Why Does Your American Bully Snort? 10 Reasons and Solutions

You can’t be an American Bully owner without getting confused or frustrated about the snorting sound that it makes. You may wonder if it is a normal or an indication of a serious health problem.

So, why does your American Bully snort? American Bullies snort because they have a very sensitive respiratory system. Since they are a brachycephalic breed, they are prone to some breathing problems. Snorting isn’t usually an indicator of a serious health problem in dogs; however, it’s recommended to take your dog to the vet if its snorting gets too excessive.

Keep reading to learn more about the reasons why American Bullies snort and the remedies that can help reduce this problem.

Is It Normal for American Bullies to Snort?

Many American Bully owners have the same problem: dealing with excessive snorting from their dogs.

Snorting noises may sound scary and uncomfortable to you, especially if you are a new owner. However, after getting used to your American Bully, it would be such a normal sound, and it will no longer bother you as it did in the first time.

If you are worried about your Bully’s snorting and wondering if it is normal, let me assure you that it is totally normal for brachycephalic dog breeds such as American Bullies. They tend to snort a lot because of the shape of their skull. Also, they have a sensitive respiratory system that makes them prone to some breathing problems.

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Why Does Your American Bully Snort?

a photo of an American bully to show why your American bully does snort

There are many reasons that cause your American Bully to snort more excessively than usual. It’s important to determine the reason behind your dog’s snorting to make sure that it’s not an indicator of a more dangerous health problem.

So, let’s break down the reasons why American Bullies snort in more detail:


“Brachycephalic pets have a higher risk of respiratory illness, given that they have smaller openings to their nasal passages, narrower trachea that can collapse, and long, soft palates,”

Dr. Kathryn Boyle, DVM, Banfield Pet Hospital

The structure of American bullies plays an essential role in their snorting sound. Their flat face, short snout, and elongated palate lead to heavy breathing and snorting.

Physical Obstruction 

Dogs love chewing anything they find, especially if they are not well-trained. Guess what? That may be a reason for snorting.

When American Bullies find a toy or anything that fits in their mouth, they tend to chew on it. This may lead to the toy or whatever the dog is chewing on breaking, causing little pieces of it to enter the dog’s airways and get stuck.

If something is obstructing the dog’s airways, it will start snorting in an attempt to breathe around the obstruction. If this happens to your dog, then you must visit the vet immediately to deal with the situation properly. Otherwise, your dog may end up choking.

Sleeping Position

The sleeping position is one of the main reasons for snorting your American Bully. If your dog sleeps on its back or in a small place that makes it hard to stretch its body and sleep comfortably, it will make it snort and snore more.


When it comes to the environment, the climate could be the reason for snoring too! The dry air, for example, could make your American bully snores a lot. The less dry the air is, the more comfortable your dog’s airways are. That means less snorting! 


Before letting your American bully take any medications, you should ask the vet about their side effects. That is because one of the painkillers’ side effects is excessive snorting. Muscle relaxants, too, could cause the muscles in the airway to be over-relaxed and partially block the airways.


If your American Bully suffers from allergies to grass, dust, or others, it can cause breathing issues which lead to snorting.

If this is the case with your dog, then the vet would suggest some medications for allergies that will work well with it. Also, you can use air filters in your home to purify the air and make the air more refreshing for your dog.

Weight Problems

One of the top reasons for snorting is your dog being overweight.

Overweight dogs suffer more difficulty breathing than those with a healthy weight, especially the American bully breed. This breed’s breathing is already affected due to the structure of their skull, so the additional fat cause the dog’s airway to be blocked, which results in excessive snorting.

Catching a Cold

Just like humans, dogs can catch a cold and suffer from runny noses, sneezing, pains, and aches. These symptoms affect the dog’s breathing, leading to snorting and heavy breathing. So, if your dog catches a cold and you notice it snorting more than usual, this is why.

Fungal Disease

American Bullies are prone to fungal diseases, such as Aspergillosis, if their immune system is weak.

Aspergillosis is an infection or a growth of fungus in your dog’s airway. It originally comes from the dead leaves or any type of vegetation that your dog may sniff. It always leads to lung infections and allergic reactions that cause snorting. 

Dental Issues

Don’t be surprised. It can be as simple as that. If your dog has bad teeth, or even just a single bad one, it creates abscesses, which can block the airway of your dog and result in heavy and excessive snorting and breathing.

8 Solutions and remedies for Your American Bully’s Snorting 

Unfortunately, since the American Bully breed is brachycephalic, there is nothing to do to completely prevent it from snorting. It is not a disease or something that comes from a certain disease; it is a part of their life.

However, there are some solutions and remedies that may help with reducing the problem. So, let’s take a closer look at them:

  1. Try to make your American bully sleeps in a comfortable and wide bed, so it can sleep relaxed and stops snorting while sleeping
  2. Before giving any medicine to your dog, ask about the side effects of it, as one of them may be the excessive snorting
  3. Ask your vet if there is any possible surgery that may reduce the snorting of your dog
  4. Check the teeth of your dog regularly
  5. While walking, use a harness instead of collars to reduce the pressure put on your dog’s neck 
  6. Make your dog stay at a controlled temperature as much as possible it. And make sure that there is an air conditioner on hot days
  7. Always monitor your American bully’s weight to prevent it from being overweight, and always take it for exercise.
  8. It is not always possible, but try to be aware of what your dog sniffs

Related Questions 

Why Does My Dog Snort When It Sees Me?

Your dog snorts when it sees you, mainly to communicate with you. It can indicate needing attention, wanting to play, feeling upset, or feeling hungry. You can recognize through its body language that it is trying to tell you something. 

Is It Normal for American Bullies to Breathe Hard?

It is normal for American Bullies to breathe hard since they are brachycephalic. They are prone to have some problems with their respiratory system, which makes them breathe hard. Also, they may be breathing hard due to exhaustion after a hard exercise or when subjected to hot weather.

Why Is My Bully Breathing Heavily?

Your Bully is breathing heavily because of their skull structure. They are a brachycephalic breed with a very sensitive respiratory system that makes them breathe hard. Also, they tend to breathe hard after any physical effort.

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