Does Wisdom Panel Test for American Bullies? All You Need to Know About Wisdom Panel Tests

Wisdom Panel tests provide you with essential information like your dog’s exact breed to know more about their activity needs and temperament, as well as other information about your dog’s health.

It can be used to test a wide array of dog breeds, but does Wisdom Panel test for American Bullies? It might not be so simple since American Bullies are a relatively new breed.

The wisdom panel does not test for American Bullies. Even though the Wisdom Panel DNA Test detects 350+ dog breeds, it doesn’t list the American Bully breed on its breed profile. However, it can show you a variety of breeds that make up your Bully’s DNA to help you understand it better.

Keep reading to know more about the Wisdom Panel Test and how it can help you understand your dog better.

What Does the Wisdom Panel Test For?

The wisdom panel test the DNA for all AKC registered breeds as well as some of the more uncommon breeds listed in the Foundation Stock Service.

Since the company’s 2007 launch, Wisdom Panel claims to have sold around 400,000 of the tests, which cost about $85. Online testing is offered for the Wisdom Panel and other related exams.

Knowing the dog’s breed will enable owners to choose wisely on training and healthcare based on the breed.  Additionally, it might help puppy owners get a sense of how big the adult dog will probably be. 

The Search Dog Foundation, which adopts dogs from shelters and trains them for search-and-rescue, uses Wisdom Panel’s testing to determine whether a dog’s genetic background is suitable for a particular job.

You may be wondering why DNA testing helps with training and healthcare; well, here are some details on why.

Breed Insights

Everything from temperament to exercise requirements is impacted by breed mix. Wisdom Panel tests provide you with the most precise breed reporting and detection, enabling you to fully comprehend all the information concealed in your pet’s DNA.

Are you interested in the siblings, parents, and extended (non-human) relatives of your dog? You can now meet with your dog’s family and learn from them.


Learn the significance of each trait in your pet’s physical makeup, from fur type to eye color, with a thorough examination of how heredity affects physical appearance.


Wisdom Panel tests can identify genetic abnormalities and health hazards in specific dogs using data from more than 3 million dogs. Therefore, you, along with your veterinarian, may assist your Bully in having the healthiest, happiest life.

How Accurate Is Wisdom Panel Dog DNA?

a photo of a dog taking a DNA test to show does wisdom panel test for American Bullies

Although the Wisdom Panel is thought to be the most trustworthy genetic test available for dogs, this fact does not indicate how precise the test results are.

The company claims that when it comes to figuring out your dog’s breed background, they are more than 98% correct. However, the accuracy varies greatly depending on the caliber of the dog’s genetic sample that was taken.

In contrast to a “Heinz 57” dog created by indiscriminately breeding different dog breeds, a sample that has not been compromised and came from a purebred is undoubtedly going to be more accurate to test.

The Wisdom Panel was determined to be 84% accurate in 2009, when dogs were tested who had two purebred parents, according to the National Canine Research Council.

Nowadays, the test may have become 98% accurate, as the company states, with the addition of new genetic markers.

The business keeps conducting extensive studies on its tests. Research and analysis are focused mostly on genetic markers, as these are areas of a dog’s DNA where there are variants.

Its initial development involved the analysis of more than 19 million genetic markers and the evaluation of more than 13,000 dogs, making it a rather thorough test. Over 1,800 markers are employed throughout testing.

The more breeds that are checked, the more accurate the test is because it compares your dog’s DNA to those of other dogs.

The company also offers validation testing for accuracy, which includes repeated testing of a sample and examination by outside experts for more detailed analysis. Additionally, a USDA-accredited laboratory, which guarantees sample quality control and a quality testing environment, administers the tests.

How Long Does Wisdom Panel Usually Take?

It typically takes two to three weeks for the DNA sample to be tested and the report to be made available for viewing after you have submitted a sample of your dog’s DNA and the sample has arrived at the lab.

Why Did My Dog’s Wisdom Panel Results Change?

The outcomes of Wisdom Panel’s DNA testing for dogs may change over time, just like those for people. In other words, more samples are collected with time, so they can improve the results the more samples they have to compare.

Does Wisdom Panel Test for American Bullies?

Even though the Wisdom Panel DNA Test detects 350+ dog breeds, it doesn’t list the American Bully breed on its breed profile. However, it can show you a variety of breeds that make up your Bully’s DNA to help you understand it better.

What does test for American Bullies is the Embark Test, and you can learn how Embark tests for American Bullies here. You can also learn what breeds make the American Bullies in this article.

Can I Get My American Bully AKC Registered with a DNA Test?

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not currently recognize genetic breed testing as evidence of a dog’s purebred status, so you cannot register your American Bully with a DNA test. Check out this guide to learn more about what you need to register as an American Bully.

There are numerous registers for various animal species, such as a small registry called Pineywoods Cattle Registry and Breeders Association in Alabama, United States.

This registry was set up to protect a type of cattle that is thought to have been essential to agriculture 500 years ago but is now in danger of going extinct. The registry’s stated mission is  “To administer a registry for maintaining correct herd records.”

The American Dairy Goat Association is another instance of a registry that only accepts registrations for purebred goats.

The genomic report of a dog DNA test reveals alterations in genes, chromosomes, or proteins. A genetic test on a dog can either confirm or disprove a potential medical problem. Additionally, it provides information on the likelihood that a genetic disorder will be passed on to offspring by your cat.

Although most kennel clubs do not recognize a dog DNA test as evidence of registration, it is a rich source of information that reveals your dog’s ancestry. It also discusses some of the distinctive traits it displays and demonstrates its connections to other closely related breeds.

The results can be sent to your veterinarian, who can offer guidance on how to best care for your pet’s food, exercise regimen, and many other factors to ensure a long and healthy life. Also, In order to make sure your dog is on their list of apartment-friendly dogs, some landlords may ask for information about your dog’s breed.

Registries are set up to keep track of ownership and breeding information for purebred animals that are registered with them. Each registered animal’s genealogy or pedigree is shown by the records.

When you register your dog, at least one dog registry will formally recognize it. Similar to an orphan without a birth certificate, a purebred dog without registration.

Globally, there are more than 48 dog breed registries. The United Kennel Club, the American Kennel Club, and the National Kennel Club are among the US registries.

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