Why Are Pit Bulls So Stubborn? How to Deal With Stubborn Pitties

Some dog breeds are predisposed to be highly independent, which causes them to exhibit some stubborn traits. Pit Bulls are among those dog breeds that are considered to be stubborn; however, their behavior is mostly affected by their training and living conditions.

So, why are Pit Bulls so stubborn? Pit Bulls can be so stubborn when they’re not properly trained by their owners. This could be due to being in a distracting environment, using inconsistent training methods, or not providing the dog with enough motivation. They can also be stubborn when they are not getting enough exercise.

Keep reading to learn more about the reasons why your Pit Bull is acting stubborn and what you can do to correct its behavior.

Can Pit Bulls Be Stubborn?

two stubborn pitties to show why are Pit bulls so stubborn

There are various conflicting opinions about the temperament of Pit Bulls due to their history of being involved in violent dog fighting rings which earned them a reputation for being aggressive and stubborn.

While Pit Bulls can be stubborn, their temperament and consequent behavior will mainly depend on their training and living conditions. In fact, most dog trainers believe that there’s no such thing as an inherently stubborn dog; there are only ineffective training methods.

So, Pit Bulls that receive proper training will grow up to be obedient and will rarely act stubborn. Meanwhile, Pit Bulls that did not receive proper training will be more prone to acting stubbornly.

Stubbornness in dogs means that they will ignore your commands, and disciplining them will be much more difficult. They will also exhibit other undesirable behavioral traits such as aggression or hyperactivity.

5 Reasons Why Your Pit Bull Is Acting Stubborn

As mentioned before, there’s no such thing as an inherently stubborn dog. Pit Bulls usually have a reason for acting stubbornly, and once you determine that reason, you’ll be able to correct their behavior more effectively.

So, let’s take a closer look at the main reasons why your Pit Bull is acting stubborn.

It’s Distracted

Your dog might be acting stubborn because it’s too distracted by its surroundings.

If you’re used to training your dog in a distraction-free environment, then it will be more difficult for it to follow your commands when there’s any kind of distraction, such as loud noises or other animals moving around.

It’s Confused

Your dog might be acting stubborn because it’s confused or can’t understand the commands you’re giving it.

If you or other members in your household are using different commands or training methods, then the dog is likely to get confused about which commands it should follow or what kind of behavior you expect from it.

It’s Not Motivated Enough

Your dog might be acting stubborn because it’s not motivating enough to follow your commands.

If you’re training your dog using positive reinforcement, you need to make sure you’re providing the dog with a reward that will encourage it to follow a command or display certain desirable behaviors.

The kind of reward that will properly motivate your dog will differ according to your dog’s preference. Some dogs will be motivated when they’re given a treat they like, while other dogs will be motivated when they hear words of praise from their owner or when they get to play with their favorite toy.

It Has Too Much Energy

Your dog might be acting stubborn because it has too much energy.

If your Pitbull is not getting enough exercise, it will not be able to release its energy properly, which will cause it to become act out and disobey commands. You can learn how much exercise your Pitbull needs at every age here.

It’s Bored

Your dog might be acting stubborn because it’s feeling bored.

If your dog doesn’t get enough attention and stimulation, it will often act out and disobey commands in an effort to get you to pay more attention to it or to seek any kind of stimulation.

What Can You Do About Your Stubborn Pit Bull?

Now that you are aware of the reasons why your Pit Bull is acting stubborn, you need to know what you can do to correct its behavior effectively.

So, here are some tips you can follow in dealing with your stubborn Pit Bull properly:

Try to Control Your Dog’s Environment

It would be best if you took some precautions to control the dog’s environment during training sessions to eliminate distractions and help it stay more focused.

It’s recommended to choose an area that’s not too crowded to train the dog and turn off any sources of loud noise such as TVs or radios. It’s also recommended to put away any toys that the dog might be tempted to chew on or play with.

Teach Your Dog to Adapt to Any Environment

Some owners choose a different approach when dealing with distractions. They prefer to teach the dog to adapt to any kind of environment so it can learn to focus on following your commands regardless of any distractions around it.

This approach might take longer for the dog to master, but it’s not impossible with proper socialization and consistency.

Try to Remain Consistent with Your Dog’s Training Methods

You need to remain consistent with the training methods you’re using with your dog and ensure that all household members are using the same kind of commands to avoid causing any confusion.

Make Sure You’re Motivating Your Dog Properly

You need to figure out what kind of reward motivates your dog early on to ensure that its training will be effective.

You also need to make sure that this reward is only given to your dog during training so its value wouldn’t be reduced along with its effectiveness in motivating the dog.

It’s recommended to try different kinds of rewards throughout the dog’s training process to determine which one will get the dog excited and motivate it the most.

Exercise Your Dog Regularly

You need to exercise your dog regularly by taking on daily walks or doing any kind of physical activity with it so it can have a healthy outlet for its energy. This will help prevent it from becoming hyperactive and acting out.

Spend More Time with Your Dog and Keep it Stimulated

You need to spend more time with your dog to bond with it and give it all the attention it needs. You also need to keep the dog stimulated with games or puzzle toys, as this will help prevent it from feeling bored and acting out.

Related Questions

What Are the Most Stubborn Dog Breeds?

The most stubborn dog breeds include Afghan Hounds, American Foxhounds, Basset Hounds, Bulldogs, Bull Mastiffs, Chinese Shar-Peis, Pekingese, and Siberian Huskies. These breeds are predisposed to be independent and headstrong, which causes them to exhibit stubborn traits such as disobeying commands.

Are Pit Bulls Predisposed to Aggression?

Pit Bulls are not predisposed to aggression. Their behavior is mainly influenced by their training and living conditions. They would grow up well-behaved and pleasant as long as they are properly trained and will only turn aggressive if provoked. 

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