How Do You Know If Your Pitbull Loves You? 9 Signs Your Pittie Adores You

The love between a human and their dog is one of the most special things in the world. There are many different breeds of dogs, but there’s something about Pitbulls that makes them extra special. They’re loyal, caring, and they will always give you unconditional love. If you’re wondering how to know if your Pitbull loves you, then read on for some signs!

So, how do you know if your Pitbull loves you? Pitbulls can show their love for you in many ways but the most common ones are leaning on you kissing or licking you, laying on their back and showing their belly, wagging their tail whenever they see you, and finally jumping on you.

However, there is still more to that answer and there many more signs that mean that your Pitbull loves, so keep reading to learn more.

How Do You Know If Your Pitbull Loves You?

pitbull looking with love to owner to show how do you know if your pitbull loves you

Pitbulls are known to be great family dogs! They love supporting their owners and will stick by you, even through thick or thin. It is important that you show your Pitbull plenty of affection too. You can tell if a Pit Bull loves you by reading these signs they give off:

  • They lean on you
  • They wag their tail
  • They hold eye contact
  • They show you their belly
  • They give you their toys
  • They guard you while you eat
  • They get excited when they hear your name
  • They seek physical contact
  • They carry your shoe around

They Lean On You

When a Pitbull leans on you, it is their way of saying that they trust and love you.

If your dog leans against you while sitting on the floor or sofa, it shows that he feels safe, secure, and totally comfortable.

Dogs will sometimes lean against their owners when scared or nervous, but this simply implies that it views you as their guardian.

Dogs will often lean on their pack leaders as a sign of submission, but when a Pitbull leans on you, they are giving you the ultimate show of love!

They Wag Their Tail

Tail wagging can be considered a sign of happiness, but it is also the canine way of saying hello.

If your Pitbull’s tail is constantly wagging when they see you, this is another great indicator that they love and trust you!

They Hold Eye Contact

When your Pitbull takes the time to make eye contact with you, they are telling you that they love and trust you.

If a dog looks at their pack leader’s eyes, it is because he or she feels secure; this is why dogs will look up at people’s faces when they want something (like food) from them.

When your dog looks at you, his brain produces oxytocin. Oxytocin is among the “love hormones” that are released by the brains of new moms.

It’s all about maintaining natural eye contact while playing or snuggling. If you force eye contact with your dog, it’ll most likely become uncomfortable and look away.

They Show You Their Belly

A dog baring their belly to you is a sign that they trust and love you!

When dogs show their stomachs, it’s how they get into a comfortable position for mating or when another animal goes in for the kill.

When your Pitbull shows you its belly, this means he trusts you enough not to attack him.

He knows that you will protect him and he trusts your judgment.

They Give You Their Toys

Pitbulls are known for being very loyal to their owners and families.

If your Pitbull gives you one of their favorite toys, it is a sign that they love and trust you immensely!

They Guard you While you Eat

When a Pitbull guards you while you eat, it is their way of telling you that they love and care for you.

Dogs see eating as a very important activity – one that should be done in the presence of their pack leader.

If your Pitbull is always at your side when you’re eating, it’s because they feel safe and secure with you!

They Get Excited When They Hear

When your Pitbull hears his or her name, they will get excited.

This is because the dog thinks that it’s time for some action – whether it be a walk outside, playtime, etc.

If your canine friend gets excited when they hear their name called, it is because they love you! 

They Seek Physical Contact

Dogs love to be physically close to their pack leaders and owners.

If your Pitbull is always trying to get close to you, it means they want to feel as close to you as possible! Pitbulls can be quite cuddly and affectionate when they love their owners.

Dogs genuinely enjoy physical contact, and they frequently seek it out from their favorite people.

We’re not suggesting that you hug your dog tightly. Rather, pets’ embrace, leans, and perhaps even mild hugs are powerful signals that indicate you and your dog have a strong connection.

They Carry Your Shoe Around

When a Pitbull finds your lost shoe and carries it with them, this is how they are showing you that they love you.

Dogs have been known to carry around objects from their owners as a way of protecting them – including shoes!

Pitbulls who are attached to their owners also enjoy the scents of their owners, and they may go through your shoe collection or laundry basket for stinky socks, T-shirts, or even undergarments.

Chewing on shoes and filthy apparel isn’t always the greatest idea—particularly if your dog enjoys chewing—but you may keep your dog from chewing things that are not appropriate by providing him with plenty of interesting toys or marrow-filled dog bones.

Related Questions

How Do You Show Your Pitbull You Love Them?

You can show your Pitbull that you love them by giving them a lot of attention, playing with them, taking them for walks, and feeding them quality food. You can also shower your Pitbull with affection by petting them, hugging them, and kissing them on the forehead.

How Do I Know If My Pitbull Is Happy?

One way to tell if your Pitbull is happy is by looking at their facial expressions. Happy Pitbulls will have relaxed ears and a wagging tail. They may also seem more energetic and playful than usual. Another way to tell if your dog is happy is by listening to their body language.

Do Pitbulls Choose A Favorite Person?

Yes, Pitbulls do choose a favorite person and it’s usually the person they interacted with the most when they were puppies, they tend to spend more time with their favorite person and if the whole family is in one room they are going t sit next to the person they are attached to the most.

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