Why Does Your American Bully Fart So Much? 8 Reasons and Solutions

All dog owners get annoyed by the excessive farting that comes from their dogs. Especially when it comes from dogs with sensitive stomachs, such as the American Bully. Can this problem be solved? That is what we are going to discuss in this article.

So, why does your American Bully fart so much? Your American bully farts so much because of their sensitive stomachs and digestive system. They can’t digest food properly, which leads to creating a lot of gas that turns into farts. One of the reasons also is the way they eat. They eat very fast, which allows air to enter their intestine. 

Continue reading to learn more about why your American Bully farts so much and how to stop this from happening. 

Do American Bullies Fart?

a photo of an American bully to show why does your American bully fart so much

American Bullies do fart a lot. They create a lot of gas due to various reasons, including their digestive system problems, eating habits, and the kind of food they eat.

They tend to eat fast, and eating fast causes a lot of air to enter their intestines along with the food, which leads to a lot of gas that needs to be released through farting.

Most Pit Bull breeds, including American Bullies, naturally have digestive problems because of their sensitive stomachs. So, if their diet is not healthy enough and their eating habits are not ideal, their farting problem will increase.

I have another guide on why Pit Bulls fart so much that you can check out.

Why Does Your American Bully Fart So Much?

As mentioned before, American Bullies create gas and fart due to various reasons. So, let’s break down those reasons in more detail.

1. Sensitive Stomach

If you are asking about the main reason behind your American Bully’s excessive farting, then it is because of its sensitive stomach.

They cannot digest certain foods properly, which leads to various digestive problems.

2. Fast Eating Habits

All dogs tend to eat fast, but American Bullies are very fast eaters. They eat very large quantities in a very short time, which is not healthy for them, especially with their sensitive stomachs.

They tend to take a lot of air inside their intestines while they are eating, and when the air enters their stomachs, it turns into a gas and causes fart problems. That is why you need to train your American Bully to start eating slowly.

3. The Kind of Food

The kind of food your American Bully eats affects its digestion significantly. You need to watch out for any kind of food that causes your dog to have digestive problems, as it could lead to more farting.

Some of the foods that you should prevent your dog from eating include: 

  • Spicy food
  • Cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts 
  • Soybeans
  • Peas
  • Cauliflower
  • Milk products
  • Beans

The less you make your dog eats this food, the more you will notice a change in its gas problems. Check out this article about the foods that your American Bully can eat(and the ones to avoid).

4. Sudden Diet Changes

You can’t change your American Bully’s diet suddenly. Otherwise, It can be a huge reason behind your dog’s farting. This sudden transition creates high levels of gas, more than the normal level, which affects their sensitive stomachs.

Whenever you want to change the type of food you are giving to your dog, you have to start this transition gradually and slowly. Every time you give your bully their new meal, you can add a small amount of the new food item you need to introduce to the dog. It can take up to 2 weeks to introduce a new diet to your dog.

If you are wondering why you should make the transition gradually, here is the reason: since American bullies’ digestive system is very sensitive, adding less of the new food at every meal will help their digestive system adapt better without causing excessive gas.

5. Food Allergies 

The excessive farts of your American bully can be due to a certain food allergy that it eats.

Observe your dog’s farting; if it is accompanied by other symptoms like hives and itches in its paws or skin, then you should consult your vet and check with him about the type of food that you must keep away from your dog and which one you should go for instead.

6. Eating Table Scraps and Garbage

We all have been in the next situation: sitting down to a meal and eating with our families, then you look beside you and finding an angelic face staring at you while you are eating. This look makes your heart melts, so you tend to give your dog some of the food you are eating.

The problem here is that our food isn’t suitable for dogs as most of it has high amounts of fats and other nutrients that are hard for the dog to digest properly. So, it will be the reason for your American bully’s farting.

Make sure that you are keeping the garbage away from your dog and that nothing is on the ground that can be eaten by it. Just to avoid it eating any food that is hard for its stomach to handle and its digestive system to digest.

Also, keep your dog away from any other animal’s poop. Some dogs like eating the poops of any other animal, which is totally not fine and can cause many serious health issues that are way harder than farting. 

7. Not Getting Enough Exercise

Not getting enough exercise will make the dog’s digestive system and food steady without movement, making it harder to complete the digestion process, and causing more farts.

Make sure that your American Bully is getting enough exercise to make digestion easier and allow the food to move without staying in their gut for too long.

8. Health Issues

Sometimes the high amount of farts that your American bully makes, can be due to some health issues such as parasites, neoplasia, inflammation in the intestines, or other gastrointestinal conditions.

These health issues will cause your dog to display some symptoms other than farting, such as:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Lack of energy
  • Lack of appetite
  • Sudden weight loss

At this point, you must visit your vet and check your American bully’s health to cure it quickly and help you know how to deal with it correctly.

6 Tips to Prevent Your American Bully from Farting So Much

Here are some tips you can follow which will help get your American Bully’s farting under control:

  1. Feed your Bully high-quality dog food containing natural ingredients and a wide range of nutrients.
  2. Mix some Probiotics in your Bully’s food to help with their sensitive stomachs and digestive problems.
  3. Use a slow feeder to help your Bully eat more slowly and reduce the air entering its stomach.
  4. Decrease the quantity of food that your Bully eats during the day and make its meals smaller.
  5. Consult your vet about the food that your Bully should stick to, and the food that it should stay away from, especially if it has food allergies.
  6. Monitor your dog when it is outside, and ensure that it doesn’t eat any garbage or anything on the street.

I have a complete guide to the best foods for American Bullies here that will be very helpful to you, so make sure to check it out.

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Why Is My Dog Gassy All of a Sudden?

Your dog is gassy all of a sudden due to the diet it is eating, especially if there is a new diet. The type of food controls how your dog farts. So, make sure you are feeding your dog quality food, and introduce the new diet gradually to make the digestive system adapt.

What to Do If My Dog Has Bad Gas?

If your dog has bad gas, probiotic powders will help reduce its problems. Also, you must visit the vet to get a specific prescription in this case, like simethicone or an antacid.

Why Does My Puppy Fart and Stink After Eating?

Your puppy farts so much and stinks because after eating a meal, the intestine breaks down the food into nutrients that the dog’s body needs. This digestion process causes stinky hydrogen sulfide gas to release, which gets out in a form of farts.

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