The Best American Bully Bloodlines and Breeders (Photos & Prices)

Bullies are a significant lifetime investment. if you want to get an American Bully, you probably got confused with the different sizes, bloodlines, prices, and from where to get them.

You need to make sure that the breeder of your American bully puppy is knowledgeable, and that the exact bloodline you’re choosing fits your wants and household.

So, what are the best American Bully bloodlines? Here’s a list of the best American Bully bloodlines and breeders:

  • Kurupt Line
  • Razor Edge Line
  • Gottiline
  • Remy Line
  • Colby Line
  • Bully Camp Line
  • Golden Line
  • Kingpin Line
  • Edge of Gotitiline
  • Nakamoto Bullies

Keep reading to learn about the American Bully bloodlines and the best breeders for them.

What Are the Types (Classes) of American Bullies?

The United Kennel Club and the American Bully Kennel Club both recognized the American Bully as a distinct breed in 2013 and 2004, respectively. In other words, the breed is still regarded as being very young. However, it is impossible to dispute the appeal of American Bully bloodlines.

American Pit Bulls and American Stafford Terriers are crossed with other Bulldog-related breeds to create these amazing pet dogs. Despite their intimidating appearance, these dogs are anything but. They are typically wonderful with kids, have a calm attitude, and are very devoted to their families.

The American Bully initially came in four main types: Standard, Classic, XL, and Pocket. Since these early starts, the Extreme type has been added, bringing the total number of breed types to five. Let’s quickly review each one.


As a show dog variation of an American Pit Bull Terrier, this Bully was created in the 1990s. Standard Bullies Bullies in a general are bulky and muscular. Their huge heads, broad chests, and compact bodies give them the appearance of strong dogs. 

The Standard is a gentle dog that makes a wonderful companion. However, given that these dogs have strong pain thresholds, families with Standard Bullies should be watchful for wounds.


The only difference between this Bully type and the Standard is its slimmer build. Because of this, this particular Bully has a more conventional appearance and is more agile than the Standard. 

The traits of this type closely resemble those of the Standard. When handled well, they are pleasant toward strangers, terrific with their families, and generally good around kids.


Another Bully that deviated from the Standard is this type. The XL is the largest of the Bully breeds since it is bigger and stronger than the Standard. However, given that these dogs are large in general, breeding XL Bullies can be hard due to the challenges of meeting requirements.


With the exception of being the shorter breed, the Pocket Bully resembles the Standard and other Bully types. This kind, despite being shorter, nonetheless has the same muscular build and weight as the others. The Pocket Bully was initially developed as a smaller-sized Bully breed for pet owners.

What Are the Best American Bully Bloodlines?

It goes without saying that there are bloodlines that are becoming more and more well-liked with the rise of the American Bully Breed. Bloodlines are families of the same breed. They are bred together in order to preserve the best characteristics of the breed.

Although dogs with outstanding pedigree frequently fetch higher prices, most breeders are not concerned with money. Breeders want their lineages to remain healthy and pure for many years to come.

We’ll look at 10 different American Bully bloodlines in the section below. Although there are many different lineages, these ten are among the most well-known. These bloodlines aim to create the strongest breed possible and demonstrate to the world just how amazing the American Bully is.

Kurupt Line

The larger Bullies, often known as the “Freakish” ones, come from this bloodline. They are enormous XXL Bullies with threatening and frightening appearances but are nevertheless friendly and have charming personalities.

Their average price ranges from $5000 to $10,000, depending on the breeder. One of the most famous breeders of this bloodline is Bossy Kennels.

These dogs have Pitbull ancestry dating back hundreds of years, yet the Kurupt Bloodline is substantially larger in size.

In regards to ethical breeding, the Kurupt Bloodline enjoys a very solid reputation. However, this lineage has a drawback in that not everyone recognizes it as an actual American Bully. But the Kurupt bloodline was only recently introduced, so it’s understandable why people could be reluctant to embrace it.

Razor Edge Line

One of the most popular Bully breeds is Razor’s Edge Bloodline. This bloodline concentrates more on the bully line than the terrier line. This produced Bullies that are extremely robust, thick, and muscular.

Their price ranges from $2500 to $3500, as it’s a Standard-sized type. This bloodline’s most famous breeder is Dave Wilson, who is the founder of this breed.

He discovered the ideal dog to introduce his Razors Edge Bloodline. This dog came from Kimmer Kennels, a bloodline that has since given birth to some of the top American Bullies in the world. 

People who appreciate an ideal bully are fans of this bloodline because of how thick and powerful these dogs are.


Although they may have a menacing appearance, these Standard dogs from this breed are calm and sociable. They are also renowned for their prowess in sports like lifting large objects.

Their price ranges from $2500 to $3500, and you can get them from Double L Kennels, which is their most famous breeding Kennel.

The Gotty bloodline, like Razor Edge bullies, is the origin of other bloodlines that exist today, including the Blue Rhino Pitbull and the Kingpin line bully. Before spreading its fame to the Philippines, China, Japan, and Canada, the bloodline first became well-known in America.

Remy Line

This XL bloodline is well-known for its great quality, with a bully called Remy as its first stud. This line was developed from the same male breed, giving all dogs in this breed a consistent appearance that is very similar to the appearance of the Razor edge bloodline.

This bloodline’s cost ranges from $5000 to $10,000, and you can purchase one from the famous breeders community Remyline Exclusive Kennel Crew.

For the past 15 years, this bloodline has created dogs of exceptional quality. Market customers frequently freak out about an American Bully with this bloodline.

Colby Line

In contrast to other breeds, the Bullies from this bloodline are very athletic, robust, and not particularly calm.

They have an intimidating appearance, and their demeanor is just as fierce. They make good sports dogs for sports lovers.

The price of these XL (sometimes XXL) line can range from $5000 to $20,000, with the Ability Made PITS (AMP) Kennels as one of their most famous breeders.

Colby Line breeds are frequently produced by American Bully breeders due to their widespread popularity. Even though this pedigree is over a century old, you can still find purebred American Bullies in it.

Bully Camp Line

They have extremely well-designed genetics that gives this bloodline a short, incredibly wide body structure, and the most ideal features.

As an Extreme type, this bloodline price highly depends on the breeder, On average they may cost $5000, however, their price may reach $30,000- $50,000. If you ever search up famous bullies, the name Mr. Miagi will surely pop up, as breeders use its bloodline’s direct descendants to build their own all over the world.

The most famous breeder of this bloodline is Jorge Soto, who owns Mr. Miagi.

Golden Line

This bloodline size can range from micro or pocket to XL; however, the most desirable is the pocket type. The most famous breeder kennel is the Northwest Golden Line kennel, as they produce Golden Line breeds with a broad and short body structure. Additionally, this kennel guarantees that its dogs have an excellent temperament.

This bloodline’s average price can change according to the dog’s size and type, but the estimates would be around $3000- $10,000.

This bloodline would make the perfect lap dog, or be the perfect fit for people with small apartments.

Kingpin Line

This bloodline, which has been around for a while, is most recognized for the temperament of the animals it produces. Because they are calm and less inclined to become angry, these bullies are thought to be ideal around kids. 

The majority of owners of Bullies from this bloodline claim that they like interacting with people.

As an Extreme type, this breed’s average price could be $5000, but can still reach $50,000 based on the breeder.

The most famous Kingpinline breeder is J Lomeli, the owner of the Untouchable Kingpinline, and is a major contributor to this bloodline.

It’s interesting to note that Kingpin was the sire of renowned American Bully Mr. Miagi. This demonstrates that this bloodline is among the greatest and has been around for a while.

Edge of Gottiline

Bullies are short and broad. Additionally, the pups have blocky skulls, enormous structures, thick bones, big chests, and short statures.

This bloodline is Pocket sized, and its price can range from $3000-$9000. The most famous breeder of these modern Gotties is the Edge of Gottiline Kennel. This Pocket breed was created for those who prefer a Bully’s appearance but not their size.

Nakamoto Bullies

To produce purebred dogs of the finest quality and health, this bloodline is bred using ethical, veterinarian-approved practices.

They’re a Pocket type breed, and its price can reach $9000, based on the breeder. The breeders of this bloodline are the Nakamoto Bullies Kennel. They ship this purebred bloodline worldwide since they are in high demand.

Who Are the Best American Bully Breeders?

The Bossy Kennels

They are located in California, US, and they are specialized in the Kurupt Bloodline. If you’re looking for an XXL American Bully in the United States, the breeders at Bossy Kennels are masters at producing puppies from this pedigree.

They also breed the XL and enormous size varieties of this species in addition to the XXL. You can contact them on their Facebook Group to know more details.

Dave Wilson

He’s located in Washington D.C, US, and specializes in the Razor Edge bloodline. He developed this bloodline, investing several years of experience in genetic science in the process.

You can contact him on his Instagram profile if you want to purchase a Razor Edge.

Double L Kennels

They are located in Kansas, US, and provide international shipping. They are UK and ABKC-registered. Moreover, Gottylines, Daxlines, Kingpinlines, and Kurupt breeds are their areas of expertise.

You can contact them on their website to know everything you want about these breeds.

Remyline Exclusive Kennels

This Facebook page for pet services in California connects you to the top Remyline breeders for your particular requirements. Their price range starts at $2500.

Ability Made PITS ( AMP) Kennels

They’re located in California, US, and specialize in the Colby Line breed. On their website, they list all the sires and dams. They also provide connections to each puppy’s pedigree on an online database.

Jorge Soto

He specializes in the Bully Camp Line and is the CEO of THEBULLYCAMPLINE. Additionally, he is the owner of the infamous Mr. Miagi, who is undoubtedly put to good use in all the breeding.

You can reach him on his Instagram, to inquire about this bloodline.

Northwest Golden Line

Their location is in Oregon, USA, and they specialize in the Golden Line bloodline. They only breed smaller-sized Golden Line dogs, though.

Moreover, dedicated breeders run the Northwest Golden line to create outstanding American Bullies.

You can reach them on their website to know all you want about this diverse bloodline.

Edge of Gottiline

Their location is in California, the US, are specialists in developing the modern Gottiline dog breed. Bullseye, Victoria, and Sour Apple are just a few of the top Gottiline Bullies that have come from this kennel.

You can check out additional information and/or express interest in owning a Gottiline on their Facebook page.

Untouchable Kingpinline

J Lomeli is the owner of Untouchable Kingpinline, where he breeds these lovely, affectionate Bullies, and he has made significant contributions to the evolution of the bloodline.

Considering his wonderful reputation, the fact that he currently has over 28,000 followers on his page speaks volumes about the fact that he is an exceptional and ethical breeder that cares about the bloodline.

You can contact him on his Instagram to know more about this special breed.

Nakamoto Bullies Kennel

They’re located in California, US, and as you can see from the name, they specialize in the Nakamoto Bullies.

With their son Jack, they started making American Bullies in 2010. You may be sure that the puppies from this kennel are of the finest quality because they are bred with tons of experience and love!

You can contact them on their Facebook page if you want to purchase a Nakamoto bully, or even take a walk in the kennel.

How Do You Pick a Bully Puppy?

Let’s now delve into the specifics. In general, there are 5 criteria we advise considering while considering a puppy.


In essence, your goal is to determine whether the dog “plays along with others” or not. This also covers how the puppy behaves with people and other dogs.

To begin with, watch the pup’s interactions with the other puppies in the litter. Do they possess a dominant or submissive personality? Do they tend to become hostile or are they generally amicable?

Be careful of puppies who exhibit aggressive “resource guarding” behaviors, such as attempting to hoard toys or food for themselves. Also, examine how the puppies interact with people after that. Are they friendly toward people? If you call the puppy, does it come? Due to their natural curiosity, puppies should enjoy meeting new people.

It may be an indicator of future behavioral problems if the puppy exhibits signs of fear or even hostility toward people.

Overall Health

Here are some indicators to watch out for:

  • Their fur should be glossy and free of flakes and bald areas.
  • Watch how they walk. Although clumsiness in puppies is common, they shouldn’t limp or favor one leg over the other.
  • Their legs should be facing forward and should not be rotated too much.
  • They should have clear eyes and clean teeth.
  • They ought to have a good appetite.
  • Look at their tummy; there shouldn’t be any redness or inflammation there.
  • They should be enthusiastic and naturally curious.

Finally, remember that some breeds are more prone to specific health issues. In that scenario, get more information from the breeder. Ideally, they will possess a certificate attesting to the fact that the parents’ tests for these prominent illnesses were negative.

Working Drive and Ability

You should consider the dog’s drive if you’re looking for one to do tasks or participate in sports. Do they possess a lot of vigor, power, and speed?

Remember that “arousal” and “drive” aren’t always synonymous. Arousal simply means a dog who is readily excited, whereas drive refers to a determined devotion to a specific purpose. In general, you want a Bully that can remain concentrated on the task at hand.

Play with the puppy to get a good sense of this, especially if you’re searching for a dog for a particular sport or athletic activity.


Spend some time observing the puppy’s actions. It’s certain that different puppies from the same litter will have different personalities. Some will have powerful personalities and be alpha bullies, while others will be more subdued.

There is no superior personality above another. This is an opportunity to consider your personality and the breed of dog that might work best in your household.

Make Sure to Meet the Parents

You should if at all feasible, meet the puppy’s parents as well. You may get a fairly good indication of the breed of Bully your puppy will develop into from this.

Follow the same procedure you did to meet the parents when you met the puppy. Check the parents to check if they appear to be in good health, joyful, and kind.

Inspect How the Pups Are Being Kept

Spend some time looking at the puppy’s surroundings. Are they housed, kept in a yard, or kept in a pen? Is the area odor-free, tidy, and free of rubbish and clutter?

Although it might not seem significant, the puppy’s surroundings can give you a hint about the breeder’s level of commitment to growing them. An untidy, unfavorable, or even dangerous atmosphere can be a warning sign that something is wrong with this breeder.

Make sure to also check out our guide to buying a Pit Bull puppy without papers as it has all the legal information you absolutely must know before getting a bully-type or pitbull-type dog from a breeder.

How Do You Choose a Good Bully Breeder?


Any reputable bully breeder will be willing to demonstrate the bloodline’s pedigree. They should be able to trace their bloodline’s history back to the fourth generation.

A knowledgeable breeder will be able to describe the characteristics of their puppies to you. They would also provide you with all the necessary papers to register your dog with reputable kennel clubs.

Physical Location

The best American bully breeder should carry out their breeding in a physical site. It can be their house or a piece of land that has been transformed into a Bully kennel.

Having a physical location demonstrates the breeder’s commitment and ability to arrange visits whenever necessary. Breeders who are evasive about their location are probably operating questionable backyard puppy mills.

Online Presence

An effective internet presence allows an American bulldog breeder to interact with potential consumers. It can be an active social media page or a website that has been registered. Verify that the website is active and legitimate.

The type of images a breeder posts is another indicator of their professionalism and authenticity. They will be happy to share their puppies with the world if they already have an American bully puppy litter. Any breeder whose website features stock images should be avoided.

Accessible Contact Information

Only purchase Bully puppies for sale from breeders who have accessible contact information. On their website or social media accounts, the number ought to be listed. Their phone numbers should be accessible even with a fast Google search. If a phone number is given but nobody ever calls it, abandon this breeder.

Affiliated with American Bully Groups

Find a Bully breeder who is a member of one of the leading American bully associations, such as the UKC or the ABKC. To the convenience of prospective customers, the majority of these breeders will register the pedigree of their pitbull puppies with these organizations.

Not In a Hurry to Sell

You heard correctly. A good Bully breeder won’t rush to get rid of a puppy. A great Bully puppy built for families must be raised, and that involves time, money, and labor. So, before selling, a skilled breeder will speak with the prospective customer. The guarantee that their puppy will go to a loving family comes from a prior interview. If no inquiries are posed, that raises suspicion.

The Red Flags That New Owners Might Miss

  • No Phone Calls – The breeder would rather communicate via email than the phone. Fraudulent sellers may be obscuring their phone numbers if they solely communicate by email because they are frequently located outside of the United States.
  • Stock Photos – To determine whether the breeder copied and pasted text from another website, look for it in the listing.
  • Fishy Payment – If the seller requests wire transfers or gift cards as forms of payment. Be careful that the likelihood of receiving your money back if you use a non-secure way of payment is quite slim.
  • Breeder “Badges” – Breeders cannot receive badges from AKC.

Finally, just trust your gut. If you feel like the breeder is being sketchy, just find another one, so you don’t lose your money.

What to Look For When You Want a Quality Show Bully?

Decide Which Type Is Right For You

One of the best perks about the American Bully breed is that they come in various types. The major distinction for many is size, however, there are types that include crosses with other dog breeds.

You have several options to choose from if you’re searching for your perfect American Bully puppy. Aside from size, the breed standards of the American Bully do not differ greatly between types.

All types include references to heavy, muscular builds, with wide shoulders and a thick body. Their coats should be short and rigid, about a quarter inch in length. Except for merle/blotched, competition judges allow all colors for the American Bully.

When it comes to selecting the best American Bully for you, size will most likely be the most important deciding factor. American Bullies of any size can be displayed, although they will be classified into several groups during shows.

The American Bully comes in the following sizes:

  • Standard: Males – 17-20”/ Females – 16-19”
  • XL: Males – 20-23”/ Females – 19-22”
  • Pocket: Males – under 17” but no less than 14” / Females under 16” but no less than 13”
  • Micro/Exotic: Males under 14” / Females under 13”

It’s also important to remember that the American Bully is a very strong dog, so pick a size that you feel comfortable handling. The size will not necessarily affect your ability to compete, so make sure to select the one that is best for you.

Needless to say, you won’t be able to accurately predict the full-grown height of an American Bully puppy when you choose it. Choose your puppy carefully, since it may not always be the best idea to strive for the biggest – it may end up being too huge to show. Similarly, unless you’re looking for a Pocket or smaller, avoid the runt of the litter.

Their Bloodline

If you’re new to dog shows but are lured in by the prospect of presenting an American Bully, you should know one thing: trust the blood. This entails researching a dog’s pedigree, as winning dogs are more likely to produce winning offspring.

You should investigate the parents’ near pedigree at the very least. Check that they meet breed requirements and are clear of any diseases or inherited disorders. Responsible breeders will screen for these, so you should have a good idea of the likelihood of a puppy getting a problem.

Although both sides should be checked, some breeders believe it is more necessary to look at the mother’s side, Check the mother’s parents to discover what their pedigree is like if you have access to the information. If possible, go back a few generations because some diseases might skip a generation.

It’s unquestionable that you should always look at the mother and father before purchasing a puppy. If possible, pay many visits and observe the puppies’ interactions with their mother. The father may not be there, but meet him if the breeders still have him.

Most importantly, make sure the pups are behaving naturally and that the dogs do not appear to be farmed in any shape or form. A competent breeder will raise their dogs with care, which makes a huge difference in generating a show-grade dog.

Check for Flaws

Keep an eye out for faults when visiting the breeder and picking which puppy to adopt. While your puppy may appear to be healthy, it’s quite possible that faults may arise later if there were overlooked breeding issues.

Flaws don’t necessarily mean there’s a medical condition, but they are things that can cost you points – or entirely disqualify you – when it comes time to exhibit your American Bully. They are often physical “defects” that indicate the dog does not meet breed standards. Some defects, however, might also be related to temperament.

Some flaws to be on the lookout for are:

  • Unacceptable colors (blotched or merle pattern)
  • eyes that bulge or protrude
  • a curvy tail or a kinked tail
  • turning up of the jaw or an underbite
  • pale nose (pink nose)
  • wavy or curly coat (it should be straight)
  • difficulty walking or a limp

There are several more flaws to be on the lookout for in an American Bully, many of which will not be apparent until the dog is fully grown. Judges check for characteristics like a weak neck and bowed front legs, or splayed feet and a short tail during contests.

Many of them will exhibit signs in the puppy but will not fully manifest till later on when he’s fully grown.

As a result, while selecting a show-grade American Bully puppy, you must be extremely cautious. Given that you’ll be adopting at a minimum of 8 weeks, this provides you plenty of opportunities to observe the puppy walking and interacting with other dogs. It will not, however, have completely developed muscles, so simply make sure it appears healthy and active.

Not all flaws will result in competition disqualification, but major ones will. If you intend to display your American Bully, be confident in your puppy selection. Only select one that you are confident will grow into a healthy dog, and this begins with recognizing flaws.

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What makes an American Bully exotic is that they are smaller and exhibit more characteristics than the Bulldog, including wider chests, longer muzzles, bigger skulls, and more wrinkles. Despite people confusing them with other types of American Bullies, Exotic Bullies do not share the same appearance.

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