How to Get Your Pitbull to Bark?

Barking comes naturally to pitbulls as it’s a way for them to communicate their feelings and needs with their humans as well as other animals.

However, your pitbull might not be barking when you want it to or as much as you want it to, which is why it’s important to understand why dogs normally bark and how to get them to bark on command.

So, how to get your pitbull to bark? To get your pitbull to bark, you need to train it to associate a command word such as “speak”. Make sure to praise your dog or reward it with a treat whenever it barks on command so it will continue to display this kind of behavior. It can also be useful to use a clicker or hand gesture along with the command word.

Keep reading to learn more about why pitbulls bark, how often they do so, and how to teach them to bark on command

Why Do Pitbulls Bark?

pitbull barking to show how to get your pitbull to bark

Pitbulls are not the kind of dogs to bark excessively without a valid reason to. They often bark to express their feelings or respond to their surroundings.

So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons that can cause Pitbulls to bark:

feeling threatened or scared

Pitbulls might feel threatened or scared by many things including other dogs or strangers getting close to their territory as well as experiencing violence.

So, they will naturally start barking as a defense mechanism against that threat. They will also start barking if they believe that the threat is coming toward their owners and family members as they can be very protective.

getting startled by an unexpected loud noise

Pitbulls are sensitive to surrounding stimuli, especially when they’re young. That’s why unexpected loud noises will startle them and cause them to start barking.

Some of the noises that can startle dogs include thunderstorms, cars honking, construction work, loud television or radio as well as yelling or shouting.

feeling happy or excited

Pitbulls are highly energetic and sometimes they just cannot contain their happiness or excitement so they need to express themselves through barking.

They might start barking because they are happy to see their owner or when they’re playing together. They might also get excited by watching people walk by, hearing a knock on the door, or seeing their favorite toys and treats.

feeling lonely or bored

When pitbulls are used to doing certain activities or receiving certain amounts of attention, they will feel lonely or bored when they suddenly don’t have anything to do or no one to play with.

So, they will start barking to occupy their time or hear the sound of their own voice.

What to Do If Your Pitbull Is Not Barking?

It’s natural for pitbulls to bark because of certain reasons just as it’s natural for them not to bark. You don’t need to be concerned or do anything as long as you are aware of the reasons your dog is not barking.

Let’s take a look at some of the reasons why your pitbull is not barking:

  • It could be not barking because it simply has no reason to. This is more common in dogs that were properly trained and socialized as they are more displaced and perceive fewer things as threats.
  • It could be that the dog is still shy around new surroundings or has a quiet personality.
  • It could be an indicator of some health issues such as weak hearing, low stamina, or throat problems.

The most important thing you need to do if your pitbull has suddenly stopped barking is to take it to a vet to make sure it isn’t because of a health problem. Then, all you need to do is give your dog some time until it’s comfortable enough to communicate and express itself around you.

Can You Teach Pitbulls to Bark on Command?

You can teach pitbulls to bark on command. It can be a fun trick to show off to friends and family or a useful method to communicate with your dog.

To teach your dog to bark on command, you first need to train it to associate the act of barking with a command word such as “speak”

The best way to do that is to repeat the command word whenever your dog barks until they make the association. It might be useful to use a clicker or a hand gesture to enhance the association and reinforce the action.

Make sure to praise your dog or reward it with treats whenever it successfully barks on command to encourage it to continue displaying this kind of behavior.

Related Questions

How Often Do Pitbulls Bark?

Pitbulls are considered moderate in how often they bark compared to other dog breeds. However, each dog is different and the tendency to bark often depends on the dog’s personality, health, and how well it was trained and socialized.

When Do Pitbulls Start to Bark?

Pitbulls start to bark when they are 7 or 8 weeks of age. In some cases, it might take them until they’re at 16 weeks of age to start barking. They will communicate through grunts and whines at the beginning before progressing to yips and barking.

How to Get Pitbulls to Stop Barking Excessively?

To get pitbulls to stop barking excessively, you need to make sure they’re properly socialized so they won’t feel threatened or startled. You also need to understand what your dog is trying to communicate when they’re barking, so you can provide them with what they need whether it’s attention, food, or exercise.

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