Are Bull Terriers Good with Kids? Vets & Owners Explain The Truth

Having a young kid in the household changes the meaning of the relationship between humans and their pet dogs, which has always been a special one. Many times, a pet dog will become more protective and caring of the infant or young child than the other family members.

Let’s say you’re thinking about getting a Bull Terrier, but you have young kids at home. In that case, you probably want to know if the Bull Terrier is the best dog for your household and if it gets along with kids so let us answer your main question here.

Are Bull Terriers Good with Kids? Bull Terriers are good with kids if they are socialized and trained from a young age. They will grow up to be loyal and affectionate without becoming aggressive. They’re also highly energetic and enjoy playing and doing various activities.

Continue reading to discover more about why Bull Terriers are the ideal dogs for kids and how to train your Bull Terrier to be great with kids.

Are Bull Terriers Good with Kids?

a photo of a bull terrier being playful and energetic to show that bull terriers are good with kids

Bull Terriers are one of the main Pit Bull breeds. They have an unfair reputation due to some owners who have trained them to be violent. But, in reality, these dogs will grow to be friendly and affectionate if they are trained and socialized properly.

Just because a family has kids does not mean that they cannot own a Bull Terrier. Just like other Pit Bull breeds, Bull Terriers can be very good with kids, and they are often kept as nanny dogs. You can learn more about how Pit Bulls are good with kids here.

Here are the main reasons why Bull Terriers are good with kids:


If a Bull Terrier is raised in a safe environment and receives gentle and loving training to become a lovable family pet, it will be endearingly loving and kind. 

They understand that children must be handled with extreme caution. These dogs are not only responsible, but they also fiercely guard their owners, ready and willing to scale any mountain that might harm them.

They engage in a lot of child play, which is rather wholesome to observe. They even allow the kids to create a whole freakshow out of their mental stability by allowing them to act however they please.

Keep in mind that Bull Terriers can be aggressive toward kids they don’t know, particularly if there is a lot of yelling or fighting going on. They may believe it is their responsibility to defend “their” kids from their peers. 


It’s reasonable for you to be concerned about how well Bull Terriers get along with your kids. Given the Bull Terrier’s intimidating physique and massive muscle, it makes sense.

When Bull Terriers are fully grown, they can weigh between 50 and 85 pounds, so it will be dangerous for kids to be around them if they get aggressive.

However, Bull Terries will never become aggressive unless they were provoked or trained to be aggressive by their owners. You always need to supervise the interaction between the dog and the kids to make sure there are no problems.

Energy level 

Bull Terriers are energetic dogs that might play rough, so they shouldn’t be kept in a household with toddlers. However, they make excellent buddies with endless energy for older kids who know how to engage with dogs.

Make sure to always monitor their playtime. Never leave a dog alone with the kids, and educate the kids on how to approach and touch dogs. Even though Bull Terriers are extremely tolerant of their own kids, they dislike being teased or provoked.

A Quick Guide to Training Your Bull Terrier to be Good with Kids

In order to help your Bull Terrier develop into a wonderful companion and be good with your kids, you first need to train the dog properly.

So, here’s a quick guide on how you can train your Bull Terrier to be good with kids:

Step 1: Socialization

Socialization is an important part of every dog’s life. The Bull Terrier’s temperament will differ greatly depending on how it is raised and socialized.

It is how a Bull Terrier gets to know about the world, develops social skills, learns how to interact with people of all ages, such as kids and adults, and develops knowledge of how to handle situations involving other animals and group activities.

When you first get home after adopting your Bull Terrier, you should start socializing with him right away, undoubtedly under supervision.

Begin immediately to acclimate and acquaint your Bull Terrier with the surroundings. Your Bull Terrier will eventually be more adept at interacting with young children if you can help them become accustomed to being around loud children from an early age.

It all comes down to adapting to the process and repeating it. The more time your Bull Terrier spends around your kids, the better, provided it’s under close monitoring.

Step 2: Training and Discipline

The training and discipline you give your Bull Terrier are just as crucial as socialization, particularly during the puppy years.

At this point, your Bull Terrier must understand that you are in control and that certain rules should apply in the home.

In general, training and discipline will help your Bull Terrier become more obedient and behave properly around kids. It is essential to start the training and discipline process as early as possible and to remain consistent with it.

Keep in mind that you should still discipline your Bull Terrier using positive reinforcement by working on replacing the bad behaviors with desirable ones. Punishing the dog physically or otherwise will not work, and will almost always backfire and make them more stubborn and harder to train.

In order to prevent this from happening, you need to know how to correct your dog’s behavior the right way. You can learn how to correctly discipline your dog here, and I do highly recommend you read it as the advice there can significantly change your relationship with your dog, so it’s worth a few minutes of your day, to say the least.

Other Tips to Introduce Your Bull Terrier to Kids and Help Them Get Along

  • It is best to introduce the dog to children as soon as possible after adoption. All breeds, including Bull Terriers, should be socialized so that they are comfortable around kids.
  • If you’ve just adopted a Bull Terrier, make sure to introduce it to your kids gradually by letting them sniff out some of their belongings first.
  • You will need to monitor all interactions between the kids and the Bull Terrier. Teach the kids to be gentle and calm around the dog, as well as how to play nicely with him.
  • It’s crucial to always respect the boundaries your dog sets for himself. If you sense that your dog doesn’t feel comfortable, allow it to walk away to a different room to prevent its discomfort from escalating to aggression.
  • It’s a good idea to praise your Bull Terrier when it displays affection around your kids to encourage it to continue displaying similar behavior in the future.

Related Questions

Are Bull Terriers Violent? 

Bull Terriers are not violent dogs by nature. Without proper socialization and training, they might become possessive and attention-seeking, which may escalate into violent behavior. They will also become violent if they are provoked or threatened by others as a way to defend themselves.

Are Bull Terriers Good Family Dogs? 

Bull terriers are good family dogs. When around family members, they are kind, loving, and playful. They are also very loyal and protective. However, they might not be as friendly around strangers, so it’s important to socialize and train them properly to prevent aggressive behavior.

Are Bull Terriers Likely to Bite Their owners? 

Bull Terriers are not likely to bite their owners as long as they are properly trained and socialized. In fact, they’re no more likely to bite anyone than any other breed. Their behavior mainly depends on their training, and they will only be aggressive if they are provoked by others.

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