Does Neutering a Pitbull Calm Them Down? [ A Vet Explains]

Pitbulls are energetic dogs by nature, and it doesn’t help when their normal energy is multiplied by their need to find a mate. 

This leaves many Pitbull owners wondering what they can do to calm their pitties, even for just a little bit. Many experienced dog owners recommend neutering or spaying the dogs, but does this actually help?

Does neutering a Pitbull calm them down? Neutering Pitbulls calms them down indeed as it stops them from making testosterone. Testosterone impacts sex drive, feelings of marking territory, and feelings of fear. It also takes away their urge to show dominance to find a mate. Most vets recommend neutering your dog if you’re not breeding them. 

To know more about how neutering a Pitbull calms them down, the other benefits of neutering your Pitbull, and what else you can do to calm down your Pitbull, keep reading. 

Does Neutering a Pitbull Calm them down? 

pitbull portrait close up to show how does neutering a pitbull calm them down

Neutering is also known as castration, and it is a procedure that removes your male dog’s testicles, making them infertile. 

Many dog owners resort to castration in an attempt to calm down their overactive and hyper dogs. 

Generally, Pit bulls calm down after neutering. However, not all dogs are the same, and there is no concrete guarantee that your Pitbull will calm down after being neutered. 

With that being said, it is scientifically proven that testosterone increases the sex drive, which makes your dog sexually active.

The sex drive can also make your Pitbull wander off with the purpose of mating. Of course, when the sex drive goes away, this will no longer be a problem. So your dog will be more centered and will keep trying to run away to find a mate. 

The effects of neutering a Pitbull 

Neutering a Pitbull will have many effects on them, some positive and some negative. Let’s explore both sides of the effects; 

  • Temporary Increase in aggression 

Aggressive behavior is usually increased after neutering. If your dog has aggressive behavioral tendencies in the first place, neutering can cause it to increase. 

The temporary hormonal imbalance can cause your dog to be moody. Humans know this feeling too! 

However, neutralization decreases fear aggression and dominance aggression. Since your dog no longer needs to show himself to be the dominant/alpha dog in any situation to attract females, they are going to be more accepting of your leadership and easier-going with other dogs. 

  • Flexibility and submission

Testerone increases self-confidence in dogs the same way it does in humans. 

This rise in self-confidence can make pit bulls very stubborn. High levels of self-confidence can make your dog very inflexible. They probably don’t listen to your commands and act as the dominant character. 

Thankfully, after being neutered, they will be more flexible and listen to you more. 

  • Less risk-taking

Just like humans, male dogs are more prone to get in fights. It’s a fact that we can’t ignore. Of course, there are always exceptions. 

In general, neutered pit bulls are less impulsive and risk-lovers, which ultimately means they are more predictable and calmer. 

  • Less running away 

Dogs with a high sex drive tend to run away or roam around looking for females to mate with. 

Since neutered dogs are indifferent, they are less likely to run away or roam around looking to mate.

Of course, that would be easier for you as you don’t have to go chase after your dog or look for them for hours. 

As for females, while they are less likely to run away, their heat cycle does change them and put them at different risks. You can learn about those risks in my guide to the Pitbull heat cycle here.

  • Increased tolerance of other dogs 

After being neutered, your dog will be more welcoming to other dogs. They will demonstrate less aggressive behavior in the presence of other dogs. 

If dog aggression originates from the male hormones the pit bull faces, you can cross that off the list of your worries. 

You can learn more about how to get your pitbull to get along well with other dogs here. 

  • Fewer chances of marking territory 

Territorial behavior is common for many dogs. They want other dogs to know that they can’t invade their space. To do that, they often resort to urine marking to do so.

Since neutralized dogs are usually friendlier to other dogs, it is uncommon for them to feel the need to mark their territory. 

Consequently, it will result in fewer flights and a mess that you would most probably have to fix. 

  • Better health 

When the testicles are removed, the chance of testicular cancer goes with it. Testicular cancer is, unfortunately, a common illness in intact dogs. 

Removing them makes sure that your dog lives a happy life, most probably free of cancer. 

When dogs are in pain, they can sometimes resort to aggression, and this is true for all dog breeds, including pit bulls. Make sure your dog is healthy so that it can live a long and happy life with you. 

By the way, Pitbulls naturally get calmer with age, and you can learn about when do Pitbulls calm down here.

Should you neuter a Pitbull? Pros and cons

The pros of neutering your pitbull

Reduces sexual behavior 

Dog owners know the struggle of their dogs wanting to mate all too well. They will start humping anyone and anything they see. The armchair, your leg, random dogs, anything and everything!

It can get quite disturbing and annoying. 

When a dog is neutered, you don’t have to worry about it anymore. Being neutralized reduces their sexual energy and with it sexual behavior. 

Reduces risk-taking

Unneutralized pit bulls are quite ballsy. Their courage stems from their high self-confidence. When they feel like they can do anything, they start taking uncalculated risks. 

Luckily, when they are neutralized, they are more on the chill side of life. They want to sit back and enjoy life. They are less impulsive and are simply..calmer. 

Reduces health risks (Cancer and diabetes)

Because neutralized dogs tend to sit at home instead of roaming around the streets and taking risks, they avoid getting in traumatic incidents like getting hit by a car or catching contagious diseases. 

When a male dog is neutralized, chances of getting testicular cancer are eliminated, whereas chances of getting prostatic disease and hernia are reduced. 

In the case of female dogs, it reduces the chance of getting breast cancer and the chances of serious uterus infections. 

It is said that diabetes in both male and female dogs could also be avoided. 

Reduces the number of homeless dogs 

Dog overpopulation is real. Unfortunately, there aren’t many homes in the world that are willing to take on the responsibility of owning a dog. 

Since dogs are extremely fertile, this is slowly but surely becoming a global problem. Shelters are also overpopulated. Consequently, numerous homeless dogs are found on the street.

When dogs are neutralized, the number of homeless dogs decreases because they can’t be bred. 

The cons of neutering your pitbull 

Weight-related issues 

Some dog owners say that their dogs have become obese since getting neutered. 

It is not surprising, as they become calmer after undergoing the procedure. They may also be unwilling to exercise as much as they did before. 

Obesity is something to worry about as obese dogs tend to live shorter lives than fit and healthy dogs. Keep an eye on your doggo and encourage them to exercise as much as possible. 

Increased risk of hip dysplasia and bone cancer

Testosterone aids in the natural development of joints and bones. When testosterone is decreased, so is the help it provides to the bone structure. 

Unfortunately, your dog is more prone to developing bone cancer without the needed testosterone. 

That being said, it is not a certainty that your dog will get any of these diseases. intact dogs are prone to it too. 

It does not guarantee behavioral change.

Contrary to many people’s beliefs, neutering does not guarantee that your dog’s behavior will change. 

Behavioral change is subjective from one dog to the other. There is no guarantee that this procedure is the answer to your dog’s problematic behavior. 

The safer and most effective way is to train and socialize your dog, preferably from a young age. 

Urinary incontinence

Keep in mind that your dog has undergone a difficult procedure. Among the side effects is urinary incontinence. 

That is when your dog loses control of their bladder and involuntarily urinates. 

Urinary incontinence is most common in senior female dogs. 

How much does it cost to neuter a Pitbull? 

The cost of the neutering procedure differs based on many factors, the most important of which is your dog’s breed and where you live. 

Some local vets offer free neutering procedures, and some offer financial assistance. Of course, there’s a lot of paperwork involved. 

In general, it can cost from $150 to $650 to get your Pitbull neutralized. 

It is also better to neuter your dog when they are 6 to 9 months of age. The procedure will be easier on your dog at this age, and it can cost less. 

Before making the decision to neuter your dog, make sure you choose the right veterinarian. Experienced veterinarians may cost a bit more, but it is worth it.  

Now that you know why you should neuter your Pitbull, it’s time to learn when to do it. Check out my guide to the best time for Pitbulls to get neutered or spayed here.

Related Questions 

Do Male Pitbulls calm down when neutered? 

Yes, Male pit bulls generally calm down when they are neutered because they get rid of their overactive sexual drive. They will stop humping everything they see. They will also stop wandering around looking for a female dog to mate with. 

Does neutering a Pitbull stunt growth?

No, neutering a Pitbull puppy does not slow down their growth. However, it can halter their bone development because of a lack of testosterone. It is most noticed in the shape of their legs. They are also subject to hip dysplasia and bone cancer. 

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