Does Embark Test for American Bullies? We Tested!

The first step in giving our pets the best care is to understand them. The precise breed of your dog can help you understand more about its activity requirements and temperament. Embark DNA testing will tell you all you may need to know about your American Bully DNA.

So, does Embark Test for American Bullies? Embark tests for more than 350 dog breeds, including American Bullies. This test can show you a variety of information about your Bully’s DNA to help you understand it better. According to Embark, in terms of genetic makeup, American Bullies differ from the bully breeds to which they are connected.

Keep reading to learn more about Embark DNA Tests and how they can help you understand your American Bully better.

What Does Embark Test For?

In 2015, Embark Veterinary, Inc. was established with the goal of curing all dog diseases that are preventable.

Embark Dog DNA Tests give pet owners the ability to learn about their dog’s breed, lineage, health, and diseases they may be susceptible to in the future. They offer the most precise results on the market because they analyze more genetic data than any other test currently offered.

Their tests can provide you with the following information:

Breed ID

They are able to detect over 350 dog breeds. We know that all dogs are related, but some of them are more so than others.

Embark provides you with detailed information about your dog’s maternal and paternal ancestry as well as its close relatives. This can help you know your dog’s temperament as well as its training requirements.

Physical Traits

Have you ever pondered the origins of your dog’s natural bobtail or the reason for its coat color? In order for you to understand the science behind what makes your dog special, Embark gives you a thorough report on all of its characteristics.

The amount of exercise, food, and other care you provide your puppy will depend on how big they grow to be. Genes that collectively account for more than 80% of the diversity in dog body size are tested for by Embark.

Other physical traits Embark tests can provide information about are:

  • Muzzle length
  • Blue eyes
  • Hind dewclaw
  • Muscling and Bulk

Dogs shed in different amounts. The hereditary tendency for shedding in your dog will be revealed by Embark, as well as other fur traits like:

  • Furnishing
  • Coat length
  • Curly coat
  • Hairlessness

Health Conditions

In comparison to other dog DNA tests on the market, Embark screens for more genetic health risks than any other test.

Sending your dog’s test results to their veterinarian so they can create a care plan for all of their future years is simple with Embark’s health report.

Be proactive in preventing diseases that affect dogs later in life, such as glaucoma, degenerative myelopathy, and dilated cardiomyopathy, which are three of the most prevalent diseases that affect dogs as adults.

As soon as you are aware that your dog is susceptible, you can begin prevention or treatment.

These are health information that your veterinarian may use to understand clinical data for your dog and make decisions about your pet’s diagnosis, monitoring, or treatment.

Relative Finder

Family reunions suddenly became a lot yapper. Only Embark provides the option to locate your dog’s ancestors, both nearby and far away.

You will be able to communicate directly with other Embark dogs in their database after they inform you, based on scientific evidence, how much DNA your dog shares with them.

In Embark’s database, every dog has at least one relative. The likelihood that you may identify a near or immediate related increase as more pets sign up.

How Accurate Is Embark Test Dog DNA?

The Embark DNA test to show how does Embark test for American Bullies

Breeders are increasingly turning to DNA testing, which provides them with more in-depth data to manage and enhance the genetic variety, health, and physical qualities of their breeding lines. 

Given the significance of these test results for each individual dog’s health as well as that of dog generations to come, Embark thinks it’s essential to be transparent about their testing process and explain how their results are so precise.

For mutation testing, strict quality control guarantees >99% accuracy, and for the majority of linkage-based tests, 99% accuracy.

To be more clear, the cutting-edge testing platform from Embark is a personalized SNP Microarray created in collaboration with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine using the most up-to-date canine genotyping technology.

This platform supports the hundreds of genetic health and trait test results offered in Embark’s products and also generates data that is available for use by scientists and organizations dedicated to the advancement of canine health.

Moreover, the core of their platform has now been tested on tens of thousands of dogs at Embark and on more than 100,000 more dogs by researchers in university labs around the globe.

Additionally, Embark utilizes microarrays which are a highly accurate genetic testing technology. Each health condition is examined using a minimum of 3 (and a maximum of 8) different probes, and the accuracy of each probe on Embark’s platform is over 99.9% thanks to this redundancy for each disease.

As Embark expanded, they created procedures for the uncommon situations in which the outcomes of the probes probing the same gene did not agree. 

In these cases, two independent geneticists must undertake a secondary analysis as part of Embark’s quality control procedure to ascertain what nucleotide is present at the relevant locus. To give the consumer a result, both geneticists’ conclusions must be in agreement.

Does Embark Test for American Bullies?

Embark does test for American Bullies as well as over 350 dog breeds. This test can show you a variety of information about your Bully’s DNA to help you understand it better.

According to Embark, American Bullies differ from the Bully breeds to which they are connected in terms of genetic makeup.

I have another article about the best American Bully bloodlines, in which I discuss how the genetic makeup of American Bullies can vary and how it affects their cost.

Can I Get My American Bully Registered Through a DNA Test?

You cannot get your American Bully registries through a DNA test.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) does not currently recognize genetic breed testing as evidence of a dog’s purebred status. Check out this guide to learn more about what you need to register an American Bully.

If you are interested in other DNA tests for your dog, check out our article on the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test for American Bullies here.

Related Questions 

How Often is Embark Test Wrong?

Dogs can take the Embark DNA test to find out whether their DNA matches the breed they appear to be. Even trained vets sometimes confuse dog breeds. So if you thought your dog is a certain breed, but genetic data doesn’t agree, then it’s better to trust the DNA test because it’s rarely wrong.

Can You Upgrade Embark Test Results?

You can upgrade at any moment if you buy a Breed ID kit. Without the need for an additional swab, you may get crucial health and trait information about your dog by upgrading your findings to Health + Traits.

How Long Does Embark Test Usually Take?

Mail the sample to Embark once it has been activated! When it arrives at the facility, they will scan it, and you will be alerted immediately. Results for your dog will be available in 2-4 weeks after processing gets underway.

How Can You Tell If an American Bully Is Purebred?

A DNA test can be used to determine whether a dog is purebred if it falls within the genetic variation range seen in other registered Bullies and statistically appears to be descended from genes carried by other registered Bullies instead of a recent cross between an Amstaff and a Bulldog.

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