Are Pitbulls High Energy? The Truth About Pitbulls High Energy

Is your Pitbull always running around, insisting that you play with them, and constantly wagging their tail? Then your Pitbull is high energy. 

One word describes Pit bulls best: energetic. If you are a parent of a Pitbull, you know that they are incredibly playful all the time. 

Are Pitbulls high energy? Yes, Pit bulls are high-energy dogs, and they love to run around, go on walks, and play. Pitbulls need approximately 1 to 2 hours of exercise a day to get rid of that energy. Without enough daily exercise, Pitbulls can also become hyperactive or lethargic.  

If you are wondering whether pit bulls are energetic and hyper, how active are they exactly, and how to calm down a hyper pit bull, you are about to get some answers. Read on! 

Are Pitbulls energetic?

Pitbull grabbing chew toy to show why are pitbulls high energy

Yes, Pit bulls are among the most energetic dogs. They love people and enjoy a good playdate, and they also love children because they match their energy. 

With children, they can run around and play without getting tired. Children simply match their energy. 

Pit bulls are specifically active between the ages of 3 and 12 months. It makes sense when they are puppies; they have more energy. 

In general, Pit bulls need vigorous exercise, and it is agreed upon that they need a minimum of 30 minutes a day. 

If your Pit bulls display energetic behavior, you have nothing to worry about. Being energetic and active is simply in a Pitbull’s nature. 

Are Pitbulls hyper? 

Yes, Pit bulls are somewhat hyper dogs. 

The hyperactive and energetic traits of Pit bulls can sometimes get a little overwhelming. Because Pit bulls are so hyperactive, it might be hard to take them to the dog park. 

The thing is, they might overwhelm other dogs, and their behavior may be confused with aggression. Of course, that would end badly. 

If you are a parent to a Pitbull, you need to be very responsible, which means you can’t skip their exercise time. 

Pit bulls need exercise to stay fit and healthy, and it will also provide them with good-quality sleep at night.

If you skip their exercise time or don’t give them enough exercise time, they might get a bit aggressive with time, face some health issues like hip dysplasia, and definitely will not be as happy and joyful as they usually are. 

How energetic are Pitbulls?

Pit bulls generally have a very friendly and playful temperament. They are people-dogs and enjoy some love and affection. 

If you care for a Pitbull puppy, you should not underestimate the importance of exercise, socialization, and training. 

Pitbull puppies are more energetic than adults. You might want to engage your Pitbull puppy in 2 hours of exercise a day. 

For example, if you go on a run, it might be good to take your Pitbull with you. It will count as exercise and some quality time with their favorite person.

If your Pitbull does not get enough exercise, they can sometimes develop destructive behavior. They will run around the house, and they can sometimes break things unintentionally. 

If you notice your Pitbull getting zoomies, bursts of energy, a lot, then they are probably not getting enough exercise. 

Sometimes Pit bulls get zoomies before bed to let out the energy build-up they have. Such zoomies are beneficial because they will help you and your Pitbull get enough rested sleep. 

Pit bulls can also get zoomies when they feel accomplished, like after they poop. It is honestly adorable. 

In short, Pit bulls are highly energetic dogs that need constant and daily exercise to stay happy and healthy. 

How to calm down a hyper pitbull?

The older your Pitbull gets, the less active they will be. Pit bulls generally calm down after they reach 12 months of age. 


Taking your Pit bulls on walks and runs is good for their health, and pit bulls need from 1 to 2 hours of exercise a day. 

Exercise doesn’t have to be serious. It can also be a game you play with your dog that requires them to move. 

A bonus is that vigorous exercise will help your pitbull lose calories and fats, which ultimately leads to better health and fewer visits to the vet. 

Reward quiet time 

When your Pitbull demonstrates calm behavior, it is important to let them know that you see it and appreciate it. 

If you reward your Pit bull with a treat when they are being quiet, they will associate it positively with being quiet. Pit bulls are intelligent breeds. 

Ignore the excitement 

Sometimes, overexcitement can be a cry for attention. If you chase after your dog or acknowledge their behavior, it’s like you agree with their behavior. 

When this happens, you should walk the other way, avoid making eye contact with them and let it phase out. 

Neutering or Spaying

Neutralization is the procedure of removing your male Pit bull’s testicles, whereas spaying is the removal of your female Pit bull’s ovaries and uterus. 

When a dog has been neutered or spayed, their sexual desire decreases, making them less prone to wandering around and humping. 

Thus, it is said that dogs are calmer and more consistent after they have been neutered or spayed. 

You can learn more about why Pitbulls get calmer after being neutered here

Related Questions 

Are Pit bulls high maintenance?

Yes, Pit bulls are commonly known as high-maintenance dogs. They require a lot of love, attention, and care. Even though they are super friendly by nature, they need to be trained and socialized so that they get along with other dogs and humans. 

How much exercise do Pit bulls need a day?

Pit bulls are highly active and athletic dogs by nature. Thus, they need a minimum of one hour of exercise per day. Some pit bulls need up to 2 hours of exercise per day. Their exercise can either be walking, running, or playing games. 

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