Will a Pitbull Attack an Intruder? [& Training To Attack on Command]

Most dog lovers adopt and raise Pitbulls as houses pets, not as watchdogs or guard dogs. However, Pitbulls are known to be extremely loyal which means their instincts will often drive them to protect their family members against threats from intruders by any means.

So, will a pitbull attack an intruder? A pit bull will attack an intruder to protect its owner or if it was provoked. Pitbulls are very territorial and protective so they will become aggressive and might attack if they sense a threat coming toward their territory. Some owners also train their Pitbulls to attack command to protect them.

Keep reading to learn more about the aggressive nature of Pitbulls and how you can train them to protect you from intruders.

Are Pitbulls Naturally Aggressive?

pitbull on watch to show why will a pitbull attack an intruder

Pitbulls have an unjust reputation for being aggressive because they were originally bred and trained to fight with pulls and other animals. They are also reported to have caused more fatalities from biting than any other dog breed.

However, this doesn’t mean that these dogs are naturally aggressive. It mainly depends on their upbringing and living conditions.

to make a long story short, Pitbulls, just like all other dogs, when provided with proper socialization and training early on in their lives, will grow to be loyal, affectionate, and friendly towards those around them with very little chance of them becoming aggressive unless they were provoked.

To properly socialization your pitbull, you need to introduce it to different scents and sounds. You also need to allow it to interact with other animals and humans in a safe environment so they will learn not to perceive them as a threat.

Will Pitbulls Protect Their Owners from Intruders?

Pitbulls are known to be loyal to their owners so their instincts will always drive them to protect them against threats such as intruders. They are also very territorial and will develop some aggressive tendencies if they sense any intruders entering their territory or home.

All Pitbulls are different when it comes to how they react to threats and how they protect their owners from intruders. Most dogs will start barking and growling loudly to alert their owners of the threat and also to scare off the intruder. They are unlikely to aggressively attack the intruder unless they were trained to do so on command.

If your pitbull is known to show aggressive tendencies in the presence of strangers or has been trained to attack on command, make sure to place a clear sign that says “beware of dog” on your property. This will warn off any innocent passersby and deter intruders.

Here is a story that went viral of a brave pit bull that fought off 3 armed intruders in KC home and got stabbed as a result, but never backed off (yes, the dog survived)

How to Train Your Pitbull to Protect You from Intruders?

You can train your pitbull to protect you from intruders by teaching it how to attack on command.

This can take some time and patience, but if the dog was properly trained, it will not act in an aggressive way unless it was commanded to by its owner. If the dog was not properly trained, however, it might attack without warning and pose a serious danger to humans and other animals.

Here are the steps you need to follow to properly train your pitbull to attack on command:

  • Make your dog can follow basic obedience commands such as “stay,” “sit” and “down.” before you start training it to respond to defensive commands.
  • Choose the trigger word to establish as a command that you want your dog to respond to. Most owners will go with a simple “Attack.” as it’s easier for the dog to pick up.
  • During the training session, make sure to wear a protective glove that covers your hand, as well as your entire arm to prevent any serious injuries.
  • To start the training session, command your dog to sit down, then start tapping its face with your gloved arm. Keep doing this until your dog becomes irritated and attack the glove in anger.
  • Once your dog attacks the glove, say the command “attack” loudly. Make sure to keep your voice and firm when saying the command and to look your dog directly in the eye to get the command to stick.
  • Keep repeating the previous steps until your dog has a good understanding of what the word attack means and make sure to reward it with treats whenever it successfully responds to the command
  • The next phase of training involves creating a mock scenario to get the dog to attack various objects. You can place a human-sized doll at a distance to act as the intruder, then point towards it while saying “attack”.
  • You can also get someone whose face is not familiar to the dog to pretend to be an intruder to make the scenario more realistic. However, make sure that the fake intruder is wearing protective clothing to avoid serious injury.
  • Keep repeating the previous steps while getting the fake intruder to stand at different locations until you are convinced that your dog has mastered the command.

Related Questions

Are Pitbull Bites Strong?

Pitbull bites are very strong. The force of their bites can measure up to 235 PSI which is considered to be the strongest of any domestic dog. Their teeth are not very sharp, but they have extremely strong jaws that allow them to easily bite and hold on to prey that’s moving at a great speed. 

Can A Pitbull Turn on its Owner?

A pitbull can turn on its owner if it was not properly trained or is really provoked. Pitbulls will remain loyal and obedient with proper training and constant affection. However, if they were abused by their owners or threatened, they will start to become aggressive and attack in self-defense.

Can Pitbulls Kill Other Dogs?

Pitbulls can kill other dogs. They have muscular bodies as well as strong jaws and powerful bites which makes them capable of causing serious injury to smaller dog breeds and even killing them. However, Pitbulls will not attack or injure other dogs unless they were provoked or threatened.

Pitbulls are also strong enough to fight coyotes and some people believe that pitbulls can fight even grey wolves, which you can learn more about in my article on pitbull vs wolves here.

Can You Train Your Pitbull to Bark on Command?

You can train your pitbull to bark on command. You first need to establish a command word like “speak” and repeat it whenever you notice that your dog is barking so it can associate the act with the command word. Make sure to reward your dog whenever it barks on command by giving it a treat.

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