals, some fear them, and some people have allergies. 

However, some people claim they have spotted some pets in Ikea, which we will be discussing in the next sections. 

Is IKEA Pet Friendly?

As a general rule, Ikea is not pet-friendly. But, some stores are more lenient than others. According to Ikea U.S’s policy, only service animals are allowed on their properties.  Other countries such as Germany, UK, and Switzerland are more lenient. 

Why doesn’t IKEA allow dogs? 

Ikea wants every single customer to feel like they are able to enjoy their shopping experience. Some people can’t do that in the presence of a dog. For instance, some people fear dogs and some are allergic to dogs’ hair. 

It is also important to note that Ikea serves food in their in-store restaurants. According to the Food Service Code (FDA), live animals are not allowed to enter any place that serves food. 

The concern is that animals could bring in dirt from outside and contaminate the food. 

Does IKEA’s pet policy change depending on the store’s location?

Yes, Ikea’s dog policy varies from one country to the other. Unfortunately, Ikea U.S, Ikea Canada, and Ikea Australia seem to strictly abide by the rules; they do not allow dogs unless they are certified service animals. 

In short, if you are in the U.S, you are only allowed to take a service dog with you in the store. 

In the UK, Ikea is more flexible. You may bring your dog into the store with you if he/she is small and can fit into your bag, which is quite smart. 

In some countries like Germany and Switzerland, there are special park areas outside the store where your dog can wait for you. However, in some stores in Switzerland, you can bring your dog in the store with you, but they have to be on a leash. 

Ikea stores by countryPet-friendly or not Service animals
U.SNot-pet friendly Allowed
CanadaNot-pet friendlyAllowed
AustraliaNot-pet friendlyAllowed
U.KPet-friendly (dog has to fit in a bag)Allowed
GermanyPet-friendly Allowed
Switzerland Pet-friendly Allowed 

What animals are allowed in IKEA?

Under the American Disabilities Act (ADA), Ikea allows only service dogs and service animals in their stores, which means that pet animals and emotional support animals are not welcome at Ikea. 

The reason behind the ban of emotional support animals in Ikea is that it is not vital to bring your dog with you in-store. Emotional support animals are only therapeutic, they do not assist shoppers in any practical way. 

If you are taking your service animal with you to Ikea, employees are entitled to ask you a few questions about your dog’s training. They are also within their rights if they ask to see any service dog-related documentation. 

The purpose of such questions is to make sure that it is essential to have your dog with you and that your dog is well-trained. 

What are Dog Parking Spots in IKEA? 

If you are a parent to a dog, you probably want to take them with you to Ikea. You might think “this could be fun for him/her”, “that’s a good chance for him/her to enjoy the car ride/walk.” , or even that is simply a nice quality time. Ikea understands that, well, at least in most countries. 

It might be frustrating for you to take your dog out and go to Ikea, only to find that they don’t allow dogs in-store. In this case, you would either have to go back home or leave your dog in the car. Both are very inconvenient options. 

Luckily, Ikea has designated a “dog parking spot” for you and your four-legged best friend.

 The dog parking spot is a place with astroturf beds, water bowls, and shades that protect your dog from the sun or the train. For small dogs, there are even kennels where the dogs can nap. 

The parking spot is a brilliant idea because dog-owners can shop without worrying about their dogs and Ikea gets to create a safe and fun environment for everyone. 

If your doggo is social, he/she might even make a couple of friends. 

Ikea Germany is most known for having many dog parking stations and it is absolutely loved for it. 

I think Ikea should take the hint and increase the number of dog parking stations around the globe. 

What stores allow dogs? 

Some Ikea stores break the rules. Of course, this is also dependent on the country that Ikea exists in. Some countries are more pet-friendly than others. It is what it is. 

Ikea Uk seems pretty flexible about bringing your dogs in-store. As long as your dog is tiny enough to fit into a bag, you and your doggo are welcome. 

The reason this idea exists is because Ikea UK wants to make sure that your dog can’t relieve himself/herself on its floor, bring dirt from outside, or maybe scare off a customer. 

Some people claim that Ikea in Switzerland is the most pet-friendly, as they allow pets in the following stores across the country: 

  • Ikea Vernier
  • Ikea Aubonne
  •  Ikea Grancia

If Ikea does not allow dogs where you live, here are some alternatives that we:

  • Home Depot
  • CB2
  • Lowe’s 

Related Questions 

Are emotional support animals allowed in IKEA?

No, emotional support animals are not allowed in IKEA. Ikea only allows service animals in their stores. That is because emotional support dogs are not considered service animals under the American Disabilities Act (ADA). 

Ikea claims that emotional support animals do not carry out practical tasks like service animals do. 

Does Ikea allow service dogs?

Yes, Ikea allows service dogs to enter their stores under the American Disabilities Act. However, the employees may ask you to show certifications that prove your dog is a service animal. The employee may also ask you what the dog is trained to do. 

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