Why Does Your Pit Bull Follow You Everywhere? 9 Reasons & Solutions

Most people have one shadow, but some dog owners have two. You ask how? well, my answer is that they probably have a Pit Bull. 

Why does your Pit Bull follow you everywhere? Your Pit Bull may follow you around for many reasons. Some of these reasons may be due to genetics or instincts, and some are just a response to how you treat them. It could be bothersome for some people; however, it’s mostly harmless behavior. If you want to stop it from following you around, you first need to determine the reason.

If you want to understand more about your dog’s behavior and how to take better care of it, keep reading!

Why Does Your Pit Bull Follow You Everywhere?

a photo of a pit bull with its owner to show why does your pit bull follow you everywhere

Pit Bulls are a very loving and goofy breed. They will give you all the love you deserve if you treat them right. They may even start following you everywhere like a four-legged shadow! Some people love it and some don’t, but you must be wondering why they do it.

Well, there are many reasons why your dog follows you around, so let’s break them down in more detail.

It’s a Natural Behavior

If you raise a pup, it’s only natural that it gets attached to you and forms a special bond with you. They watch, learn and follow what you’re doing to be a better companion. 

If you’re a Twilight fan, you surely heard the word “imprint” and probably know what it means. However, unlike werewolves, dogs don’t particularly choose their mates with it; it basically means how your dog learns and who it learns from.

It’s a Breed-related Trait

This is one of the things related to your dog’s breed traits. Some dogs are more likely than others to follow their owners. Some dogs feel the need to be loyal, watchful, and close to their owners, and some appreciate their independence and alone time. 

You just have to know what you’re getting into to know what to expect. Pit Bulls, though, are most likely going to follow you around. You can learn more about why Pit Bulls are so clingy here.

Positive Reinforcement

You must have seen this coming when you’re just a loving pet owner who loves to spoil their dogs all day with cuddles and treats. You probably spoil your dog more when they follow you around by giving it pieces of whatever you’re having or you pat its belly.

Your dog might have figured out that they get good things if they follow you around. This will encourage them to follow you if you reward them with praise and treats whenever they do it.


Dogs with separation anxiety will find it difficult not to follow you everywhere you go. Especially if you have unintentionally made their want to be around you even stronger. 

By that, I mean taking days off work to stay with your new puppy, teach it, and give it time to get used to its new home. It seems like a beneficial thing to do; however, it conditions your dog to expect your presence at all times.

Consequently, it will be more challenging for you to leave your Pit Bull at home alone without additional problems, such as the following:

Make sure to constantly be loving and affectionate to your Pit Bull and teach them from an early age that life goes on without you.

Being Dedicated to Being Protective

We can all agree that Pit bulls are renowned for protecting their owners and make great guard dogs. Similar to wolves, it’s also common for dogs to sense the urge to belong to the “pack”.

They feel obligated to guard, serve, and stay in the pack, ready to prove their value.

They have to follow you everywhere to accomplish this.

They’re Bored

When we are bored, we have our hobbies to entertain us, and we can go out with friends and have some fun. However, when dogs are bored, maybe all they have to do is follow you around.

If you don’t think your dog is getting enough mental and physical exercise, consider finding additional methods to spice up their routines.

You can take it on longer or more frequent walks or provide it with chew toys. You can find my picks for the best, most durable chew toys for Pit Bulls that your dog will love here.

My quick recommendation is Aipper Dog Puppy Toys on Amazon, as they give your dog a gum massage and relieve their stress.

They’re Trying to Communicate with You

Follow your dog and observe where they lead you if they are barking, whimpering, or pacing back and forth. It’s probable that they want more food, more drink, or to go potty outside.

It may indicate that your dog is feeling unwell and needs more affection and assurance if they start following you more intently than normal.

They’re Waiting for You

Dogs are excellent at picking up on people’s daily habits. Your dog usually senses when it’s almost time for a walk or a meal and may follow you around the house to nudge you along.

Dogs are also quite adept at interpreting our body language and spotting cues on our next course of action. They’ll follow you around if you’re going to do something they find interesting in the hopes that you’ll do it soon.

They Just Love You

Sometimes the most obvious solution is right there in front of you, and you don’t need to go any further for an explanation.

Maybe they just love you and love being around you all the time. This is to be expected if your Pit Bull was properly socialized from a young age. You can learn more about how Pit Bulls show affection here.

How to Stop Your Pit Bull from Following You Around?

Maybe you love it when your Pitty follows you around, and maybe you find it a bit bothersome. However, even if it’s not particularly bad behavior, you shouldn’t encourage it.

Your dog may develop a severe case of separation anxiety if you let them get attached to your hip, and that would really make both your lives very hard.

So, even if you feel comforted by the fact that your buddy is always with you, here are some tips to help you stop it from following you around.

Keep Your Pit Bull Busy

If they don’t have much to do, attempt to divert their attention by offering them a toy or puzzle that contains food.

My recommendation for a puzzle toy (and my dog’s favorite) is the Nina Ottosson toy from Outward Hound because as your dog searches and smells out the yummy rewards, it will remain focused and mentally challenged thanks to the puzzle’s additional hurdles and steps.

Try using a toy rotation method if your dog has a lot of toys. To keep them engaging and fresh, you may store some and give them to your pupper later.

Give Them Attention

Encourage them often and let them know they’re following your instructions when they stop following you, sit down, or begin doing something else.

The command “Stay”

Try to coax your dog to stay as you gradually widen the space between you. Start with one step away and work your way up to being in a different room. Encourage them a lot and take your time.

Baby Gates

Baby gates may facilitate your dog’s adjustment to being alone while allowing them to look through the gates. If they appear nervous, try distracting them, or begin by standing close to the gate and gradually move farther away until you are out of their line of sight.

Desensitize Your Pitbull to You Going Out Of Sight

When you stand up, if your dog gets up as well, keep standing and sitting down until they settle down. Try standing up and leaving the room after that.

 If your four-legged buddy begins to follow you, circle the room until it stops and loses interest. Then attempt to leave the room. If it continues to follow you, keep entering and exiting the room until it stops. Instead of making this exercise a game, just ignore them until they become bored.

Daily Exercises

Consider the amount of exercise your dog receives and the amount you believe they require. Incorporate additional or longer walks for your dog. They can feel more enriched by playing a game or tossing a ball.

Your Own Behavior

If you give your dog more positive attention when it follows you, you’re unintentionally encouraging it.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should totally ignore it to the point of neglect. You have to reach a middle ground that works for you and your dog.


Your dog and you have a close relationship, so give them plenty of positive attention. However, it’s also crucial to help them gain confidence and learn how to function without you.

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