What Is A Black Nose Pit Bull? The 3 Nose Colors of Pit Bulls Explained

In addition to standard-colored Pit Bulls, there are also red and blue-nosed variations. You may have come across these “Pit Bull variants” before and wondered what people meant when they referred to their Pit Bulls in this manner. 

For instance, Blue Nose Pit Bulls are thought to be superior to other types of Pit Bulls. Meanwhile, Black nose Pit Bulls” have some stigma against them.

Regardless of what nose color your Pit Bull might have, this does not turn it into a different breed.

A Black Nose Pit Bull is any kind of Pit Bull that has a black nose as opposed to a red or blue nose. The color of the dog’s nose also indicates the color of its coat. Having a certain nose color doesn’t make the dog a separate breed, nor is it a unique characteristic within the breed. 

Continue reading to learn more about the nose colors that Pit Bulls have and the differences between them.

What Nose Colors Do Pit Bulls have?

a photo of a black nose pit bull to show what it is

Pit Bulls come in many different color variations, which are often referred to by the color of their noses. This is neither a distinct breed nor a unique characteristic within the breed.

The Pit Bull nose colors include black, red, and blue. However, the most popular are red and blue noses. You can simply take a look at your dog’s nose to see what color it is. 

What Is a Black Nose Pit Bull?

A black nose Pit Bull is basically any kind of Pit Bull that has a black nose instead of a red or blue nose. Pit Bulls with black noses can come in various coat colors, including black, fawn, sable, white, buckskin, seal, brindle, or tricolor.

Keep in mind that the color of the dog’s nose and coat depends mainly on its bloodline and the genes it’s carrying. 

There are certain genes that are responsible for producing the pigments in the dog’s body, and different combinations of those pigments will produce different shades in the dog’s nose and coat. You can learn more about the basics of coat color genetics in dogs here.

How Dangerous Are Black Nose Pit Bulls? 

Black Nose Pit Bulls are no more nor less dangerous than any Pit Bull of any color. The color of the Pit Bull has no influence on a dog’s behavior because the behavior of any dog depends mainly on its training and living conditions.

Can Pit Bulls Have White Noses? 

Pit Bulls cannot have white noses; They can only have black, blue, or red noses. The color of the dog’s coat, eyes, and paw pads will vary depending on the nose color, and it all depends on the dog’s bloodline and the genes responsible for producing pigments in its body.

What Are the Rarest Colors in Pit Bulls?

The rarest colors in Pit Bulls are merle or white. The gene responsible for these colors must be carried by both of the dog’s parents, so breeders have to resort to inbreeding. Unfortunately. this makes the dogs more prone to develop certain health problems.

What Is the Difference Between Blue Nose and Red Nose Pit Bulls?

While the majority of dogs are developed for performance, some physical traits, like the coat or nose color, could also be given more attention while breeding.

Blue Nose and Red Nose Pit Bulls are among the most popular color variations for Pit Bulls; that’s why many breeders strive to breed them in large numbers to meet the high demand for them.

Both variations have different characteristics when it comes to color, health conditions, and cost. So, let’s break down these differences in more detail. 

Red Nose Pitbull

Red nose Pit Bulls come from one of the most well-known Pit Bull bloodlines, which is the Old Family Red Nose. While the lineage was developed for prey drive rather than color or looks, the red hue was carried down as well.


Red Nose Pit Bulls, as the name suggests, have a reddish-pink nose. In addition to its red nose, this kind of Pit Bull has a matching coat, which can be beige, brown, or even red. They’ll also most probably have amber or golden eyes. 

They are the second rarest color variation of Pit Bulls, just after White and Merle Pit Bulls.

Health Conditions

Red Nose Pitbull puppies tend to be healthy. They suffer from many of the same illnesses that almost all dog breeds do. 


The cost of a Red Nose Pit Bull Terrier is at least $1,000 because it comes from a famous bloodline. While this may appear to be costly, you must obtain your Pit Bull from a reliable breeder to guarantee the quality of its bloodline.

As with any dog, there are a lot of other costs you need to know about before bringing the dog home to make sure you are financially ready to raise the dog. I have a guide on the costs of getting and living with a Pit Bull here, and I made it as comprehensive as possible (covering literally everything you are going to pay for).

Blue Nose Pit Bull

Blue Nose Pit Bulls do not have the same well-known origin as Red Nose Pit Bulls. It is unknown where the blue hue came from or if it was made on purpose. 

According to various research, the blue hue is a result of a dilution of the black color gene. In order for breeders to achieve the blue nose in Pit Bulls, they need to use a narrow gene pool through inbreeding.


In accordance with its name, the Blue Nose Pit Bull has a blue nose and deep blue-ish grey coats. That doesn’t imply it’s really blue; it’s actually gray or, more precisely, faded black.

Health Conditions

Blue Nose Pit Bulls usually come from inbreeding, so they have more health issues than other Pit Bull types. They are, for instance, far more susceptible to skin problems and hypothyroidism than the Red Nose variant.


A Blue Nose American Pit Bull Terrier costs less than red nose Pit Bulls because they do not come from a famous bloodline, and they’re not that much in demand. 

Can Red Nose Pit Bulls Have Blue Noses? 

Red Nose Pit Bulls cannot have blue noses. That is because the gene that causes the Pit Bull to have a blue nose needs to be carried by both of the dog’s parents, and red nose Pit Bulls do not typically carry that gene.

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