How Fast Can A Pit Bull Run? How to Build Up Your Pitbull’s Endurance

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a physically fit dog breed. Due to their agility, strength, and generally high energy, these dogs are famous for participating in endurance sports and activities. They’re also excellent running companions if you’re worried about your physical health. 

So, you might be wondering where the Pit Bull stands in the list of fast-running dog breeds; we are here to answer your question.

How Fast Can a Pit Bull Run? A Pit Bull can run at a maximum running speed of about 25 to 30 mph. As a result of their increased speed, Pit Bulls are ranked the 23rd fastest dog breed in the world. Your Pit Bull will likely run at an average speed of up to 13 mph during a run of more than a few miles. 

Keep reading to learn more about how fast Pit Bulls run, what makes them great running companions, and what sports can Pit Bulls participate in.

How Fast Can A Pit Bull Run?

a photo of a pit bull running to show how fast it can run

Thanks to Pitbulls’ Strong, Muscular build, they are easily considered one of the most athletic dogs in the world. They can achieve a maximum running speed of 25 to 30 mph, which may appear little compared to some of their more powerful counterparts.

The speed of dogs is often assessed during a sprint, so keep that in mind when comparing Pit Bulls to other dog breeds. In other words, the speeds are timed while the dogs compete against one another in brief, yet intense, bursts. A dog has to be both agile and strong in order to sustain its maximum speed.

Even though Pitbulls have extraordinary stamina and high energy levels, the speed at which dogs run might make a huge difference between trying to catch up with prey and being swamped by an attacker. 

How Many Miles Can Pit Bulls Run? 

Pit Bull might be recovering from an hour of demanding training and yet beg for more because of their high energy and stamina.

They often have no trouble running 2 to 5 miles. However, this does not imply that you should let your Pit Bull run for extremely long distances without taking a break.

Because Pit Bulls require frequent exercise to maintain their health, some trainers and owners think they can keep pushing their dogs further, but dogs, of any breed, should not be pushed to their limits just because they can handle it.

Instead, building your dog’s stamina should be a gradual process that takes as much time as it needs for the dog to make progress while still being comfortable. Your dog should never be pushed to their limits for any kind of physical activity, and doing so can result in temporary or even permanent damage to its physique and body.

What Makes Pitbulls Great Running Partners?

Pit bulls make great running partners to their owners due to their speed, stamina, and high energy. Their physical build is what allows them to keep up with their owners when going on long-distance runs.

The physical build of a Pit Bull is usually the first thing you notice about them, considering their size. Despite their large chests and broad shoulders, they have no trouble running at maximum speed and maintaining their balance.

Their typical weight is from 35 to 60 pounds, which is rather small in comparison to other, much bigger dog breeds like the English Mastiff, but due to their breeding as baiting dogs, Pit Bulls have remarkable strength and stamina. 

Some also think that Pitbulls’ large heads can inhibit their ability to run, but this is simply not true, and while it’s true that some Pitbulls can have comparatively large heads for their size, this is easily offset y their muscular build.

Keep in mind that Pit Bulls have not gone through as extensive of a process of selective breeding as other breeds like English and French Bulldogs have, which means that everything about them has been developed over thousands of years to optimize their ability to survive and perform.

When Can You Start Running with Your Pit Bull? 

Before you go running with your Pit Bull, you need to make sure that the dog is physically mature enough. For the majority of breeds, it is best to wait until the dog is at least 1 year old, as that is the age they reach full growth.

If the dog is younger than 1 year old, its bones would still be developing, so going running is typically not a good idea as it will hinder the dog’s development and make it more prone to injuries and other health problems.

To make sure that your dog will be safe while running, do some research on their breed, and bring them in for a physical examination at the vet.

Why Should You Run with Your Pit Bull More?

Running is a great physical activity, and it has various benefits for both the dog and its owner. So, here are a few reasons why you should run with your Pit Bull more regularly:

It will help the dog burn off excess energy.

Pit Bulls are extremely energetic, particularly as puppies. If they don’t get enough exercise and burn off excess energy, they will start to lash out and display destructive behaviors.

They can burn off part of their excess energy by running, which will prevent them from disturbing you at night or wrecking your home.

So, taking your Pit Bull for regular runs is the most excellent method to wear it out and prevent it from becoming destructive.

It will help the owner and the dog remain healthy.

Both the Pit Bull and the owner need to be physically active to remain healthy and in good shape.

Running has a lot of health benefits for humans and dogs, such as losing weight, increased mental alertness, less worry and sadness, increased cardiac strength, and a greater general sense of well-being.

It’s an excellent way for owners to bond with the dog.

Dogs serve as our best buddies, which is why we have them. If you don’t spend a lot of time with your Pit Bull, perhaps due to job obligations, developing a bond with them is extremely crucial. 

Dogs, particularly Pit Bulls, like running. So, by running with them, you strengthen the unique relationship you share with them. In addition, the dog gains a deeper understanding of his surroundings and environment. 

What Are Other Sports That Pit Bulls Can Participate In?

Aside from simply running together, there are various other sports that Pit Bull can participate in that rely on their high speed. Let’s take a closer look at some of these sports:

Pulling Weights

One of the most popular sports that your Pit Bull might participate in is weight pulling. This sport will help the dog burn off excess energy as well as build up muscle.

As the name implies, the Pit Bull will be connected to a set amount of weight with a harness; then, the Pit Bull has to pull on that weight for a specified amount of time.

Not many breeds of dogs are suitable for a physically demanding sport like weight pulling, but the Pit Bull’s strong frame makes it easy for the dog to keep up. So, this form of sport is ideal for Pit Bulls as well as their competitive owners.

The majority of individuals contend that weight pulling is entirely ethical and that Pitbulls like participating in the activity. However, there are still some who believe that it is questionable and brutal.

Agility Training

In this activity, Pit Bull owners or trainers put their dogs through many challenges, such as having them run through tunnels, leap over hurdles, and weave around poles.

The aim is for the dog to complete the obstacle course as fast as possible. They may burn off energy by doing this while completing their own obstacle course.

At the same time, it provides them with much-needed care and appreciation from their humans. You will not only have a chance of earning a championship, but you will also get to bond with the dog while tiring it out.


Flyball is regarded as a kind of extreme sport among dogs. It calls for agility, balance, and skill.

Flyball is defined as a canine sport in which teams of dogs compete against one another from the start/finish line, over a line of obstacles, to a machine that releases a tennis ball to be retrieved when the dog pushes the spring-loaded pad, then returning to their owners while holding the ball.

The Pitbull’s fast speed, mixed with its strong physique and agility, makes it the ideal breed for this intense activity.

Search and Rescue

Pit Bulls are strong contenders for search and rescue operations.

These canines essentially help police enforcement authorities in a variety of activities, including sniffing out illegal substances, hunting down suspected criminals, and looking for and locating lost individuals during rescue operations.

Apart from its speed, what makes the pit bull an outstanding dog for rescue missions is its determination and endurance.


Lastly, your pit bull might potentially be used as a herding dog. You may herd various kinds of animals here, from little ones like goats and lambs to bigger ones such as cows and donkeys.

Because the Pit Bull is such a smart dog, he will employ the abilities he has learned through the years to properly herd your cattle.

The dog will efficiently keep your cattle away from possibly harmful areas as well as restricted patches and also guide them home at the end of each herding session.

How to Build Your Pit Bull’s Endurance?

There are several ways you can build your Pitbull’s endurance and muscle strength safely. So, let’s take a look at these methods in more detail:


Swimming is one of the best ways to exercise your dog. However, Pit Bulls are not naturally born with the ability to swim, so they will need to be taught how to swim first. 

Pit Bull puppies can begin swimming lessons as soon as they are 6 weeks old. Check this step-by-step swimming guide to teach your Pit Bull.


Walking strengthens the limbs of your puppy Pit Bull. You need to take your dog on daily walks from a very young age to help it develop as it grows older.

Restrict their walking to small places until they can walk with a strong stride. You can increase the distance or duration of the walk depending on the dog’s age, endurance, and activity level.

Short Runs

This activity is ideal for a regular or XL Pit Bull pup that is used to short-distance hikes.

You can choose a suitable area where you can go for a short run together. If you have a treadmill, you can also run indoors; however, keep the treadmill going at a low speed.


Make time to go exploring together. For example, you take your Pit Bull puppy while you shop and allow it to sniff different products as you move down the aisles.

Together, you can also visit a variety of pet-friendly locations such as dog cafes or public parks. This will help your Pit Bull adapt to the outside world. It will also be useful for performing outdoor exercises.

Play Tug of War

Tug of war is an excellent activity for a puppy that wants to improve its limb strength and biting force. 

They must utilize their frontal and back limb strength to tug on the rope. However, be cautious that you are also stimulating the pup’s predator instincts.

Related Questions 

How Long Should Pit Bulls Exercise?

Pit Bulls should exercise for about 15 to 30 minutes when they’re puppies. When they become adults, they should exercise for about 45 to 60. The duration of the Pit Bull’s exercise routine will vary depending on the dog’s age, health, and energy levels.

Can You Outrun A Pit Bull? 

You cannot outrun a Pit Bull if it is running at maximum speed. The maximum sustained speed for professional human runners is 14 mph, and the average runner can run at 6 to 8 mph. Meanwhile, the maximum speed for Pit Bulls is between 25 to 35 mph, which is significantly higher.

How to React If A Pit Bull Chases You?

If a Pit Bull chases you, you need to resist the urge to shout or run. Keep your hands at your sides and avoid direct eye contact. If the dog stops showing interest in you, carefully move away until you’re not in its line of sight. If the dog attacks, try to place any object between you and the dog.

What Are the Risks of Making Pit Bull Run for Too Long? 

The risks of making Pit Bulls run for too long are severe muscle strain, joint damage, and tearing of the CCL ligament. This will cause the dog to feel pain and display symptoms such as limping, shaking, stiffness in the legs, swelling, and lack of coordination.

Which Dog Breed Is Considered the Fastest? 

The dog breed that’s considered the fastest is the Greyhounds. These dogs can travel at speeds comparable to those of a cheetah. Within its first six strides, it can reach a maximum speed of 45 mph. This makes the most suitable for participating in dog-running tournaments.

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