Why Is My Pit Bull’s Head So Small? Growth Stages Timeline Explained

Do you have a Pit Bull that you expected to get a broad chest and a big head as they usually get, but found out that it didn’t exactly fill up as it should? No need to worry about your little boy’s health as it’s absolutely normal!

Why is my Pit Bull’s head so small? Your Pit Bull’s head is so small because the dog hasn’t reached full physical maturity yet so its head didn’t grow to its full potential size. The dog’s head might also be small because it has been mixed with a small-headed breed. The Pit Bull’s head size is usually determined by its genetics and age.

Keep reading to learn more about your Pit Bull’s head is so small and the stages of growth that Pit Bulls go through.

Why is My Pit Bull’s Head So Small?

a photo of a pit bull with a small head to show why my pit bulll's head is so small

Whenever you hear the word Pit Bull, your head will automatically supply you with the image of a dog with a muscular physique and a big head. You might get a Pit Bull puppy but feel like its head is really small compared to the size you expected.

Well, your dog’s genetics affect its size in general. Your dog could be mixed with a dog breed that has a smaller head size. The dog’s age could also be the reason as different dogs grow at different rates, and your dog might not have reached full physical maturity yet.

For instance, Pit Bulls of medium size take around a year to reach their full size, and It could take larger Pit Bulls up to 18 months to reach their peak growth potential.

What Are the Stages of a Pit Bull’s Growth?

Understanding the growth and development phases of a Pit Bull can give you the knowledge you need to properly care for your dog and avoid confusion about its “proper” size.

This table shows the average weight and height of male and female Pit Bulls as they grow up:

AgeMale WeightFemale Weight
1 month old3 – 5 lbs2 – 4 lbs
2 months old5 – 15 lbs5 – 15 lbs
3 months old10 – 20 lbs10 – 20 lbs
4 months old15 – 25 lbs10 – 20 lbs
5 months old15 – 30 lbs15 – 25 lbs
6 months old20 – 35 lbs15 – 30 lbs
7 months old20 – 40 lbs15 – 35 lbs
8 months old25 – 45 lbs20 – 35 lbs
9 months old25 – 50 lbs20 – 40 lbs
10 months old25 – 50 lbs25 – 40 lbs
11 months old30 – 55 lbs25 – 45 lbs
12 months old30 – 55 lbs25 – 45 lbs
2 years old35 – 60 lbs30 – 50 lbs

Your Pit Bull will go through 7 main developmental stages, so let’s take a closer look at each stage to help you better understand what to actually expect in your dog.

Stage 1: [1 to 3 Weeks]

In this stage, your puppy is born with closed eyes and ears for the first few weeks. They are also born without teeth. The majority of the puppy’s time will be spent napping and eating at this stage.

Then, in the second week, its eyes will open, and around the third week, its ears will open. At this point, its teeth will also start peeking through its gums. The puppy will also start to bark and engage with those around him around three weeks.

Stage 2: [3 to 7 Weeks]

In this stage, the pup’s mom will it how to behave and you should teach it how to socialize with other dogs and humans, as teaching your dog how to behave in this period is crucial. Treat your dog gently and guide them to be the best pupper out there.

The puppy should be able to run a short distance, bark appropriately, wag his tail, and consume puppy food by the time he is 7 weeks old. You should give it the proper vaccination in the 6th or 7th week.

Try keeping your dog safe and sound as much as you can in this stage because traumatic events in this period could cause long-term physical or mental damage.

Stage 3: [7 to 12 Weeks]

For a dog to be well-behaved and emotionally mature, it should stay with its mother until it is 7 to 10 weeks old.

A pup at this period of development benefits greatly from lots of playtime with other dogs and people, so keep socializing a lot, but don’t exhaust it or subject it to many stressful situations at this age.

Stage 4: [12 to 16 Weeks]

Your pup will probably be a delinquent in this stage and may start to challenge you and question your authority. You may start training it to be obedient so that it learns how to be a good boy.

Give the dog suitable chew toys or bones to use during the teething period. Your dog’s adult teeth will be coming out, so keep anything you don’t want to be chewed out of its way.

My quick recommendation is Aipper Dog Puppy Toys on Amazon, as they give your dog a gum massage and relieve their stress.

You can check out other recommendations for the best chew toys for Pit Bulls here.

Stage 5: [16 to 40 Weeks]

Stay consistent with behavior training. Give it a treat for being a good boy, but scold it if it did something bad. If you want to avoid any specific behavior and health problems that come with a dog’s sexual maturity, this stage is the appropriate stage for neutering or spaying your pup.

Stage 6: [40 Weeks to 1 Year]

In this stage, your dog most likely will reach mature size, but don’t be fooled, it will keep acting like a puppy. Regular exercising should be provided during this period, so that your dog gets rid of excess energy, and avoid developing destructive behavior.

Stage 7: [Over 1 Year]

The rate of your pup’s growth will decrease as you start transitioning his puppy diet to adult dog food; its nutritional requirements will also change. It will also be fully developed sexually and physically.

Can You Make Your Pit Bull’s Head Grow Bigger?

Many Pit Bull owners want their Pit Bull to have the big-headed look, so how can you exactly ensure that? You could do these things to help them reach their full potential.


As vitamins are important to us humans, they are also crucial for our dog’s proper growth, especially its head! Even though genetics have a huge part in a Pit Bull’s physique, giving it the right vitamins while growing will guarantee that its head will grow as big as it possibly can.

These vitamins include:

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin B complex.

Again, you can find multi-vitamins on Amazon and there are plenty of over-the-counter options that are just fine for almost any dog.

The Multivitamins I give to my own dogs are these supplements from Zesty Paws; they seem to be working great; my dogs absolutely love how they taste and chew (I sometimes even use them as treats), and they provide muscular, hip, and joint support, and I’ve never heard of dogs having side effects from taking them, so they are completely safe.

Adequate Exercise

Exercising is necessary for puppies and adult dogs. Figuring out the right amount of exercise to make your dog mentally and emotionally grown is essential for Pitbulls as it also strengthens their bones.

A Balanced Diet

For the same reasons vitamins are essential, a good nutritional diet is a great step to make your dog have a bigger head and achieve its full potential. You can talk to your vet to determine what is the best type of food for your pet.

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Do Male Pit Bulls Have Bigger Heads than Female Pit Bulls?

Male Pit Bulls do have bigger heads than female Pit Bulls. Male dogs in general tend to be bigger than female dogs, but the difference in size is usually not very noticeable in Pit Bull. Females Pit Bull’s heads are a little smaller with eyes that are more widely spread apart and skin around their lips that are tighter.

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