Can American Bullies Swim? A Training Guide (& Safety Tips)

If you are an American Bulldog owner, then one of the most important things to know is that they can’t swim. Can American Bulldogs swim? Can they not swim? Well, it’s complicated. They can learn to swim but there are some safety tips for doing so and we will discuss those in this article.

So, Can American Bullies Swim? American Bullies can swim, with the proper training they can be good swimmers and it also depends on how you first introduce your American Bully puppy to the water, if you choose the right age, conditions, and methods, then you don’t have to worry, just make sure to follow the safety tips.

If you want to know more about how to train your American Bully to swim and all about the safety tips that you should follow when training them, just keep on reading.

Can American Bullies Swim?

american bully in kiddie pool to show how can American bullies swim

Swimming doesn’t come naturally to American Bullies, they need a little Push from their owner and I don’t mean “literally” Pushing them in the Pool but do your research and gather enough information to know how to train them to swim properly.

The first thing to always keep in mind is that you must choose the right age for your American Bullies Canine Education, if they are too young or old then it could be dangerous for them.

Puppies can’t swim until they reach four months old and should be capable of holding their breath for at least thirty seconds.

For Adult American Bullies, you must first consider the size and weight, they should weigh more than 35 pounds to be able to swim without too much trouble, if not then it could become extremely dangerous.

If your American Bully is already an adult and doesn’t weigh enough to swim, then you better not even try.

This Canine Education is very important for any dog Breed but it’s especially so with the American Bullies because they can’t swim naturally as other breeds do.

When teaching them how to dog paddle, be patient and never push them too much, American Bullies Can’t swim so don’t try to teach them how to do a “Perfect Dog Paddle” because it won’t happen that way.

American Bulldogs will only learn the dog paddle if you allow them time and patience but also make sure not to force their paws in the water during swimming lessons.

Once you think they are ready to swim, make sure that the water is shallow and not too cold.

You Can’t expect an American Bully to jump in the deep end on their first try, so don’t be surprised if they are scared at first.

If your American Bullies training has been done correctly and you have chosen the right age for them then it shouldn’t take long before they learn how to swim properly but do let them take breaks during the Canine Education process.

By the way, if you have a Pitbull, I have a dedicated guide to teaching Pitbulls how to swim here, so make sure to check this one out!

How To Train Your American Bully To Swim?

It’s essential to entice your American Bully into the water when you begin canine swimming lessons.

  1. Create a situation that encourages your Bully to enter the water on his own, whether it’s playing with you or with a toy.
  2. When your dog comes to you from the beach or the edge, you may carry him in the water, holding onto his life vest’s handle, so that he can paddle.
  3. Don’t throw your pup into the water on his own; make sure you have a life jacket of your own. (If your American Bully becomes frightened, he may climb on you in order to get away, putting your safety at risk).
  4. Ask a friend to help you out.
  5. Allow your Bully to follow the other dog about wearing a life jacket if the two dogs are getting along.
  6. You can teach your dog to retrieve it by tossing a toy into the pool and waiting for him to come to get it.
  7. Even more significantly, this provides him an opportunity to discover how wonderful water may be.
  8. Begin in shallow water and with your American Bully nearby, if possible. Allow your dog to get used to having wet feet gradually.
  9. Don’t attempt to move your pup out of the shallows until he appears satisfied there.
  10. Encourage your pooch to get in gradually and use plenty of praise and encouragement—if you reward your American Bully for being in the water, they will want to return.
  11. When your American Bully appears to be frustrated, move him to shallower water or land and allow him to rest for a few minutes before attempting again.
  12. Continue repeating these procedures until your Bully learns how to leave the water.

Here is a good video explaining how to teach any dog to swim:

It’s also critical to educate your dog on how to get out of the water.

While you’re walking on the beach or at the pool with your Bully, he should be pointed to either the shore or ramp.

If you’re unable to enter the water with your American Bully, it’s recommended to stay near the exit so that your pet can find her way back.

There are several locations to teach your American Bully to swim, ranging from lakes to pools, but having a gradual slope into the water is beneficial.

However, the bright blue water in a pool might appear strange to dogs, making them hesitant to enter.

If they don’t like being wet, it doesn’t matter what color the water is!

What Makes The American Bullies Not Good Swimmers?

Some of the American Bullies are more comfortable in shallow water for longer periods, while others are better swimmers.

When they’re not used to swimming at all, American Bully tends to tire quickly and get stressed when splashing around.

Many factors can influence how easy or difficult it is for American Bullies to swim.

It includes the dog’s breed, size, weight, and age as well as the water conditions. If you notice your American Bully is struggling, it may be time to get out of the water.

It’s not recommended for them to stay in an over-chlorinated pool or a pond with algae since they could suffer from skin problems and ear infections.

His love of exercising makes him a great companion, but his hefty and dense muscle mass makes swimming with him more difficult.

Add to this his head’s size and weight, which are often out of proportion with that of his body, and you’ll see that keeping his head above water for any length of time is difficult.

Water Safety Tips For American Bullies

When you have your dog in or near water, there are a few things to remember.

Temperature is important

It’s a good idea to verify the water temperature and the air temperature are at least 100 degrees Fahrenheit before allowing your American Bully in the pool.

When the water is too chilly, your Bully’s tail can become numb and sensitive, resulting in a Limber Tail (a cold tail) or a Swimmer’s Tail (numb and sensitive tails).

A tail that droops and does not wag or lift up is known as a docked tail.

Your American Bully may also get hypothermia, which is incredibly dangerous.

“If your American bully goes into water that is too chilly and begins to shiver or not use his tail, please visit a veterinarian immediately.”

Water toxicity is another issue and we advise watching out for it.

Swallowing too much water while swimming is one of the most common causes. After a swim, many dogs throw up.

Keep the sessions short

We recommend that you limit swimming time to 10 minutes or less to avoid water toxicity.

Do not toss a large toy into the water for your dog, a flat, little toy, such as a soft flying disc, is preferable.

After your American Bully has come out of the pool, you can offer him some dehydrated or freeze-dried food to help his stomach absorb the extra water.

Safety First, Always!

Of course, if your Bully is swimming in an unaltered lake, you should be concerned about other creatures like water snakes.

When your American Bully is exposed to the sun, be sure it has access to shade as well as clean, drinkable water.

Your pet may be tempted to drink from the pool, ocean, or lake in an effort to quench its thirst and that is not a good idea.

There’s also the question of what to do when your pup gets a sunburn.

Blame it on their smooth coats or skin sensitivity, but dogs with hairless hides are more prone to sunburns than those with longer hair.

It’s important to remember that these dogs can get burned just like you and me! Avoid over-exposing them.

Also, do not forget to apply sunscreen to the pink nose of all dogs. But, of course, the most important thing is to always make your dog wear a life jacket.

The best life jacket that I’ve tried with my dogs is easily the one from Outward hound. It’s affordable, high-quality, easy to get on and off the dog, and works better than expected.

You can check the latest price for the Outward Hound life jacket here.

It is my strong opinion that regardless of your American Bully’s swimming ability, they should always be wearing a life jacket.

When they’re swimming, wearing a life jacket reduces the danger of accidents and potentially deadly situations.

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