Why Are Pit Bulls So Needy? How to Deal with Velcro Dogs

Some Pit Bulls can’t tolerate being separated from their owners, even for a short time. They will follow their owners around everywhere and always demand their attention.

Most people consider Pit Bulls to be needy, and they often call them Velcro dogs. However, there’s usually a reason for needy behavior in Pit Bulls, and it’s important to figure out that reason if you want to put a stop to it.

So, why are Pit Bulls so needy? Pit Bulls are needy because they tend to form strong bonds with their owners, and they constantly want attention and affection from them. Other reasons Pit Bulls act needy are anxiety, fear, health problems, and lack of stimulation.

Keep reading to understand more about the reasons why Pit Bulls are needy and the best way to deal with a needy Pit Bull.

Are Pit Bulls Considered Velcro Dogs?

Pit Bulls are considered to be velcro dogs, which is a term used to describe dogs who are extremely clingy and always want to be with their owners.

While clinginess can be a sign of the dog’s affection and might appear adorable initially, it can quickly become an issue as it will make it difficult for dog owners to go about their daily lives without the dog causing some trouble.

The signs of velcro dogs are similar to those of separation anxiety, so it is critical to be able to distinguish between separation anxiety and velcro Pitbulls.

Separation Anxiety VS Velcro Dogs

Because the symptoms are similar, you might find it difficult to determine whether you have a velcro dog or a dog with separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety usually happens when your Pit Bulls are apart from their owner. It will drive your Pitbulls to display certain behaviors such as excessive barking and whining, chewing on objects, having accidents despite being potty-trained, and attempting to escape.

Velcro Pit Bulls, on the other end, constantly want to be near their owners even when they’re at home. They will follow their owners around everywhere and refuse to sleep anywhere except next to their owners.

It’s possible for Velcro Pit Bulls to develop separation anxiety if they’re left alone for extended periods of time. If you notice that your dog displays abnormal behaviors when you leave it alone, it’s important to take immediate action to prevent the issue from escalating.

Why Are Pit Bulls So Needy?

a photo of a pit bull clinging to its owner to show why pit bulls are so needy

In order to stop your Pit Bull from being so needy, you need to understand the reasons for its behavior.

So, here are the most common reasons why your Pit Bull is so needy:

Anxiety And Fear

Fear and anxiety are both powerful emotions that might lead your Pit Bull to get overly attached to you. 

You might notice that your Pit Bull is acting more needy than usual as a way to cope with anxiety and fear.

There are certain situations that might cause the dog to feel anxious or scared, and you need to know these situations and keep your dog away from them as much as possible.

For instance, dogs are likely to feel anxious and afraid when there are too many strangers around or when there is a loud noise from fireworks or thunderstorms.


Pit Bulls generally have more needs when they grow older. 

 If your Pit Bull is having difficulty getting around and can’t care for itself, it will become more dependent and needy. This is especially common with older dogs with visual or hearing impairments.

At this point, you should consult with your veterinarian to determine what you can do to ease the transition to adulthood, making it as pleasant and stress-free for your dog as possible.

Health Problems

If your Pit Bull has a health problem, you may find that it will become very needy as a way to seek comfort.

That is because all health problems will cause the dog to feel some discomfort or even pain.

As a result, you should never disregard your dog’s needy because it may be an indication of an underlying health problem that needs to be treated by a veterinarian.

Inadequate Mental Stimulation

Pit Bulls can quickly become bored or lose interest if they do not receive enough mental stimulation.  

As a result, they will become needy as a way to get you to provide them with the stimulation they need by playing with them and giving them more attention.

Being A Companion Breed

Several dog breeds have been bred to be more dependent so that they would work alongside their humans. They mainly follow their owner’s lead and read their body language for guidance.

Pit Bulls are considered one of the neediest dog breeds due to being bred for companionship.

They will continuously want your undivided care, so they will not suit somebody with a busy schedule who cannot offer the time and effort these dogs need.

How to Deal With a Needy Pit Bull?

There are techniques to train your clinging dog to be more independent if they don’t have separation anxiety. So, here are some methods to deal with a needy Pit Bull:

Exercise the Dog Regularly

A decent session of physical exercise can wear your dog out to the point where they are less interested in following you everywhere. 

Ensure that the activity is suitable for your dog’s age and consult your veterinarian about the best workouts for your dog.

Keep in mind that Pitties are quite athletic and need more exercise than the average dog, and you can learn how much exercise Pitbulls need (at every age) here.

Provide the Dog with Enough Mental Stimulation

Providing the dog with enough mental stimulation will prevent it from being bored and acting needy.

You can keep the dog stimulated by offering it some toys to play with, or you can do some activities together, such as practicing new commands or playing a game.

My Pitbulls absolutely love this board puzzle toy here from Amazon that comes in different designs and intensity levels. It will allow the dog to interact with different knobs and sliders as well as multiple open flaps to find hidden treats.

Give the Dog Its Own Space

Giving you Pit Bull its own space at home will help you understand that it shouldn’t follow your around everywhere at home.

You can command the dog to go to its designated space whenever it tarts are acting needy, and eventually, the dog will seek out its space on its own.

You can learn how to design your Pitbull’s space so it’s perfect for them in this guide to how much space Pitbulls need.

Make Your Dog Less Aware of your activities.

Your dog has most likely learned to connect particular actions, such as walking to the kitchen or snatching your keys, with you leaving them. 

To make these motions normal, practice them without engaging in the usual activity that accompanies them.

Keep the Dog Away from Situations that Cause Anxiety

Some situations might be too stressful for your Pit Bull, which will cause it to be needy as a way of seeking comfort.

So, you need to know which situations could cause your dog to feel anxious and keep the dog away from these situations as much as possible.

Some situations are unavoidable, though. For example, fireworks and thunderstorms are pretty difficult to avoid. However, you can still do your best to calm down your dog in such situations.

You can learn how to calm down your Pitbull in this guide.

Related Questions 

Do Pit Bulls Need A Lot of Attention? 

Pitbulls do need a lot of attention, especially from their owners. If they don’t get the attention they need, they will become depressed and display various destructive behaviors. They’re also prone to develop separation anxiety if they are left alone for extended periods of time.

Which Dog Breeds Are Considered Velcro Dogs?

The dog breeds that are considered velcro dogs include Labrador retrievers, French Bulldogs, Papillons, Golden retrievers, Chihuahuas, Shetland sheepdogs, Pugs, and Australian shepherds. These dog breeds are very clingy and always want to be close to their owners.

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