Why Do Pitbulls Drool? 9 Reasons and Solutions 

Having a dog comes with a lot of pleasant and unpleasant things.  One of the unpleasantries is drooling and as a dog owner, you have to deal with it. 

It is normal for all dogs, including Pit bulls. 

Luckily though, Pit bulls are considered moderate to low droolers. 

If you notice your Pitbull drooling more than usual, it might be a sign of an underlying health issue that you need to look out for. 

Why do Pitbulls drool? Drooling is normal for all dogs. It can occur when they are digesting, when they are excited, sleeping, or after they drink water. However, sometimes they drool excessively which can indicate health issues, so you need to know the signs you should look out for. 

Read on if you want to know why your Pitbull drools, how much they drool, how to know if they are drooling excessively and why, and I will also give you some tips on how to deal with their drool. 

Do Pitbulls Drool? 

pitbull drooling to show why do pitbulls drool

Yes, Pit bulls, like all other dogs, drool. Nevertheless, they are not heavy droolers. Compared to other dogs, they are light or moderate droolers. 

Due to their short muzzles, their saliva collects in their cheeks and drips down when they shake their heads. 

So, if you are planning on hosting a Pit bull at home, then you should anticipate that you will have a drooling dog at home, which isn’t always a delight. 

But they are worth it. 

How Much Do Pitbulls Drool?

Certain dog breeds drool more than others, and if you have a low drooling dog, then you are definitely lucky. 

Although Pit bulls are not known for being heavy droolers, they still do it. 

Pit bulls drool occasionally, often when they are hungry, waiting for food, or even going for a walk. Sometimes, they drool for no reason at all too. 

In short, Pit bulls drool minimally when compared to other dogs and they do it only occasionally and often in the presence of certain reasons. 

Let’s look at the reasons why Pit bulls drool.

Why Do Pitbulls Drool?

Dogs drool for many reasons, many of them are totally normal and necessary for your dog’s health and wellbeing. 

Let’s look at 4 totally normal reasons why your four-legged best friend drools:


Drooling is an important step in a pit bull’s digestive process, let me enlighten you.

First of all, your dog may automatically slobber some of their salivae as it helps in lubricating the mouth and throat to make it easier for the food to go down. 

Moreover, saliva is considered antibacterial to an extent; to help prevent your pitbull from getting sick from bacteria on their food. 

This also explains the reason why your dog’s mouth starts to water and they start to drool excessively and also why they start to slobber when seeing you eating something delicious. 

 In this case, they are waiting for you to give them a bite. 

Another interesting fact is that your dog’s saliva contains an enzyme called amylase, which helps the digestion process start. 

Furthermore, saliva protects enamel on the dogs teeth and protects against gum diseases as it cleans teeth with proteins and minerals.


Sometimes humans drool when they get excited too, it’s rare but it happens. 

It’s the most adorable thing, if your doggo gets excited, they will probably drool a little bit. 

The reason behind this is that excitement causes excess saliva. 

Watch your dog closely when they are in the park. For example, when they meet another dog, they will both probably start drooling. 

They start to get excited about meeting each other and about having a cute little playdate. 

After drinking water 

You probably have noticed that your Pittie has a certain routine; they go drink water and then come to you asking for some love and affection. 

Then, you give them some love and what you get in return is some disgusting drool. They shake their head in contentment, resulting in you being sprayed with a lot of water and drool. 

Not a walk in the park, if you ask me. 


Let’s be real, we have all been there. You wake up from a deep sleep and you find a stain of drool on your pillow. 

This happens to your four-legged best friend too.  Drooling while sleeping is common when your Pittie has had a comfortable and relaxed sleep. 

They may have opened their mouth while sleeping too, we’ve been there too. 

Don’t forget, Pit bulls love to sleep so it will be a recurring incidence. 

9 Reasons why your Pitbull may be drooling excessively 

If you notice your Pittie drooling more than usual, these are some o the reasons why:

Mixed Breeding 

Pit bulls on their own aren’t heavy droolers, so if you have a purebred Pitbull, you probably will not have much to worry about. 

That also means that if your Pitbull that if your Pit bull is mixed with another breed that drools excessively, they might drool more often. 

Boxers and American Bulldogs are two breeds that are frequently mated with Pit bulls. Because of their floppy lips, both of these breeds are known for profuse drooling. 

If your Pitbull has a little Boxer or Bulldog blood in him, he may drool a little more than a typical Pitbull.

Tooth and Mouth issues 

This is the most common out of the ordinary reason for excessive dog drooling. 

Anything that prevents your Pitbull from swallowing regularly can cause him to drool excessively because saliva builds up in his mouth until it drips out.

I am sure you know that tartar can easily build up in your dog’s mouth, causing them to drool more. 

You can check your pet’s mouth for tartar accumulation, dental decay, a fractured tooth, or oral illness by pulling his lips towards his ears and checking their mouth from the inside. 

This is exactly why you need to brush your Pit bull’s teeth regularly, at best once a day. 

Organ disease

Liver or kidney diseases can cause your Pitbull to drool. 

When Pit bulls grow older, they tend to be more subject to Liver and kidney diseases. 

So, if your Pitbull is old and you notice that they are drooling more than normal, you should check for these underlying health issues. 

At best, you should pay your vet a visit regularly to check if everything is okay with your Pittie.

Anxiety and motion sickness

There is a lot of stuff that can make your dog anxious; among which is a trip to the vet. 

So, unless you are lucky and your vet is only a short walk away, you might want to get your dog in a car. 

If they are smart enough to know that you are going to a vet and they get anxious plus get motion sickness from the car, they will most definitely drool. 

If they open their mouth, pant, and breathe heavily then they are definitely anxious. In such cases, try to stop the car and calm your dog down. 

Just let them know that you are there and that they are safe. 

Eating toxic animals 

Spiders, frogs, scorpions, and certain toads should definitely be off-limits to your Pit bull. 

Your Pitte should not eat or even lick them, as they are poisonous and can make them very sick. 

In these cases, they would also drool excessively. 

Eating toxic plants 

Similar to animals, your dog should probably steer clear of toxic plants. 

These plants can exist in your backyard or garden, and if your dog decides to eat them, they will get very sick and they will drool excessively.

Stomach aches 

Pit bulls are known for putting strange things in their mouths, they just like exploring. 

However, most of these things they put in their mouths can be toxic, like the plants and animals i have discussed with you earlier. 

They can also easily put foreign objects in their mouth like a sock or a tennis ball or anything that might be dirty. 

Of course, such things can cause them great discomfort, nausea, and drooling. 


Short-nosed breeds like Pit bulls do not tolerate the hot weather well and are more prone to heatstrokes. 

So, if it’s summer where you live and your dog has been sitting under the sun for a while with no access to water, they can catch a heatstroke. 

Make sure you provide your dog with some water and a shielded place. 

Upper Respiratory Infections 

Respiratory infections are infections that occur in the lungs and windpipe. 

Excessive drooling is often a sign of infection. This happens because your Pit bull isn’t swallowing, which is causing the saliva to buildup in their mouth. 

In this case, you should take your dog to the vet and start discussing how to treat them. 

How to know if your Pitbull is drooling too much 

As I told you, Pit bulls are not known for excessive drooling, unless they are mixed with breeds that drool a lot. 

So, if your Pit bull is purebred and usually did not drool much but starts to drool excessively, it is most definitely a sign of an underlying cause. 

I have mentioned above the reasons why your Pit bull might be drooling and for most fo them you need to get them some professional advice. 

How to stop your Pitbull from Drooling 

  1. Remove the visual temptation of food

If you do not intend on feeding your dog right now, then it is better to not give them the sigh of delicious food. 

They will immediately start drooling. 

It might also be best to cook your dog’s food in a separate room, where they can’t see it. 

  1. Ease their anxiety 

If you are going for a ride or to the vet, you might wan tto make sure they are comfortable first. 

If they are not calming down and still get anxious easily, you might want to consult your vet on medications to give your dog. 

  1. Make sure they are hydrated and cool 

Of course, this is self-explanatory. In hotter months, you need to make sure your dog is hydrated enough and you need to keep them away from the sun. 

Trust me, you definitely want to avoid heatstroke, followed by a lot of drooling. 

  1. Maintain oral health 

Their mouth and teeth are as important as yours. 

The best way to care for their teeth and avoid decay, tartar build-up or mouth infections is to brush their teeth daily. 

Also, you might want to go for annual checkups just to be on the safe side. 

How to cope better with your Dog’s drool 

So, drooling is inevitable, even when you try to minimize it. Might as well learn how to deal with it instead of controlling it completely. 

Luckily, drooling is not a recent issue that dog owners have to deal with, it has been there for quite some time. 

Thus, people have invented a few stuff like the drool rag, the drool towel, the drool bandana, and the steam mop. 

The rug, towel, and bandana are clothes made especially to absorb your dog’s drool. The bandana is also especially fashionable, so if you are interested, you might want to invest in one. 

The steam mop will remove drool stains around your house.

Related Questions 

Is it normal for Pitbulls to drool a lot? 

No, purebred Pit bulls are not known for drooling a lot, but they do drool. However, if they abruptly start to drool a lot, it might mean there is an underlying issue that needs to be addressed. Such issues can be organ diseases,  tooth decay, anxiety, and so much more. Mixed Pit bulls’ drooling behavior can be more frequent. 

Do American Bullies Drool?

The American Bully drools due to its large cheeks, which allow pockets of saliva to form. 

Drooling can occur after the Bully drank water when the Bully is aroused or stressed, or in response to a variety of triggers. 

Drooling can also indicate a health problem, such as a dental infection or an allergic reaction.

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