How Often Should You Bathe Your Pitbull (and How to Do It Right) 

Pit bulls are among the most affectionate and loving dogs. They will provide their owners with a lot of love and care. If you love your Pitbull, you will need to give some of that love back.

It is simple; you need to care for your dog’s hygiene and health. Pit bulls are not high-maintenance, as they have short fur, which makes your grooming sessions less complicated as well as less frequent. 

Most of the time, dog owners are confused as to how often to bathe their dogs. After all, we want to keep our dogs clean but we do not want to over bathe them. 

So, how often should you bathe your Pitbull? You should bathe your Pitbull as frequently as every 2 months but no less than once every 6 months. How often you bathe your Pitbull will depend on their age, health, activity level as well as the weather. Pitbulls’ short fur means they don’t need baths as often as other dogs.

If you want to know how often to bathe your Pitbull in summer and in winter, when it is absolutely necessary to bathe your Pitbull right away, how to bathe your pitbull quickly and properly, how to dry your pit bull after a bath, you have come to the right place. Keep reading! 

How often do you bathe your Pitbull? 

pitbull in bathtub to answer how often do you bathe your pitbull

Overbathing (more than once a week) your Pitbull can be pretty harmful to their skin, as they can develop skin infections or have dry skin. 

They have short fur and natural oil that work as protection to their skin, and you should not strip these oils from their skin by overbathing them. 

If you adopt your Pitbull while he/she is still a puppy, you might need to start warming them up to the idea of bathing. It will make it easier for you to bathe them when they are adults. 

Generally, you should bathe your pitbull once every 2-6 months. However, how often you should bathe your pitbull also depends on the season.

Once every 5-6 months is preferred Once every 3-4 months is preferred
Use cool water to help your Pitbull cool downUse warm water to help them find warmth
Your dog needs moisture but not too much because the weather is not dryYour dog needs more moisture to prevent dry skin
Your dog can bathe outdoorsBathe your dog indoors at a warm temperature. Remember they have short fur and can get cold easily. 
Doesn’t require a lot of time to dry Need more effort and time to dry 
Not necessary to use a hairdryerIt’s preferable to use a hairdryer 
Brush their fur every other dayBrush daily 

When must you bathe your Pitbull Right away?

Sometimes you set a schedule and hope to be able to go by it. But, you might have experienced this; you are on a walk with your pittie and you look away for a second, and when you look back, they have found a way to get themselves all muddy and dirty. 

Yes, we have all been there. Thus, you might find yourself needing to bathe them more frequently, and that’s okay. 

There are cases when you need to start bathing your Pitbull right away:

Playful walks

As mentioned, Pitbulls love to run and be energetic. They can also enjoy a little muddy play, which eventually gets stuck to their coat and makes them smell really badly. 

If after a playful walk, you find your pittie smelling extra bad, treat them with a nice bath. 

Stinky smell

If your Pittie smells, you should bathe them right away. Bad odor can be typical for Pit bulls as they love to run and fart. However, you should not leave your Pittie smelling sticky as it can also mean they need to be bathed. 

Medical condition 

If your Pittie has a medical condition that requires you to use a specific medicinal shampoo, you might need to bathe them more regularly as part of their treatment. 

Their coat is also prone to infections, which makes it extra important to prevent them from being dirty for long periods of time. 


If you have been doing some gardening, it is possible that you have used some chemicals. You have probably warned your Pitbulls not to go outside and roll on the grass, but they could not help it. 

If Your dog has been exposed to such chemicals, you should bathe them right away and make sure all the chemicals are out of their coats. 


If the snow did not stop you from going for a walk with your Pitbull, then you are amazing. Before going out in the snow, make sure your Pitbull is warm enough. A cute little pullover will look adorable on them. 

The salt that is used to melt the snow on the street can be quite harmful to your dog. It can hurt their paws.

Thus, you should bathe your dog the minute they get home. You should also double-check to see if their paws are salt-free. 

How to bathe your Pitbull (Properly and Quickly)

  1. Cover their ears

Pit bulls are prone to ear infections, you need to keep their ears clean and dry all the time. To be able to bathe them and still keep their ears dry, use cotton balls. 

Gently insert the cotton balls in both ears and make sure their ear canal is covered. 

  1. Wet your Pit bull’s coat

Before letting the water touch your four-legged best friend, test it out with your hands first. You need to make sure the water is not too cold and not too hot. A warm temperature is ideal. 

If you do not pay attention to the warmth of the water, your pit bull may develop hatred toward baths. 

After you have made sure that the temperature is just right, start gently wetting their coat. This shouldn’t take long as they do not have much fur. 

  1. Use a pet-friendly shampoo

Please do not use human shampoo. It is important to buy your dog their own shampoo. 

Apply a generous amount and use your own fingers to gently rub it in to make sure all the dirt has come out. 

If your dog has issues with the shampoo you are using now, consider a hypoallergenic shampoo. I have been using the Burt’s bees hypoallergenic shampoos with good results so far, and I always recommend it to my friends and so far have only heard great things about their experiences with them so far.

You can check it on Amazon here or by clicking on the image below:

  1. Thoroughly rinse the shampoo away 

Rinsing the shampoo out thoroughly should not be taken lightly. Make sure all excess shampoo is out of your Pittie’s coat. Make sure the shampoo is scent-free. Fragrance can irritate their skin. 

  1. Use a conditioner 

Like the shampoo, make sure you buy your dog’s specialized scent-free conditioner. Rub it in to dissolve any knots and make their coat look shiny and smooth. Then rinse out. 

  1. Dry your Pitbull thoroughly 

Especially in winter, you do not want to leave your Pitbull feeling wet and cold. Moreover, their coat can smell really bad if you leave it wet for too long. No one would want that!  

How to dry your Pitbull after a bath 

  1. Air drying 

This is the most old-fashioned way, and the least recommended. If it’s summer, you can let your dog air dry. However, it will take longer and your dog might roll around indoors or outdoors and get dirty again. 

  1. Towels

Using towels with high absorbency has proven to be quite effective. Depending on how large your Pitbull is, you might use bigger towels. 

It is also best if you buy a towel specifically designed for dogs, as it is thinner and can draw more water, which ultimately means less drying time. 

  1. Hairdryers 

A lot of dog owners have resorted to using their personal hair dryers to dry their dogs after a bath, which is honestly very smart. 

While drying your dog with a hairdryer, make sure you set the temperature to low or medium, as to not burn your dog. 

Also, keep moving your hands and don’t concentrate on one area for too long as it can burn your Pitbull. 

Once your Pitbull is 90% dry, you can let them air dry the remaining 10%. Of course, using a hairdryer will speed up the process, especially in winter. 

Related Questions 

Do Pitbulls like baths? 

Pit bulls can like baths if they are used to them from puppyhood. The younger your Pitbull gets used to baths, the easier it would be for him to bathe as an adult. However, if they associate negative feelings with baths, it might be harder to get them to like baths again in the future. 

Can you Bathe your Pitbull once a week? 

Bathing your Pitbull once a week is too frequent. If your Pittie got muddy and dirty, you can rinse them out with water. Avoid using any products. Remember, they produce natural oils that are essential for their skin’s health. 

How often should I bathe my Pitbull? 

It is recommended to bathe your Pitbull every 2 to 6 months. If it is recommended by their veterinarian, you can bathe them once a week, only if necessary. Pit bulls are prone to dry skin and overbathing them can cause them to lose the moisture they need. 

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