How to Make Your Pit Bull Smell Good? 5 Reasons Your Pit Bull Smells Bad and How to Quickly Fix It

Pit Bulls are a beloved breed; however, some owners have expressed concerns about how they can get smelly at times. It’s not because Pit Bulls are stinky by nature; there are various factors that can affect the dog’s odor.

Having a smelly Pit Bull can make it unpleasant for you to be around it or try to bond with it. So, how to make your Pit Bull smell good? 

To make your Pit Bull smell good, bathe it with a dog-specific shampoo and brush it regularly to remove loose hair and dirt. You also need to clean your dog’s ears and teeth, improve its diet, and keep its living area as clean as possible.

Keep on reading to learn more about the reasons why Pit Bulls smell bad and how to make your Pit Bull smell good.

Why Does Your Pit Bull Smell Bad? 

Your Pit Bull might smell bad for various reasons. In addition to inadequate grooming and accumulating dirt in their coats, here are some of the common reasons why Pit Bulls smell bad: 

Ear Infections

There are several different forms of ear infections that might be leading your Pit Bull to smell bad. Fungal infections, bacterial infections, or a mix of the two produce the greatest odor. 

Fungal infections have a moldy or sweet odor, whereas bacterial infections have a pungent odor. Both will cause ear discharge in your dog. Redness, tenderness, and overall pain are also symptoms of an ear infection.

If you notice any of these symptoms in your Pit Bull, make sure to consult a veterinarian to get the necessary treatment.

Dental Diseases

Gum disease, also known as Periodontitis, is among the most prevalent reasons for bad-smelling breath in your Pit Bull. 

This is an accumulation of plaque bacteria on your dog’s teeth that promotes bacterial growth. This eventually causes gum and tooth damage, which results in bad breath.

Organ Diseases

Diabetes, kidney disease, and liver problems are all potential causes of bad breath in Pit Bulls.

  • Diabetes frequently causes a sweet or fruity odor, as well as other symptoms such as frequent urination.
  • Kidney illness is frequently diagnosed by a urine odor on your dog’s breath. If that’s the case, a quick assessment from your veterinarian is required in order to get the necessary treatment.
  • Your dog’s breath will also smell bad as a result of liver disease. The symptoms of liver disease include appetite loss, a yellowish coloration in the gums, and frequent vomiting. 

Skin Problems

Pit Bulls are especially prone to skin problems. Dog Seborrhea is a major source of a stinky, cheese-like stench emanating from your dog. 

This disease causes flaky, dry skin on your dog’s ears, armpits, abdomen, elbows, and ankles, as well as an oil buildup. 

It can also cause inflamed skin, which can result in excessive itching. As a consequence of the itching, secondary infections might develop, making the odor worse.

Other skin problems might also cause your Pit Bull to smell bad, as secondary infections can be caused by allergic responses, insect bites, and other parasites. Constant itching from these conditions will result in wounds that can get infected with germs and emit an odor.

Inadequate Grooming

One of the reasons for Pit Bull’s bad smell is inadequate grooming. 

If you don’t regularly bathe your Pit Bull or brush its hair, things like dirt, grease, debris, and loose hair will accumulate on the dog’s coat, causing it to emit a bad smell.

Grooming on a regular basis will help prevent these things from accumulating on the dog’s coat. It will also help disperse the natural oils that the dog’s coat release to maintain pleasant, healthy skin.

Keep in mind that your dog might smell bad after bathing because it was not dried properly. If the water remains on the dog’s coat, it will cause yeast or bacteria to release a distinctively bad odor.

How to Make Your Pit Bull Smell Good?

a photo of a pit bull taking a bath to show how to make your pit bull smell good

Having a stinky Pit Bull can be unpleasant for all dog owners. It’s important to figure out what’s causing the dog to smell bad and take some measures to eliminate the bad smell.

So, here are some tips you can follow to make your Pit Bulls smell good:

Brush and Bathe Your Pit Bull Regularly

Regularly brushing and bathing your Pit Bull will help prevent dirt, grease, debris, and loose hair from accumulating on its coat and stop it from smelling bad.

When bathing your Pit Bull, make sure to use suitable products, including shampoos and brushes, to avoid irritating the dog’s skin. You can check out my recommendations for the best shampoos for Pit Bulls here and the best brushes for Pit Bulls here.

Wash Your Pit Bull’s Bedding

Your Pit Bull may have had a bath, but its bedding could still be unclean and smelly. The bad smell will be transferred back to it when it sleeps or lies on the bedding.

It’s important to change the dog’s bedding and wash it regularly to prevent it from adding to the dog’s smell.

Use A Dry Shampoo In Between Baths

Using a dry shampoo is one of the greatest ways to keep your dog smelling fresh without exerting the effort of giving it a complete bath.

Dry shampoo does not need any water or rinsing and may be used anywhere. It is also known as waterless dog shampoo.

There are spray and powder variants available, but we feel a foamy mousse shampoo is the best since it genuinely cleans your dog’s fur rather than merely disguising it like a dog fragrance or cologne.

One of my favorite dry shampoos is this Wahl Pet-Friendly Waterless No Rinse Shampoo. The formula contains natural plant-based ingredients, and it can also be used as a moisturizer for dogs with dry skin.

Offer Proper Dental Care For Your Pit Bull

It’s important to take care of the dog’s dental hygiene to prevent it from developing any oral disease. It’s also important to seek a veterinarian for treatment once you notice any symptoms of dental problems.

Dogs can develop most of the same dental problems as people, such as tartar/plaque accumulation and gum disease. This causes bad breath and other health problems.

To take care of the dog’s dental hygiene, you need to brush its teeth as frequently as possible. You can also provide it with high-quality chew toys.

However, brushing is not always an option, and some dogs are quite resistant to it. To overcome this, you can add a decent water additive to keep their teeth healthy, reduce plaque/tartar accumulation, and allow them to go longer without brushing their teeth.

Improve Your Pit Bull’s Diet

Pit Bulls are known to have sensitive stomachs. A poor diet and low-quality dog food can both lead your Pit Bull to fart more than usual, which will cause it to smell bad. Meanwhile, high-quality, organic dog food can help your dog stay healthy.

Probiotics for dogs are also an amazing option to support a healthy digestive system, improve the absorption of nutrients, and maintain a healthy bacterial balance in the stomach.

If you want some good dog food recommendations, you can check out my guide on the best foods for Pit Bull here.

Walk Your Pit Bull on A Leash

One of the most common causes of odor in dogs is their desire to explore your yard, the street, or forested areas. 

When exercising your Pit Bull, keep them on a leash which allows you to manage the distance easily. This will also help minimize slips into the mud, bush, or other unpleasant or unclean places. I have some recommendations for high-quality leashes for Pit Bulls here.

When taking them for a stroll, you should always consider taking them to regions that you know are cleaner and less prone to make them smell.

Avoid Getting Your Pit Bull Wet

The worst odors occur when your dog’s wet.

Rainy days will inevitably occur, but you can avoid running through sprinklers, jumping into puddles, or dipping in your children’s bathwater. Basically, keep them dry to help keep the bad smell at bay.

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