Are American Bullies Good With Cats? A Guide to Bullies with Cats

A lot of people are wondering if American Bullies are good with cats. The answer is not a simple yes or no but requires some thought and research to determine the answer. Are you looking for an American Bully? Are you planning on getting one soon? If so, make sure that they will be compatible with your cat before you get them!

So, Are American Bullies Good With Cats? American Bullies are fine with cats as long as they are well-socialized and trained. The American Bully is one of the least hostile big breeds, so you don’t have to worry about your cat; all you have to do now is introduce them correctly and keep an eye on their encounters for the first few months.

Keep reading to learn more about everything you need to know about your American Bully with cats.

What Do I Need To Consider When Deciding Whether My Bully Will Like My Cat?

American bully playing with cat to show how are American bullies good with cats

There are a few things that you need to consider when deciding whether your American Bully will like your cat or not such as:

It’s important that your dog is well socialized and trained because, otherwise, the introduction process might not go as planned.

If your bulldog isn’t properly socialized or trained, it may be best to wait until he has finished with his training before introducing him to your cat.

If you are planning on adopting an American Bully, it’s important that the breed is listed under “good” for both dogs and cats in order to increase its chance of getting along with your fur baby.

There are a few simple things that you can do in order to help this process along, such as:

  • Take your American Bully to obedience school with you and help them learn the ropes together.
  • Set up some play dates with other pets that live in your neighborhood so they can get used to each others’ scents before meeting face-to-face.

This will help calm their nerves when you introduce them for real.

Remember, it is important that you also give your American Bully some time to relax and decompress after they have been around other pets as well.

Make sure he doesn’t become overstimulated before heading home.

It’s a good idea for you and your dog to spend quality time together without any distractions or interruptions so they can decompress and recharge for the next day.

Setting up some “alone time” with your bully will help them relax, unwind, and re-energize before you head back home together.

How To Introduce American Bullies To Cats?

Introducing an American Bully to your cat is easy; all you need to do is follow these 13 simple steps:

  1. The first thing that you should always do when introducing dogs and cats for the first time is make sure they are safe.
  2. Make sure there isn’t anything in their immediate area (such as food or toys) that will cause them to feel threatened.
  3. Put your bully on a leash to prevent any accidents from happening and make sure that your cat has someplace safe to retreat, such as an elevated place or hiding spot, if they need it.
  4. Put the cat and the dog in separate rooms, set the cat’s room with food, the litter box, clean water, toys, and prepare a place for them to sleep.
  5. Setting a room up for just your cat before the introduction helps your cat to stay calm and confident.
  6. Once you have done this, it’s time to introduce your bully and cat.
  7. You should always start by having them separated from one another but in sight of each other so that they can see what the other animal is up to.
  8. After a few days, they may be ready for the final step, which is letting them smell each other through a fence or door. This way, they can get used to one another’s scents before seeing each other in person.
  9. By taking this slow and easy approach towards introducing your cat and American Bully together, you should be able to get them used to each other without any problems.
  10. If there are some accidents or awkward encounters at first, don’t worry; just give it time and try again later.
  11. It’s also important that you always supervise their meetings so that you can help break up any fights before they happen.
  12. It’s important that you make sure they are safe when introducing them because accidents can happen with any breed, no matter how friendly or well-behaved they may seem.
  13. Make sure to keep the cat and dog separated at first but in sight of each other so that they can get used to one another before meeting face-to-face for real.

If the introduction doesn’t go as planned, don’t worry; you can always try again later.

If you need help with the introduction process, don’t be afraid to reach out for more advice or ask questions from your vet.

With time and patience, you should have no problem introducing your American Bully and cat together properly!

This is the best way to introduce your cat and American Bully together.

I also have another guide to introducing American bullies to other dogs here, so make sure to check it out as well.

Is It Better To Get The American Bully First Or The Cat?

It may be a good idea to get your American Bully first and then add a cat later on down the road.

This way, they can adjust to their new home together instead of trying to share it with another animal.

Introducing your bully and cat at the same time will make them both feel more comfortable around each other from the beginning.

If you do choose to get your bully first, make sure that the cat is nowhere in sight when introducing them for the first time because this can cause some problems and accidents between them.

It’s also important to supervise their interactions at all times so that if they have any bad encounters with one another, it won’t be too much for either of them to handle and they can get over it without any lasting damage.

This will help prevent the introduction process from turning into a fight between your cat and American Bully, which you don’t want because fights could turn very dangerous.

Make sure that they are separated at first but in sight of each other so that they can get used to each other before actually meeting face-to-face.

This will help prevent any accidents from happening while introducing them together.

It’s important that you keep your American Bully on a leash during the introduction process because there could be some unexpected problems, even if both pets are very well-behaved and friendly with other animals.

With enough patience, time, safety precautions, and supervision on your part; introducing your American Bully and cat together should go off without a hitch!

Make sure to separate them before letting them meet face-to-face in order for both pets to adjust properly without any problems or fights breaking out between the two of them.

How Long Does It Take For Your Dog To Get Used To A Cat?

It may take your American Bully a little while to adjust and get used to their new housemate, which is totally fine.

It could take a few days, weeks, or even months for them to adjust to their new home and the other pet living there with them.

However, most dogs take two to three weeks to get used to a cat or any new pet in the house.

Just be patient and give it time because eventually, they will both get used to one another without any problems whatsoever.

However long it takes for your American Bully to feel comfortable around their new cat, you should never force them together.

What American Bully Gender is Better With Cats?

Most dogs will get along with a cat regardless of their gender, which is why it’s best to adopt both pets at the same time.

However, since American Bullies are very muscular and can be overwhelming for a smaller animal like a cat; you may want to consider adopting your bully first.

Both male and female pets can get along just fine with other animals, including cats.

It should be fine for your bully to get along with a cat as long as you take it slow and do not force them together.

Male, female, young, or old – either sex of American Bully will have no problem getting used to their new housemate.

You just have to take it slow and let them adjust naturally.

How Do I Get My American Bully And Cat To Be Friends?

In order to get your American Bully and cat to be Friends, you should include them in as many activities together as possible.

Find the activities that Both your American Bully and cat can do together such as hide and seek Frisbee, or if you have an adventurous cat that likes hiking, you can put them both on a harness and take them for a hike.

Make a schedule for them that includes playtime daily but with supervision, the best way for them to bond is to spend one-on-one time.

If you’re watching a film, have your American Bully and cat on your side; offer them treats and praise so they’ll associate spending time together with pleasure.

Will Your Cat Run Away If You Get An American Bully?

If you have a cat that is afraid of dogs, it’s best to keep your American Bully in another room until they get used to each other’s presence.

However, if your cat isn’t too timid and seems like he or she wants attention; bring them together slowly but carefully while supervising their interactions at all times.

Make sure you have them on a leash during the introduction process so it doesn’t get out of hand.

However, if your cat has never met another dog before; this could be very overwhelming for him or her.

From personal experience, though, cats just don’t care much for the breed of the dog, and I’ve seen a few friends who have both American bullies and cats, and every time the cat was the bully, actually.

Here is a video showing how cats can bully the American bully (in a fun way, but still)

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