How to Stop Pit Bulls from Chewing on Everything? 5 Main Causes Why Pit Bulls Chew

Chewing on stuff is considered natural behavior for all dogs, including Pit Bulls. However, if the dog’s chewing becomes too excessive, it can be a highly inconvenient problem for most pet parents.

For instance, since Pit Bulls have powerful jaws, they will likely destroy everything you own. So, how to stop Pit Bulls from chewing on everything? 

To stop Pit Bulls from chewing on everything, you need to provide them with an alternative to chew on, such as a bone or a chew toy. You also need to find out the cause behind their excessive chewing to discourage this behavior properly and prevent it from escalating in the future.

Keep reading to learn more about what causes Pit Bulls to chew and how to stop them from chewing on everything.

Are Pit Bulls Heavy Chewers?

Pit Bulls, like many other dog breeds, chew regularly. It’s natural for them to chew on things, especially when they’re puppies and going through a teething period.

They might chew on soft items such as curtains, blankets, pillows, or plushy toys. They might also chew on hard items such as furniture, shoes, or plastic toys.

However, chewing can become a troubling problem for owners if the dog chews excessively and starts destroying household items. This is particularly common with Pit Bulls as they have strong jaws and teeth that could easily cause damage.

There are several reasons why a Pitbull might chew excessively, and it’s important for all responsible owners to learn these reasons in order to discipline their dog’s behavior and prevent the chewing problem from escalating further.

Do Pit Bulls Grow Out of Chewing?

Pit Bulls do not grow out of chewing as it’s a natural part of their behavior and instincts. However, they tend to chew more frequently when they’re puppies than when they’re adults because, at that time, they will be going through a teething period and won’t understand that chewing is bad.

At What Age Do Pit Bulls Stop Chewing on Everything?

Pit Bulls stop chewing on everything at the age of 6 to 8 months which is when they tend to be done with teething. However, they might continue to chew on things when they’re older due to reasons like lack of exercise, boredom, or separation anxiety.

Common Reasons Why Pit Bulls Chew on Everything

As mentioned before, Understanding why a Pit Bull chews will allow you to apply the appropriate solution if they are chewing regularly or violently.

So, here are some of the common reasons why Pit Bulls Chew on everything:

Puppy Chewing 

Pit Bulls are more likely to chew when they’re puppies as they are exploring their surroundings and using their mouths to learn different textures.

It’s recommended to monitor your Pit Bull puppy when it’s exploring and keep it away from any valuables. It’s also recommended to provide the puppy with suitable chew toys at this age to help it get used to chewing on toys instead of household items early on.

Separation Anxiety 

Pit Bulls may indeed chew more often if they have developed separation anxiety.

Leaving your Pit Bull alone at home for extended periods of time without locking it in its crate, you might come back to find that it has destroyed most of the furniture by chewing.

Teething Pain 

Teething is the most common reason for chewing in all dog breeds because it helps relieve the pressure in the dog’s mouth and reduce some of the pain.

While your Pit Bull is teething, it’s recommended to provide it with a variety of chew toys to ensure that it can cope with the pain of teething in a healthy manner.

By the time the dog is done with teething, it won’t chew as excessively as it did before.

All dogs go through teething at the same stage in their lives, but it can be slightly different for each breed as the development of each breed follows a slightly different timeline, and even the timeline for dogs of the same breed can be different.

You can tell that your Pit Bul is teething by looking out for symptoms such as excessive chewing, excessive drooling, swollen gums, bleeding gums, loss of appetite, and a slight fever. The teething period for Pit Bulls begins when they’re at 5 weeks of age and last for about 5 months.

To know what to expect and how you should handle your dog’s pain through this critical time in their lives, check out my complete guide to Pit Bull’s teething with the timeline here.

Feeling Bored or Neglected

Pit Bulls might be chewing because they feel neglected or bored. They’re social animals, so it’s important to provide them with enough attention and to keep them stimulated at all times; otherwise, they will develop various destructive behaviors, including chewing.

If you ignore them or leave them alone, they will start chewing to keep themselves occupied and express their displeasure to you.

Lack Of Exercise

Pit Bull might also be chewing due to lack of exercise.

They’re lively and energetic dogs which means they need to release their energy in a healthy manner; otherwise, they will start to develop various destructive behaviors, including chewing.

How to Stop Your Pit Bull from Chewing on Everything?

a photo of a Pit Bull chewing on a toy to show how to stop Pit Bulls from chewing on everything

Now that you know what causes your Pit Bull to chew, you need to take some measures to stop it from chewing on everything it comes across.

While you will not be able to stop your dog from chewing completely, as it’s a natural part of its behavior, you will at least be able to correct its behavior and stop it from chewing on things it shouldn’t chew on.

It might be difficult to correct the dog’s behavior at first, especially if it’s an older dog that has already learned this behavior and the behavior has been reinforced, but correcting the behavior is not impossible as long as you’re patient and consistent.

So, here are some tips you can follow to get your Pit Bull to stop chewing on everything:

Proper Training and Discipline

You need to provide the dog with proper training and discipline to discourage it from chewing on everything and prevent its behavior from escalating in the future.

 Avoid harsh discipline methods such as yelling or hitting. Instead, it’s best to discourage the dog from chewing or biting by commanding it to stop in a firm tone. 

You can also try to distract it or redirect its attention to the chew toys it’s allowed to chew on instead of the furniture or your shoes. You can learn how to discipline your Pitbull correctly here; it’s a full guide with everything you could possibly need to know, so check it out when you can.

Keeping Valuable Objects Out of Your Pitbull’s Reach

You won’t be able to stop your dog from chewing completely, and you won’t be around all the time to monitor its behavior and discourage it.

So, it’s best to keep valuable objects out of the dog’s reach to prevent it from chewing on them or damaging them.

Offering a Variety of Chew Toys

This advice can go a long way toward guaranteeing that your Pit Bull doesn’t at all chew on other objects in the house.

If you offer your dog the appropriate chew toys, they will be able to learn what is safe to chew and what is not.

Pit Bulls might become bored with specific toys, so be prepared to switch them out as needed to keep them engaged. I’ll recommend some of my dogs’ favorite chew toys later in the article, so don’t forget to check them out.

Exercise Your Pit Bull Regularly 

It’s important to exercise your Pit Bull regularly to help it release its energy in a healthy way and prevent it from becoming destructive.

You can keep your Pit Bull moving and burning energy by doing things like:

  • Swimming 
  • Going out on daily walks 
  • Playing games like fetch or tug of war
  • Going out to dog parks

Once your dog s exercised properly, it won’t have the energy or desire to engage in any destructive habits like chewing.

Chew Toys Recommendation for your Pit Bull

There’s a wide variety of chew toys on the market, and you need to choose one that’s ideal for your dog’s needs. 

While no toy is absolutely unbreakable, here are some of the most durable chew toys available on the market.

KONG Extreme Goodie Bone

KONG is a well-known producer of long-lasting dog toys, and their Extreme Goodie Bone is among their most sturdy items. 

These chews are manufactured from KONG’s famous Extreme Black Rubber and are designed to withstand your pit bull’s teeth for days of chewing delight.


  • Most dogs like the classic bone form 
  • Each end has a place for you to put treats or flavorful pastes.
  • Medium and big sizes are available.
  • Made in the USA

Goughnuts Maxx 50 Stick

Goughnuts make a variety of extremely durable chew toys, with the Maxx 50 Stick being the most durable.

The Maxx 50 Stick, like other Goughnuts chew toys, has a special two-color alert system that enables owners to know whenever the toy should be replaced. 

Your dog can still use the toy as far as only green or black is visible, but if red is visible, the object must no longer be deemed safe.


  • The Maxx 50 Stick floats, making it an ideal toy for the swimming
  • Goughnut’s basic chew toys are made with 50% more carbon for greater durability.
  • The Maxx 50 stick is meant for large dogs, being 9 inches long and 2 inches thick.
  • Made in the USA

KONG Rubber Ball Extreme

The KONG Rubber Ball Extreme performs similarly to a tennis ball, providing your dog with the same type of jaw-satisfying enjoyment, and is durable enough to last.


  • The diameter of a 3-inch ball is somewhat greater than that of a tennis ball.
  • Built to withstand hours of eating, chasing, and catching.
  • The ball bounces quite nicely, providing hours of fetching entertainment.
  • Made in the United States

For more chew toys recommendations, check out my full guide on the best chew toys for Pit Bulls here.

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