Why Do Pitbulls Sit on You? 7 Reasons Explained Simply

Your pitbull may choose to sit on you of all the resting spots in the house leaving you wondering if he’s just having fun or is there something serious behind his behavior. Unlike cats that can sit whenever and wherever they want, your dog will sit on you every time he gets a chance.

So, why do Pitbulls sit on you?

Your pitbull will sit on you if he’s trying to take control, protect you, show dominance, or even cuddle with you. Despite their muscular looks, Pitbulls are very affectionate and need to be in your space at many times.

Here are 7 reasons why your pitbull may want to sit on you, warning signs of a dominance behavior, and when to discourage this behavior.

7 reasons your pitbull sits on your lap

pitbull sitting on woman to show why do pitbulls sit on you

If you’ve been away from home after a long day at work, It’s fine to sometimes let your puppy sit on you to cuddle. However, if you notice your Pitbull repeating this behavior, try to know the reason behind it.

Giving you a cuddle

After being away, your dog has probably missed you, wants to show you some love or to get some attention from you. It is time for a cuddle!

You can learn why do Pitbulls like to cuddle so much here.

Being silly 

Your pitbull knows how to get your attention. From rolling around on the floor to pulling your sleeve, this could be one of his moves to get you to play if he’s bored.

Showing dominance 

Dominance plays an important role in your puppy’s relationship with you. He may sit in your lap to show everyone that he is in control especially if there’re new people or dogs around you. 


Your pitbull knows you’re the one who provides him shelter, so you’re the first one he’ll come to when he’s scared. If you have a shy dog, he may get uncomfortable around new people and try to be around you.

Doesn’t want you to leave

Your dog is smart enough to know that when you stand up from your couch, you’re more likely to leave the place. So this is his way to make it hard for you.

 We never get enough from their moves right!.

Comforting you

Being around your dog at hard times makes them  x10 much easier. At times your pitbull will sit on your lap to bond with you. Talk advantage of your puppy and let him comfort you his way. 

Wants to have fun

Sometimes all what your pitbull wants is to have fun. This could come in many ways; sitting on your lap, making funny noises, or even brings you his favorite toy to play fetch. So, go have some fun with your dog.

Is it bad that my pitbull sits on my lap?

If your pitbull sits on your lap, that’s totally fine; dogs do that normally to be in control of their owner unless your dog started to show some signs of aggressiveness like groaning when anyone comes near you, that when you should seek professional help. 

If you’re not comfortable with your dog sitting on your lap because he’s heavy, or keeps you from moving around. We can tell you some tips to help you take control.

3 tips to make you Pitbull get off you

Pitbulls are big dogs, so you need to know how to make them get off you when you need them to, so here are three easy ways to make this happen:

Stand up 

Stand up as soon as he sits on your lap without touching him. Do that as many as you want until he understands you are not comfortable.

Pro Tip
Don’t pet them. If you touch your dog, he’ll think you’re petting, and that will give you the opposite result.

Use commands

Every dog needs some limits. Teach your dog when to sit on and get up from your lap; by teaching ‘’ Up’’, and “ lap” commands. With some rules, you’ll dog will understand that you are in control.

Seek help

If you think things got a bit out of hand and your puppy started to behave aggressively. Talk to your veterinarian, or seek professional help.

Does this territorial behavior happen only in Pitbulls ?

Pitbulls aren’t the only dog breed that does this. This territorial behavior runs in every dog’s DNA; this is just who they are.

If your dog got the chance to sit on the top of you, not just on your lap, he will. Some owners find it extremely annoying, others don’t seem to find it a problem. 

If you get annoyed or embarrassed by your dog’s behavior. You’re not the only one.

Dogs, in general, find their owners as the pack leader, and this is simply their way to mark their territory and tell everyone to back off, and that you’re unshareable. 

You may also be wondering about other behaviors your pitbull does and their meanings. Here’s a quick guide.

6 behaviors your pitbull does and their meanings

Here are 6 behaviors your pitbull will do often and their meaning:

YawningStressed, confused or tired
DiggingStressed, feeling alone, or bored
Rolling on “Any floor”Mixing his scent with that floor
Tail tucked between legs Frightened 
Stare at you while pooping Vulnerable 

You can also learn about the sounds your pitbull makes and their meanings here.

Related Questions 

Why does my pitbull sit on my lap? 

Pitbulls and many dog breeds are very affectionate. Sitting on your lap means your dog wants to cuddle, be given some attention, and sometimes means he’s showing dominance or being overprotective of you.

Why do Pitbulls sit on your feet? 

Your pitbull shows his devotion and respect of you by sitting on your feet. This is his way to tell you he’s part of the pack and you’re the leader, it also means that you’re his guardian and that he feels safe around you.

What does it mean when your Pitbull Jumps on your lap?

Sitting on owner’s lap is pretty much a common behavior in Pitbulls and other dog breeds. It means your pitbull is showing dominance especially if you’re around new dogs, or showing you some comfort, cuddling after a long day.

Do Pitbull like rules? 

You might think your dog hates you for all the rules you put. But No, dogs prefer to know what’s right and what’s wrong, so you don’t keep yelling at them all the time. It’s good for both of you to set some rules.

Learning how to discipline them when they break these rules is crucial, of course, and you can learn how to discipline a pitbull correctly here.


There must be some behaviors you don’t understand from your dog, but this is his only way to communicate and show you how much he thinks you’re the leader of the pack, his shelter, and his guardian. If your dog does that at times; it is fine. However, if you think he’s overdoing any behavior, then check for the reason.

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