Why Are Pitbulls So Strong? (and How Strong They Actually Are) 

Pit bulls are known for their athletic bodies and their excellent physique. Their athleticism is what makes it so important for them to exercise at least an hour per day.

Their naturally short legs give them a good center of gravity, which is why they are so great at pulling and climbing. 

So, why are Pitbulls so strong? Pit bulls are so strong because they have a naturally muscular physique that was made even stronger with selective breeding over many years. Their tenacious nature also contributes to their great strength; they put their 110% into whatever they do

Read on if you want to know why Pit bulls are so strong, learn more about their body, and to learn how to train them to be stronger…

Why are Pitbulls so strong? 

strong pitbull with a chew toy to answer why are Pitbulls so strong

​​Size and weight aside, the pit bull is the clear winner in terms of athleticism and physique when compared with either other kinds of bulldog.

The breed regularly excels in Schutzhund, protection work, and agility competition. He is capable of pulling heavyweights

The pit bull’s short legs give him a low center of gravity, ideal for pulling and climbing. His broad chest and dense shoulder muscles give him great explosive power, enabling him to jump, run and pull with great strength.

Pit bulls are generally very sympathetic, gentle, and affectionate canines. For many decades, Pit bulls were bred to herd and hunt, which contributed to their strength. 

Pit bulls are known to excel at protection work, agility competitions, and pulling heavyweights. 

Their strength stems from mainly their naturally muscular build that was eventually made even stronger with selective breeding. 

Their short legs provide them with a great low center of gravity that is perfect for pulling and climbing. 

Their broad and muscular chests also give them great explosive power, which means they can run really fast and with great strength, jump with force, and pull with impressive force and strength.

Moreover, their tenacious and determined nature makes them reach their goal, no matter the consequences. 

They are highly determined dogs. 

This often means they are great in competitions. 

How strong are Pitbulls? 

So, by this point, you are surely wondering whether the conversations about pitbull strength are overrated or on-point. 

Let’s find out. 

What is the bite force of Pitbulls? 

Pit bulls have a bite force of 235 PSI. You probably don’t understand what that means. Neither did I. Let me tell you.

PSI is the measurement of pounds per square inch. Their bite is not that strong in comparison to other strong dogs’ bites. 

Let’s put it in comparison with other dogs, a rottweiler has a bite force of 305 pounds of pressure, a dogo Argentino of 500 PSI, an American Bull of 305 PSI, and a dogo Canario of 540 PSI. 

In other words, if a Pitbull bites a human being or another dog, it will definitely hurt, just not as much as other dogs’ bites. 

So, the Pitbull bite force is high but it is definitely not the strongest. By the way, the myths around the bite force and the jaws of Pitbulls is that why so many people think that Pitbulls can take on predators like Wolves and Coyotes, but can they? Find out in this post on can a Pitbull kill a wolf?

Do Pitbulls have locking jaws?

No, Pit bulls do not have a physical locking mechanism. Their skull is actually very similar to other dogs’ skulls and bone structures. However, their determination and refusal to let go may be confused with a locking jaw. 

A lot of people have assumed and spread misinformation about the physical characteristics of a Pit bull’s jaw. 

That is because a Pitbull will hold their bite for a very long time. They may refuse to let go, even if they are commanded to do so. 

This isn’t because of their bone structure or the mythical “locking jaw mechanism”, it is simply because of their determination and enthusiasm. 

Pit bulls are highly enthusiastic dogs; they love with passion, exercise with passion, socialize with passion, compete with passion, and even bite with passion. 

They are extremely goal-oriented so it is almost impossible for you to open their jaws.

That being said, when compared with Rottweilers, German Shepherds, and Dobermanns, their jaws are not as strong.  

How much can Pitbulls pull?

Here’s a piece of brand new information for me: there are weight pulling competitions for dogs, and Pit bulls make up the majority of the competing breeds. 

The “dog pull” is an international sport too!

Here’s the most interesting fact about this sport: it does not in any way harm dogs. Instead, it helps them release built-up energy. 

Dogs who have pent-up energy sometimes get zoomies or resort to being aggressive. It is honestly fascinating to me. 

Not only do Pit bulls compete in these competitions, but they also excel at it. 

It is said that an American Pitbull from Utah once pulled 2,850 pounds, which is a lot. 

The heaviest weight a dog has pulled is 5,045 pounds, according to the Guinness book of records. The dog was a Newfoundland. 

Can you make your Pitbull stronger? 

If you want to increase your pit bull’s strength, there are many ways to do so. But how? 

That is a very good question. Let me answer that question for you. 

One of the many ways is to increase your pooch’s muscle mass by tweaking their diet to a high-quality diet that contains low carb, high protein, and healthy fats.

Proteins should be especially focused on if you want your Pitbull to be muscular. 

It is essential in the bone development and muscle gaining phases. 

What is the other way you may ask, well you can always add in different types of exercises such as long walks, swimming, tug of war, or even a good game of hiding and go seek.

Don’t forget that just like us humans, emotional health and your dog’s needs play a huge factor.  

It also provides help for us and our furry friends. 

In other words, it helps us shape into the best versions of ourselves.  As they say: a healthy mind breeds (pun intended) a healthy body, and vice versa. 

Don’t underestimate or ignore your Pittie’s mental and emotional health. 

The more they feel encouraged and supported, the better they will perform and the faster they will reach your goals. 

It is also important to note that you should consider the muscle to fat ratio that you want to achieve; a too muscular dog is not what you should be aiming for. 

Instead, consult a professional about how much muscle mass and body fat mass your little (but strong) doggo requires. 

​​Pitbulls are susceptible to injuries and illnesses like hip dysplasia and heart disease. Both of these will limit exercise because your dog’s suggested limits, as prescribed by your veterinarian, will be lower.

So, don’t overwhelm your dog. It is always better to be considerate and moderate. 

Keep in mind, that when a dog is nervous, anxious, or sad, the body’s energy is diverted elsewhere. 

It usually implies they’ll be exhausted, unable to exercise, and will gain weight.

So, if you want to make your Pitbull stronger the successful recipe is a wholesome and nutritious diet and consistent exercise. 

Related Questions 

Are Pitbulls the strongest dogs? 

No, Pit bulls are not the strongest dogs. They are muscular and athletic dogs that enjoy a good round of exercise. Although they are not the strongest dogs, they’re still classified as one of the strongest dogs. They often compete in weight-pulling sports. 

Which dog has the strongest bite force? 

With a 552 PSI, the Mastiff’s bite ranks the strongest. Their bite is quite painful and can break bones. Right behind it comes the Rottweiler with a 328 PSI. Contrary to common belief, Pit bulls rank low on that list. They do not have the strongest bite and they are not the strongest dogs. Their jocks also do not lock. 

Are Pitbulls stronger than German Shepherds? 

If we are talking about bite force, then German Shepherds are stronger than Pit bulls. German shepherds have a PSI of 238, whereas Pit bulls have a PSI of 235. If we are talking about stamina and muscles, it is dependable on your dog. German shepherds are advantaged when it comes to size and weight. They could easily beat a Pitbull. However, a Pit bull’s endurance, determination, and enthusiasm are not to be disregarded. 

Are Pitbulls stronger than humans?

Yes, Pit bulls are stronger than humans. They are faster, steadier, and have more pull force than humans do. Their bite strength also gives them an advantage. No matter how hard a human bites, it can never be as hard as a Pit bull’s bite. In other words, I would not suggest a competition between a human being and a Pitbull. 

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