Can You Shave a Pit Bull? When, Why, and How (Step-by-Step)

It’s not always simple to groom your Pit Bull since you have to know how to do it correctly. Due to short coats, owners of Pit Bulls frequently wonder if they can shave them. 

So, let us tell you if it is safe to shave your Pitbull and how to do it the right way.

Can You Shave a Pit Bull? You can shave a Pit Bull. However, Pit Bulls have short coats that do not need to be shaved frequently. It’s recommended to give your Pit Bull a shave once every 6 to 8 months. It’s also recommended to take the dog to a professional groomer when it needs a shave if you can’t shave it yourself.

Keep on reading to discover more about why you should shave your Pitbull and a step-by-step guide to shaving your Pitbull.

Can You Shave a Pit Bull?

a photo of a pit bull with short hair to show if you can shave a Pit Bull

Pit Bulls are generally low-maintenance when it comes to their grooming because they have short, single-layered coats.

You can shave a Pit Bull, but they usually don’t need a shave because their coats are short and don’t really grow fast. It’s recommended to shave your dog once every 6 to 8 months and take it to a professional groomer.

Many grooming experts advise against shaving a Pit Bull completely unless it’s absolutely necessary. That is because the dog’s coat provides a layer of protection over the skin against extreme temperatures. So, shaving the coat will remove that protection and put the dog at risk. 

A Step-by-Step Guide to Shaving Your Pit Bull

As mentioned before, It’s recommended to take your Pit Bull to a professional groomer when it needs a shave to ensure that it will be done safely without causing injury to the dog.

However, some owners prefer to cut down on the expensive cost of professional groomers by learning how to shave the dog themselves.

So, here is a step-by-step guide to shaving your Pit Bull to ensure it is done safely.

Step 1: Give the dog a bath

Before shaving it you first need to give your Pitbull a bath, then pat them thoroughly dry.

This will assist in soothing their delicate skin while also removing any dirt and bacteria. It will also assist in relaxing the hair follicles, allowing them to fall off more easily while shaving.

Step 2: Select the appropriate tools

The essential tools must be purchased if you decide to shave the Pit Bull by yourself. It is not at all suitable to use household scissors or other cutting tools made for people on a dog.

You should shave your Pitbull with dog clippers and trimmers. You should also use special clippers with a limited extension near the dog’s sensitive parts.

Before using these tools, make sure to carefully read the package’s directions and test it on a non-living thing. It will also make shaving more accurate and time-efficient.

Step 3: Shave in the direction of hair growth

It is important to go in the direction of hair growth when shaving your Pit Bull.

In different areas of the body, the hair may grow in different directions. If you shave in the opposite way of the hair growth, the dog develops rashes or painful skin sores.

The dog may also feel some pain when its hair is tugged repeatedly in the opposite direction, which will result in an uncomfortable and time-consuming shaving process.

Step 4: Avoid shaving too close to the skin

It’s highly advised to avoid shaving too close to the Pit Bull’s skin. You need to leave a thin layer of hair remaining because Pit Bulls already have extremely thin coats.

This will help you avoid injury and other complications. It will also keep a small layer of protection over the dog’s skin.

When dogs are out in the sun, their chances of becoming sunburned increase, and if they don’t have enough hair on their coats, these burns could result in skin blisters and might be uncomfortable.

Step 5: Be cautious and take your time

If you have never shaved a Pit Bull before, you need to be extremely cautious the first time you do it.

You must be gentle and reassuring to the dog throughout the process to guarantee their comfort. You must also take your time since rushing might result in cutting the dog’s sensitive skin or leaving bald spots all over the body.

Step 6: Keep the dog calm

Before you shave your Pit Bull, make sure it is calm. There is a possibility that it will panic if it has never been near clippers before.

Several issues might arise if you don’t make sure that your dog feels at ease during the procedure. There is a higher risk of injury if the dog is stressed out and moving around a lot.

Before shaving day, you might expose it to the shaving table and other tools. It would guarantee that your pet dog doesn’t experience stress from the new tools or from the process as a whole.

You can also learn of other ways to calm down your Pitbull on shaving day here.

Alternatives to Shaving Your Pit Bull in the Summer

Most owners shave their Pit Bull in the summer to prevent them from overheating. If you do not want to shave your Pit Bull, here are some alternatives you can try to help it cool down instead:

  • Brush your dog on a regular basis to remove dead hair, reduce matting, and improve airflow in the dog’s coat.
  • Give the dog a cold bath on days with extremely hot temperatures to help it cool down. Learn more about how often you should bathe your Pit Bull here.
  • Ensure your dog is constantly close to cold water and that it has a place to sit in the shade,
  •  Avoid going for walks or exercising on days with extremely hot temperatures. If you’re taking the dog outside, do not leave it in the car.
  • Give the dog frozen treats instead of its regular treats. You can easily make frozen treats yourself at home.

I have a complete guide on how to help your Pitbull handle the hot weather here, make sure to check it as it can greatly help you keep your Pittie calm during the hot summer months.

Related Questions 

Can You Shave Pit Bull Without Clippers?

You can shave Pit Bulls without clippers by using dog-friendly scissors. These scissors are designed for grooming dogs as they have blunt ends that will help prevent injuring the dog by accident while shaving. Make sure to brush the dog’s coat first before using the scissors.

Does the Pit Bull’s Hair Grow Back? 

The Pit Bull’s hair does grow back as long as it has a healthy coat and no hair loss problems. It can take about 6 to 12 weeks for a Pit Bull’s hair to grow back. It will depend mainly on the dog’s genetics and how healthy its coat is.

Do Pit Bulls Need Summer Cuts?

Pit Bulls do not really need summer cuts as they already have short thin coats. However, some owners prefer to give their Pit Bulls a haircut at the beginning of summer to help them stay cool. If you’re cutting your Pit Bull’s hair at any season, avoid cutting it too close to the skin.

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