Why Do Pitbulls Get Zoomies? [And How to Calm Them Down]

Did your pitbull ever get a sudden burst of energy and just start running around the house like a cute little maniac? 

They probably do. We call this action “zoomies.” Don’t worry; it is completely normal, and your pitbull is not going crazy. 

Due to their playful and energetic nature, most pit bulls get the zoomies, and some get them regularly. They are not that big of a deal after a while. 

But why do pitbulls get zoomies? Pit bulls get zoomies when they have extra energy that hasn’t been burned off yet, when they want to relieve stress, after they poop, after a bath, and sometimes right before bedtime. 

To learn more about why your Pitbull gets the zoomies and, more importantly, what to do when they get them, keep reading… 

Do Pitbulls get the zoomies? 

pitbull excited in water to show why do pitbulls get zoomies

Yes, pit bulls get zoomies. The technical term for zoomies is “ferentic random active periods” (FRAPs). Zoomies are most common in pitbull puppies, as they are the most energetic. 

Adult pit bulls can get zoomies too. They are just less frequent and common. Some pit bulls completely outgrow them. It really depends on your dog. 

Zoomies are sudden bursts of energy that make your dog frantically run back and forth with so much playfulness and energy.

Zoomies can happen to all dogs. 

However, they are more likely to happen to energetic dogs like pit bulls. 

Luckily, zoomies are not something to worry about, as they are completely normal and do not last long. 

However, if you live with other people in the house or the zoomies annoy you (such as when they happen when you are in a zoom meeting or on a business call), don’t worry; we’ll discuss how you can stop them in a short while. 

Why do pit bulls get the zoomies? 

Zoomies can happen for a variety of reasons. Here are the most common triggers: 

  • Energy build-up

Zoomies can happen if your dog is feeling extra energetic. Don’t be surprised if these energy bursts occur even after your pit bull has had their fair share of exercise. 

If your dog feels extra energetic and wants to get this extra energy out, they will probably start running around the house. 

Sometimes they do it to get the nervous energy out as well. Zoomies are mostly not dangerous for your dog, especially if you live in a safe space. 

  • The presence of other dogs

When your dog sees another dog, they may get the zoomies. If your dog loves being in the presence of other dogs, this probably means they are excited. 

Generally, zoomies are a sign of excitement and happiness, so they should not be mistaken for aggressive behavior. 

Your dog may have recognized the other dog as a friend or playmate and become overly excited for playtime. It’s adorable if you ask me. 

  • Their favorite person comes home.

Your pitbull is probably very attached to you if you are their favorite person. If your Pittie has imprinted on you, you might find them following you everywhere you go. 

Pit bulls are very affectionate and caring dogs. They just want you to be present and love them, and it means the world to them.

So, if you were away (even if it’s just for 30 minutes) and you just came home, it is expected that your pit bull will get excited to see you. 

They may show their excitement by getting zoomies and running around in tight circles. 

Leaving them alone for too long can also cause them anxiety, and you can learn how to train your Pitbull to be left alone here. 

  • Peer pressure 

If you have other dogs or children at home, they will probably be running around the house, being the energetic beings they are. 

If your dog sees that they are energetic and active, they will feel peer pressured (in a positive way) to do the same. Thus, they will let out their energetic side. 

When do Pitbulls get the zoomies? 

Pitbulls can get the zoomies anytime, but there are some times when your Pitbull is a lot more likely to get the zoomies than other times. 

Here are the times your Pitbull is most likely to get the zoomies in: 

  • Morning zoomies

Have you ever woken up after a good night’s sleep and felt like the world was your oyster and that you could do anything? Great feeling. 

Luckily, dogs can get it too. After being well-rested, they wake up in the morning and just want to get on with the day. 

They are most likely to get zoomies if they sleep in a crate all night. When they get out, they will just want to run free. 

  • Bedtime zoomies

Even after getting their daily exercise, Pit Bulls can sometimes still have excess energy left. Before going to bed, they can get the zoomies to get rid of that excess energy. 

Getting rid of that energy will ensure they get a good night’s sleep, resulting in you getting enough restful sleep as well. 

If this is recurring behavior, then you are probably not giving your pitbull enough exercise per day. 

Generally, pit bulls need approximately 1 to 2 hours of exercise a day. 

Exercise is essential; it will help your dog stay healthy and happy.

  • Post-poop zoomies

They get excited after they poop. You have to admit, it is funny. 

Dogs get zoomies after they poop because they feel rewarded, because relieving themselves feels good, to mark their territory, and to remove dingleberries. 

If you have potty trained your dog and associated it with a treat, they will feel good about themselves when they poop. Additionally, after relieving themselves, they may feel more relaxed. Humans get it! 

  • Post-bath zoomies 

When bathing your dog, it requires them to sit still so that you can remove all the dirt. The whole bathing and drying process can be pretty lengthy for your energetic dog. 

So, when you are finally done grooming them, they will get excited about the fact that they can finally run free. 

Zoomies that occur after a bath can also mean they feel relieved, are releasing nervous energy, or are trying to get rid of the weird shampoo smell. 

In this case, you might want to switch to unscented dog shampoo, and chances are it will be even better for your dog’s skin. 

You can also learn how often to bathe your Pitbull here and how to do it quickly and efficiently.

  • Winter zoomies 

Taking your dog outside for 1–2 hours of exercise in the winter might get challenging, especially since Pitbulls do not handle the cold weather very well.  

However, your pitbull’s need to run around and be the energetic creature they are did not change.

Thus, they get zoomies to get their exercise in and release the energy they have. As mentioned previously, this provides them with better sleep quality, and they will be much more relaxed. 

Additionally, it will help them stay warm during the cold months. Win, win! 

How do you calm down a pitbull with the zoomies? 

When your pit bull gets the zoomies, they will be speedy. Their speed is actually impressive for the large dogs they are. They will move around with the speed and agility of a cat. 

It is okay to let your dog run around, as long as they are in a safe space. Ideally, your dog would get zoomies while they are outside in your backyard, playing and having fun.

Of course, this will not always be the case. 

If they get the zoomies when they are out, make sure they steer clear of open roads with a lot of traffic and avoid slippery places. 

If they get zoomies inside the house, there is a big possibility that they will slip, run into your valuable belongings, or ruin your furniture. 

On the one hand, Zoomies don’t last long (usually around 5 minutes), but they can be quite dangerous for your dog.

For this reason, it is better to know how to act in such situations. You can’t stop your dog from getting a zoomie, but you can lead them into a safer place. 

A common mistake that most dog-owners make is chasing after their dogs while they are getting a zoomie. This rarely works, as your dog will mistake it for playtime, which will excite them even more. 

Meeting your dog’s energy level with a different intention will backfire most of the time.

Instead of chasing after your dog, run the other way, and your pitbull will follow you.  

Another helpful tip is to throw a toy in the direction you want your pit bull to go. They will probably chase after it, especially if they are used to playing fetch. 

If your dog has been trained from a young age, it will be easier to make them calm down. 

If they are trained, they will listen to you when you tell them commands like “come” and “sit.” 

If your dog is still a puppy, start training them and show dominance so that you can control such situations in the future. 

As for when exactly Pitbulls stop getting the zoomies (or when they start becoming much less frequent), you can learn about this in my guide to when do Pitbulls calm down here.

Are Pitbull zoomies problematic?

It is unlikely to be problematic if your dog gets the zoomies in a safe space. 

Sometimes you just have to let the zoomies happen. 

Your interference will unlikely stop the zoomie, as discussed. 

If the frequency of zoomies is increasing, it might mean that your pitbull needs more exercise to burn off some of the energy they may have. 

Don’t think too much about zoomies; they often mean that your dog is happy and enjoying life. 

The only thing you should keep in mind is to be in control of the environment in which the zoomie runs its course. 

You just need to steer your dog away from any dangerous environment. 

Related Questions 

Do Zoomies mean dogs are happy?

Yes, zoomies mean that your dog is happy and lively. Zoomies are completely normal for all dogs. Adult dogs may get fewer zoomies, but they do experience them. Energetic breeds are also more prone to zoomies. As long as your dog is in a safe environment, zoomies are not something to worry about. 

What does it mean when a dog has the zoomies?

Zoomies mean that your dog either has excess energy that they need to burn off, are relieved, or have seen their favorite person. If your dog has the zoomies before bedtime, consider increasing their exercise time per day. 

How do you calm down a hyper pitbull? 

It is almost impossible to calm down a hyper or excited pit bull. However, you can direct them to a safe environment where they can be the adorable, energetic beings that they are. Do so by running in the opposite direction and allowing them to follow you, or by throwing a toy in the direction you want them to run in. 

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