What Is an American Bully Registry? [A Guide to Registering Bullies]

When it comes to state and local pet ordinances, your American Bully’s registration papers are frequently the first document taken into account. By registering, you can make sure that your dog’s pedigree is preserved and that any future offspring will have accurate records.

What is an American Bully Registry? The registries that accept the Bully breed without bias are called American Bully Registries. They establish norms for the breed’s temperament, behavior, and physical characteristics. The goal of registries is to conserve the distinctive traits of each breed through ethical breeding.

Keep reading to learn more about how and where to register your American Bully.

What Is an American Bully Registry?

If you’re one of the pet owners who want their animal to compete in shows or sporting events, you probably have some knowledge about dog registration.

Your American Bully has a world of opportunities when they have registration papers. Along with raising your dog’s value and learning tons about pet keeping, taking the dog to events and competitions is a great idea.

American Bully Registrations are non-discriminatory registries that recognize the Bully breed. They establish physical, behavioral, and temperamental standards for the breed. They are also committed to preserving superior bloodlines, caring for animals humanely, and upholding everyone’s right to own pets.

The registration organization’s purpose is to maintain each breed’s unique features through responsible breeding. In addition to offering pet owners timely, courteous, and cost-effective service, they uphold integrity in recording pedigrees and registering American Bully breeds. 

A dog that has been formally registered with one or more breed registries is referred to as a registered dog or a dog “with papers,” and there are various standards and costs for each registry.

Registration papers attest to a dog’s birthdate, parents, breed, and ownership. You can enter the dog in shows, competitions, and other athletic events supported by the breed registry if you have registration papers.

Where Can You Register Your American Bully?

There are many kennel clubs and registries that can register your American Bully. Here are some of them”

International Bully Kennel Club

The International Bully Kennel Club aims to promote, register, show, award, educate, and defend against breed-specific laws and regulations while uniting nations worldwide in their love of bully breeds.

It is committed to maintaining the registry’s integrity and standards. Moreover, the IBKC campaigns against breed-specific legislation help promote responsible ownership and work to ensure that Bully breed dogs are treated with respect and devotion. It also supports the bully breed as a good family companion and good canine health and well-being.

Over the years, it has become increasingly clear that the American Bully Breed has to be recognized globally by a credible organization for it to be promoted and protected using all available means. In Los Angeles, California, the IBKC has a registration office.

Continental Kennel Club

APBTs and ASTs are frequently registered as American Bullies by different organizations; however, the Continental Kennel Club does not interchangeably register the breeds and views the American Bully as a distinct breed from the APBT and AST.

The Continental Kennel Club is similar to the American Kennel Club (AKC), with the exception that it does not have a closed registration process for dogs.

If two witnesses appear and attest to the legitimacy of the breed, it may add a completely new dog to its registration. Despite being only a decade old, the registration has quite a high standard.

American Canine Association

The ACA is a more recent register with its main office in Clermont, Florida (it was founded in 1984). In essence, it offers breeders and dog owners a wide range of dog services.

ACA dog show events, health tracking, customer support for registrants, resources and services, and pet safety and protection are a few of the services they offer.

United Kennel Club

The United Kennel Club (UKC), which was established in 1898, is another veteran in the group.

It’s a prestigious and international dog registry, for that matter. As you will encounter dogs from other countries, attending a UKC event with your American Bully is an interesting experience. The activities are informal, family-friendly, and a lot of fun.

US Bully Registry

An organization called US Bully Registry was established to offer a network of assistance, information, and documentation for Bully Breeds.

The US Bully registry has a long list of registers that we will accept, making registration simple. Their objective is to bring a community together and provide dog owners with a stronger voice. 

What Are the Registries That Don’t Recognize the American Bully?

The American Bully is not recognized as a purebred dog by either The Kennel Club or the American Kennel Club (AKC).

How Do I Check My American Bully Registry?

Kennel Clubs or registries should provide owners with a record of the dog’s pedigree, including the dog’s name, registration number, and details on the dog’s family history and breed information.

If you lose your copy of the pedigree or want to check any of the information, you can request a duplicate from the registry or check the information online.

Not all kennel clubs provide online copies of the dog’s pedigree. You need to contact them to check if this option is available to you. The cost and information included in these online certifications will change depending on where the dog is registered.

You will usually need to sign up for an account on the kennel club website before requesting an online copy of your dog’s pedigree. When making the request, you will need to provide your contact information and your dog’s registration number.

Enter your payment details and any additional information needed to finish your request. Now, the only thing left to do is wait for the certificate for your dog to generate.


It’s recommended to have your American Bully registered with at least one temporary or permanent registry. The most reputable registries for American Bullies are the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC) and the United Kennel Club (UKC).

Having your dog registered will help you keep track of your dog’s bloodline and other necessary information that will confirm that it is purebred. It will also make your dog eligible for participation in various dog shows, activities, and competitions held by the registry.

If you’re about to purchase a new Bully puppy, ensure that the breeder can provide you with its registration papers as required. If your new puppy does not come with registration papers at the time of purchase, you might not be able to register it easily in the future.

Related Questions 

Can You Register a Bully Without Papers?

You can’t fully register your American Bully without papers. Even if neither of your dog’s parents is registered with the United Kennel Club, you can still register your dog through Single Registration. The UKC-registered privileges are temporarily granted to your dog, thanks to this registry.

Can You Register a Merle Bully With the ABKC?

You cannot register a merle Bully with the ABKC. Due to the serious health issues that it can lead to, the ABKC and some other registries do not approve of the Merle pattern and do not accept it. Deafness, blindness, and reproductive system anomalies are a few of these issues.

Is American Bully Association Legit?

The American Bully Association is a legit registry, but because it is an open register, individuals believe differently. That means they don’t demand that a Bully’s parents register with them. Nevertheless, that doesn’t make them not legit, as they commit to the purpose of registries.

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