Can Pitbulls swim? A Step-by-Step Swimming Guide + Safety Tips

We all know that Pitbulls are tough and can do anything, but can they swim? Can you get a Pitbull to swim? These are questions that many people have asked themselves at one point in their life. If your dog is not a natural-born swimmer or does not enjoy swimming, then there is no need to worry. In this article, we will discuss how you can teach your Pitbull to swim!

So, Can Pitbulls Swim? Pitbulls can swim, with the right training they can be pretty good swimmers, however, swimming doesn’t come naturally to them like Golden or Labrador retrievers because Their legs are relatively short in comparison to their overall body length. and muscular body.

If you want to know more about if Pitbulls can swim and how to get your Pitbull to swim, just keep reading.

Can Pitbulls Swim?

pitbull underwater to answer can Pitbulls swim

Pitbulls were not designed to be in the water, Given their physical features and characteristics, it is easy to comprehend why.

Because of this, these dogs will have characteristics that make it more difficult to stay afloat in water.

They can, however, overcome them.

Why Pitbulls Aren’t Good Swimmers?

Pitbulls were bred to a bullfight. These dogs were placed in a “pit” with bulls (and sometimes rats) in this now-prohibited sport. Their history as fighting dogs, although tragic, is what makes them so good at as fierce personal guard dogs that can even fight wolves and other predators to protect their families if needed.

On the other hand, water retrievers include the Golden or Labrador Retriever.

These dogs, on the other hand, were developed to retrieve shot game (often waterfowl) from bodies of water.

As a result, they were created to be excellent swimmers.

However, Pitbull-type dogs did not require the same athletic abilities that other breeds do.

While a Poodle was developed with a waterproof coat, webbed feet, and long legs, the Pitbulls were not.

Instead, they were endowed with a robust physique and a large head.

Because Pitbulls were used in bull-baiting in the past, they have lean muscle so how is this going to benefit them when it comes to swimming?

According to Scientific American, muscle is considerably more dense than fat.

In other words, a dog with a mostly muscular physique has a significant disadvantage of not being able to stay afloat than does one with basically fat.

While a canine with extra fat may have difficulties swimming owing to a lack of muscle, a muscular dog will have an easier time just staying afloat in water.

The muscles, on the other hand, may be put to good use and assist these dogs to swim faster.

Pitbulls have disproportionately large heads, as is well-known.

It’s why these dogs tend to need a C-section during delivery. When dog breeds have big heads and a narrow pelvic, this procedure is quite common.

Dogs must constantly keep their heads above water when swimming since they are doggy paddling.

When compared to people in the water, they have a lot less mobility. It takes more energy and strength to stay afloat while lifting a bigger head for a longer period of time.

It’s comparable to how brachycephalic dogs have to work harder to keep their heads above water because of their short snouts.

The broad chest and short legs of a Pitbull-type are the most apparent characteristics. Their legs may be thinner than usual when compared to the rest of their body in certain cases.

This, however, is determined by the breed and each dog’s distinctiveness.

Because they have shorter legs, sea bass doesn’t have the thrust to keep them afloat for a long period of time. In other words, they’ll need far more power and can quickly become weary.

Do Pitbulls Swim Naturally?

Due to their muscular build, Pitbulls can learn how to swim from a young age.

In fact, it is more of a challenge for the dogs not to become good swimmers since they have that natural athletic ability.

However, just because a dog has an innate talent doesn’t mean he’ll excel at swimming.

If you are interested in getting your Pitbull to learn this skill, you’ll have to take the proper steps. It is important not to push these dogs too hard if they aren’t ready for it or are afraid of water.

This can be stressful and dangerous since a dog may become fearful of the activity altogether.

So, in conclusion, they are not born good swimmers but even Golden retrievers are not born swimmers, they all need some effort and training.

How To Train Your Pitbull To Swim?

The first step is to get your Pitbull used to the water. This should be done as soon as possible.

Pitbulls are less nervous and afraid during this period of socialization. They’re more inclined to take risks.

The bathtub is the best place to begin. A tiny kiddie pool, on the other hand, can also accomplish the task.

In this little and secure environment, you may observe the Pitbull closely and quickly teach them to be in and around water. Take your time with this step-by-step process.

It’s time to get your Pitbull used to being in water once they’re comfortable with it.

It’s time to introduce the dog to the actual location where he’ll be swimming.

If you want to take your dog over for a visit, for example, you may want to bring him there weeks and days before.

Allow your dog to explore the water with his nose. Pitbulls are inquisitive dogs that will most likely investigate and examine the pool.

You may even get his feet wet during this phase. The goal is to teach them to be more comfortable with a larger body of water.

If you can get your Pitbull into the shallow end, you’re making significant progress.

However, as I said, a Pit may be obstinate and refuse to go in.

Never force your dog into the water because these dogs can become anxious and agitated when they are forced into it.

After that, you’ll want to get your Pitbull into the shallow end.

The easiest way to accomplish this is to go in with your Pitbull.

These dogs are brave, so there’s a chance they’ll enter the water if you’re in it. But don’t push your dog into it.

In the shallow end, call for your Pitbull to come to you. If they’re making progress, make sure to offer them a lot of positive reinforcement.

This kind of training is more effective on Pitbulls. You may also bribe them with snacks if you want!

Pitbulls have an unusually high level of adaptability, which is impressive considering their reputation.

They are able to interpret human feelings with surprising accuracy.

When the Pitbull is in the pool, they will notice if you start to panic, so try to keep your cool and levelheaded while he’s there.

If you’re having a good time, your kids will be more inclined to do the same.

When they’re ready to go in the shallow end with their life jackets on, you may slowly get them into deeper water.

Some Pitbulls will swiftly arrive at your location in the deep end. Other Pitbulls, on the other hand, will necessitate a little more perseverance.

Here is a video that may also help:

Do Pitbulls Like water?

It’s possible that a dog can’t swim, but it doesn’t imply they don’t enjoy the water.

Each dog has its own water preference. Some will be lured to it like canned dog food, while others will walk around any puddle with dainty steps.

It’s all about their personality. Water may be more appealing to a pit bull because of how it is presented.

A small kiddie pool in the backyard may be fun for some pups, but not for putting their toes in the churning water along the lake’s shore.

Running water may be more enticing to some pit bulls than the stillness of a pond. It all depends on your dog’s personality and past experiences with water, of course.

Water-shy dogs, such as those who have experienced near-drowning or aspirating water, are less likely to participate in aquatic activities.

In order to get their sea legs back under them, some pups may require a little more time, patience, and encouragement. Some dogs will choose never to go in the water again after this experience.

Can Pitbulls Swim in Cold Water?

A pit bull can swim in cold water because it’s a natural canine instinct. The only problem you may have is if your dog happens to be afraid of the water or nervous around it, as previously mentioned.

There are lots of other breeds that will not go near water regardless of how chilly or mild it may be outside!

Pit bulls are not the type of dog that will shy away from a dip in cold water.

Even if they’re shivering, pit bulls can still be undeterred and enter into chilly waters to rescue their loved ones or bring back something valuable.

In cold water, dogs are not able to stay in for long periods of time. This is due to the fact that their body temperature will drop quickly compared with humans and other animals who have a higher tolerance for cold temperatures.

These dogs are very tough because they have an unusually high level of adaptability.

Coldwater may be more appealing to a pit bull because of how it is presented.

A small kiddie pool in the backyard may be fun for some pups, but not for putting their toes in the churning water along the lake’s shore.

Running water may be more enticing to some pit bulls than the stillness of a pond. It all depends on your dog’s personality and past experiences with water, of course.

In order to get their sea legs back under them, some pups may require a little more time, patience, and encouragement.

Some dogs will choose never to go in the water again after this experience.

Keep in mind that Pitbulls aren’t cold-weather dogs, and your Pitbull will need a sweater or a coat in the cold weather as explained here in normal conditions, so if the water is too cold for you to get in, it’s too cold for your pitbull to get in as well!

How To Make Swimming With Your Pitbull more fun?

You can throw a punch of their Favorite toys in the Pool to make them more enthusiastic about swimming, you can also play frisbee in the Pool to make them look forward to swimming with you.

Water Safety Tips For your Pitbull :

Here are the most important water tips for you Pitbull:

  • Even dogs bred for swimming should be closely watched while near water, especially since many of them have a short attention span and may not pay enough attention to avoid getting into trouble.
  • Always have your dog wear a life jacket if they go out on the water. This implies that if they’re splashing about on the beach, aboard a boat, or truly swimming in the ocean, they should be wearing one.
  • A life jacket can offset your Pitbull’s weight and muscular structure, allowing them to have far better buoyancy in the water.
  • This will not only make you feel better about the safety of your Pitbull, but it will also make swimming more enjoyable and less stressful for them because it makes them feel more confident due to the support that the life jackets have to offer.
  • They won’t have to work as hard to stay afloat, and they’ll have a far easier time keeping their short snout out of the water.
  • Since trying to stay afloat is the most energy-consuming thing in swimming for them, this makes them far more comfortable and can swim for a longer time.
  • It’s critical to exercise caution the first few times you use a dog life jacket.
  • If your dog’s paw slips out of the boot when he tries to put it on, or if it doesn’t fit correctly and causes him difficulty in swimming, he may trap a foot in it or the boot will slide around and make swimming more difficult.
  • A dog life jacket, on the other hand, can be an extremely beneficial device for assisting your Pitbull in swimming when utilized correctly.

Check that your life jacket is properly fitted by paying close attention to the first few test runs with the new model.

The straps shouldn’t cause any pain or discomfort, nor should there be anything that can potentially get caught in it when your pup is enjoying a swim.

Of course, keep an eye out for odd behavior from your Pitbull while he’s wearing it, and be sure to take him out of the water immediately if he starts acting uneasy or you notice any abnormal behavior.

Before your dog takes a dip in deep waters for the first time with his new life jacket on, ensure that they’re familiar with shallow ones so they know what to expect while fully clothed.

If you throw the life jacket on them in a shallow body of water and then try to take them for an ocean swim, they may not respond well.

The key is making this new activity fun so that your dog will want to go out with you again-and he’ll be much safer when he does.

The best life jacket that I’ve tried with my dogs is easily the one from Outward hound. It’s affordable, high-quality, easy to get on and off the dog, and works better than expected.

You can check the latest price for the Outward Hound life jacket here.

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Do Pit Mixes Like To Swim?

Yes, the Pit mixes like to swim due to their Pit parent impressive athletic traits, however, it also depends on the other breed, for example, if the other Parent breed is a Bulldog or a pug, they may not like to swim as much if the other parent is a Pitbull, Labrador retriever, or Australian shepherd.

Do Pitbulls Like Baths?

Yes, Pitbulls like baths, however, it really depends on how you bathe them the first time ever because if you associate the bath with good things, they will enjoy it more often, but if you force them while they are afraid, they are going to be afraid of baths for the rest of their life.

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