Are Brindle Pit Bulls Rare? And How Much Is A Brindle Pit Bull Worth?

Pit Bulls come in various colors and patterns, and one of the most unique patterns in Pit Bulls is the Brindle pattern.

The Brindle Pit Bull’s coat is what sets it apart from other Pit Bulls, which makes various owners wonder just how rare Brindle Pit Bulls are.

Are Brindle Pit Bulls Rare? Brindle Pit Bulls are not rare. Their coat coloring comes from a recessive gene which is why it’s not easily achieved through breeding, and breeders must resort to inbreeding to get the Brindle pattern. This cause Brindle Pit Bulls to be more expensive compared to other Pit Bulls.

Keep on reading to learn more about how rare Brindle Pit Bulls are and how much they’re actually worth. You can also check out my complete guide to Brindle Pit Bulls here where I explain literally everything you need to know about them (without complicating stuff).

Are Brindle Pit Bulls Rare? 

a photo of a brindle pit bull to show if brindle Pit Bulls are rare

Many people think that a Brindle Pit Bull’s coat is a unique characteristic, which means that it’s also rare. However, this is not correct as Brindle Pit Bulls are not rare.

The colors and patterns on your dog’s coat are determined by breeding and a bit of chance. 

The Brindle pattern comes from a recessive gene known as the KBR allele, which is found in the K locus. So, in order for a Pit Bull to have the brindle coat coloring, it must carry that KBR allele gene from both of its parents.

That’s why Pit Bull breeders have to resort to inbreeding and selective breeding methods in order to achieve that Brindle pattern in the Pit Bull puppies.

Brindle coats come in various colors, including red fawn, blue fawn, tawny brown, or dark brown. They are also characterized by having light streaks all over the dog’s body which are comparable in appearance to the stripes of a tiger.

Are Brindle Pit Bulls Recognized? 

Brindle Pit Bulls are not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) as a single separate breed. That is because Brindle Pit Bulls are just normal Pit Bulls, and the only thing that sets them apart is their coat color.

So, any purebred Pit Bull can still be recognized by the AKC, even if it has a Brindle coat.

What Are the Types of Brindle Pit Bulls?

Because Brindle Pit Bulls appear in a variety of colors and patterns, you may be wondering what other kinds are available. So, the following are the main types of Brindle Pit Bulls:

  • Blue Nose Brindle Pit Bulls – They have blue and gray base coats with light brown stripes. They also have white coloration on their face, chest, and feet, in addition to bluish-gray eyes and noses. 
  • Red Nose Brindle Pit Bulls – They have soft red base coats with orange stripes. They also have white coloration on their face, chest, and feet, in addition to reddish-brown eyes and reddish-copper noses.

Some people believe that Pitbulls can also have black noses, but black nose Pitbulls are not a different type of Pit Bulls. You can learn what is a black nose pit bull here.

How Much Is A Brindle Pit Bull Worth?

A Brindle Pit Bull is worth about $500 to $1,000, on average. Their price might even be higher due to the high demand for this unique coat color and how challenging it is to achieve it by breeding. You can learn more about how much Pit Bull puppies cost here.

If you choose to buy your Brindle Pit Bull from a breeder, the price will mainly depend on the breeder’s reputation. Meanwhile, if you choose to adopt the dog from a rescue facility, the price will include an adoption fee.

It’s crucial to learn as much as you can about the circumstances behind the dog’s placement in a rescue facility, as well as any information available on the dog’s attitude and medical history. This way you can guarantee you’re adopting a healthy dog.

What Is the Rarest Color of Pit Bull?

The rarest Pitbull color is merle. That is because this coat color comes from a kind of mutation in the dog’s genes. It’s very uncommon for this mutation to appear naturally in Pit Bulls, so it’s often achieved through selective breeding methods.

While the merle coat looks beautiful and unique, it does not fit the official breed standard for Pit Bulls, which means it’s not recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC)

Another reason this coat is not recognized by the AKC is that there’s a lot of ethical controversy around intentionally breeding Merle Pit Bulls. That is because the gene that causes the merle pattern affects other aspects of the dog’s health, including its hearing and eyesight.

Breeders also have to resort to inbreeding and selective breeding methods to achieve the merle color since it rarely appears naturally, which could make the dog more prone to inherit dangerous health problems.

Check out this Merle Pit Bull guide to learn more about what makes them special.

Related Questions 

Are Brindle Pit Bulls Smarter than Other Pit Bulls? 

Brindle Pit Bulls are smart, but they’re not smarter than other Pit Bulls with different coat colors. The coat color of any dog depends on its genetics and does not affect its intelligence in any way. Brindle Pit Bulls will learn and respond to any commands normally.

Can A Brindle Pit Bull Be A Blue Nose? 

A Brindle Pit Bulls can be a Blue Nose. Blue Nose brindles are characterized by having blue or gray base coats, light brown stripes, bluish-gray eyes and noses, and white coloration on their face, chest, and feet. A Brindle Pit Bull can also be a Red Nose.

What Are Other Pit Bull Coat Colors?

Other Pit Bull coat colors are black, red, brown, reddish-brown, blue, fawn, tan, brindle, sable, or tricolor. These colors and patterns are recognized by major kennel clubs such as the American Kennel Club (AKC), which means they fit the official breed standard for Pit Bulls. 

What Does A Reverse Brindle Pit Bull Look Like?

A reverse brindle Pit Bull is characterized by having dark-colored stripes on a light-colored base coat. It’s the opposite in appearance to standard Brindle Pit Bulls, who have light-colored stripes on a dark-colored base color. The term “reversed” describes the color and pattern of the Brindle coat.

How to Tell Brindle Pit Bulls and Merle Pit Bulls Apart? 

To tell Brindle Pit Bulls and Merle Pit Bulls apart, you just need to look at the different patterns on their coats. The brindle coat pattern is consistent as it looks like tiger stripes. On the other hand, the merle coat pattern is random as it looks like dots and swirls.

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