A Guide to the American Nano Bully Dog

The Nano Bully Complete Guide – Why They Are Really Different

The Nano or Micro Bully is a class of the Exotic Bully. A fairly new breed that is a mix between the American Bully and a smaller breed like the French  Bulldog, the English Bulldog, or the Shorty Bully. 

Exotic Bullies have exaggerated features, such as a much bigger head, a wider chest, a  shorter muzzle, and a very muscular body. Let’s learn more about the main characteristics of these dogs and what makes them so unique.

Other Names Exotic Bully, Micro Bully
Weight 30-50 Pounds 
Height13 inches and under
Lifespan 5-7 years 
Colors Black, white, brown, chocolate, brindle and tri-color
Health 5/10
Grooming Needs2/10
Exercise Needs7/10
Shedding 2/10
Kid Friendliness 9/10
Pet-friendliness 9/10
Protectiveness 5/10
Good for apartments Yes
Average puppy cost 5000 to 10,000 USD 

Nano Bully Characteristics 

  • Size: 13 inches and under
  • Weight: 30-50 pounds 
  • Colors: Black, white. Brown and tri-color
  • Coat Type: Single coat/ Short coat

Compared to its small size, which is not larger than 13 inches tall, the Nano Bully is very muscular and stocky looking. It weighs, on average, around 30 to 50 pounds. It is known to have quite a large head compared to its small body. Their oval eyes are set wide apart on their head and come in various colors.

The Nano Bully can come in many different colors such as Black, white, brown, chocolate, brindle, and tri-color. Coat color does not affect the Nano Bully’s character or temperament, but it does affect its price.

Nano Bullies have a very short, smooth coat. Their short coat means they don’t need much grooming, but it leaves them vulnerable to extreme weather, be it heat or cold. Their short coat is glossy and quick to dry after a bath.

Parent Breeds

The English bulldog (your left) and the American Bully (Your Right)

The Nano Bully is a class of the Exotic Bully. The Exotic Bully is a  mixed breed of the American Bully and the French Bulldog, the English Bulldog, or the Shorty Bully.

The American Bully is where the Nano Bully gets most of its physical characteristics (except size) and personality. American Bullies are known to be bulky and muscular dogs. They are very active, highly energetic dogs.

American Bullies are gentle and loving around humans and make great family pets.

The other parent is the Bulldog. It’s usually a mix of French Bulldogs, English Bulldogs, and Shorty Bullies. These Bulldogs are known for their small sizes compared to the American Bully. They also give the Nao Bully its exaggerated features, like the big head and wrinkly muzzle. 

Each parent breed contributes to the overall unique look of the Nano Bully. When bred correctly, Nano Bullies get the best out of each of their parents, making them great dogs to own.


Nano Bullies are very friendly and have a sweet temperament. Like most dogs, they can also benefit greatly from early socializing and training. 

Many people get taken aback by their looks at first sight. But after dealing with them, you will find them very affectionate and friendly.

Nano Bullies love attention and cuddling and make great family pets. They get along smoothly with adults and children alike.

With proper socializing and training, Nano Bullies can also get along with other dogs in your house. Despite their scary appearance and bulky bodies, Nano Bullies have no aggressive or violent tendencies but are very loyal and loving.

Health and Lifespan 

Most of the Nano Bullies’ health problems are caused by the fact that they are a fairly new breed, and some breeders do not do the process in the right and orderly way, which causes future health issues. Here are some of the most common health issues Nano Bullies can face:

  • Hip dysplasia: A very common health issue among American Bullies that can also happen to Nano Bullies. Hip Dysplasia is genetic and causes hip pain to your dog.
  • Joint problems: Also very common with dogs. Joint problems can start to show as your dog gets older or if they get overweight.
  • Breathing issues and Brachycephalic: Nano Bullies have a flat face and a short nose which can cause them respiratory issues. Like most respiratory issues, it can get worse with time which makes it hard to take care of your Bully.
  • Thermal regulation: The short nose can also cause problems with the dog’s ability to regulate its body temperature.
  • Short lifespan: Nano Bullies are said to have a very short lifespan for small dogs (5 years). This is mostly caused by their various health issues and errors in breeding.

Nutritional Needs 

Exotic Bullies, including the Nano Bully class, need a healthy diet with lots of protein and fat, especially as puppies. Whether you decide to go with homemade food or buy canned and dry food from the supermarket, make sure the food contains at least 30% protein and 20% fat.

As your Nano Bully becomes an adult, you will need to watch their food intake and decrease their fat portions as these dogs are prone to obesity which results in many other health problems. 

Divide your dog’s diet into 3 meals per day plus treats throughout the day. Just make sure you choose healthy options and never leave food out all day long.

You can check out my complete guide to American Bully foods here. If your want a muscular Bully, you may also want to consider supplements, and you can check out my picks for the 25 best supplements for Bullies’ muscles.

Grooming Needs and Shedding

Because of their short coat, Nano Bullies don’t require much grooming. Their hair does not tangle, so you will only need to brush it a couple of times a week at most. They will only need bathing about once every month unless they play in the dirt or get especially stinky for some reason. 

As for shedding, they, unfortunately, shed hard enough to cause discomfort for their owner. Compared to many other dogs, Nano Bullies are not heavy shedders, but if a person has allergies, they are not the best option.

Their grooming can be easily done at home, but you can also take them to a professional if you’re feeling like spoiling them a bit.

Exercise Needs 

Nano Bullies are quite heavy and can have a lot of breathing problems; therefore, they cannot tolerate too much exercise. Their bodies tend to overheat quickly, and their short nose doesn’t help them regulate their temperature or breathing. 

On the other hand, Nano Bullies have a tendency to get overweight. Considering they are already heavy due to big muscle mass, being overweight can cause serious health problems.

A mild daily exercise and walk should be enough to keep your dog active and healthy. Keep the exercise sessions short so they don’t tire quickly or overheat. Nano Bullies are very suitable for owners who live in small apartments and don’t have much time for super active and energetic dogs that need hard exercise.


Nano Bullies are quite obedient and strive for attention and approval, which makes them very easy to train. It’s better to start training them early as puppies to make sure the training sticks. They are fast learners but will need you to be consistent.

Because they are easy to train, you can simply do all their training at home without professional assistance.

The training should consist of obedience training and teaching them to follow the rules and simple orders like “sit,” “come here,” and “stop.”

Of course, the training should use the positive reinforcement method, so you should use a lot of praise and delicious treats to train them. You can check my guide to the best treats for training your dog here.

Socialization is also crucial. You should take them to parks and expose them to many people and other dogs.

With enough training, your Nano Bully will become very friendly and loving. Their socialization training will also make them great companions to other dogs in your house.

As Family Dogs 

Nano Bullies are great family dogs. They are very loving and friendly with humans and get along nicely with children. Their small size makes them very appropriate for inside dogs as they do not require much space.

They are very homely and love cuddles and attention. They don’t require too much training as well. They can stay inside for long periods of time and would get along spectacularly with others.

On the other hand, their short lifespan might not make them the perfect dog for children as they will have to deal with their loss pretty quickly. They also can suffer from a lot of health issues which can be a burden on some families.

As Guard Dogs 

Nano Bullies have a strong, frightening look and are very protective by nature. These traits make them decent guard dogs.

But they are very small compared to the American Bully, which is a better guard dog as they are bigger, stronger, and more likely to protect you in case of an attack or danger.

Nano Bully VS Micro Bully – What’s the Difference?

There is no difference between the Nano Bully and the Micro Bully; it’s two names for the same class of Exotic Bullies.

Exotic Bullies have two classes that only differ in size, the Standard Bully and the NanoMicor Bully, with the latter being much smaller than the former.

Where to Find Them? 

If you have made a decision to purchase a Nano Bully, we would recommend checking out local shelters first before you look for a breeder. Here are some reputable shelters around the US that feed, shelter, and take care of rescue dogs waiting to find a new home:

  • New York Bully Crew – New York Bully crew specializes in rescuing Bully breeds, among other breeds. They provide the dogs with the needed medical care and attention and work tirelessly to find them proper homes. Check out their website to see the available dogs for adoption.
  • Don’t Bully Us Rescue – Don’t Bully Us Rescue also specializes in reducing Bully breeds. They are located in Philadelphia and South Jersey. All their puppies are vaccinated and have regular medical checkups. Puppies older than 6 months are also neutered or spayed.

If you can’t find the dog you want in a shelter, you can consider checking reputable breeders. Make sure you do thorough research into many breeders and talk to previous customers about their experiences before you decide to buy from one.

Check out this article for more details about how much Micro Bullies cost.

All About the Nano Bully in a nutshell 

Nano Bullies are a small mixed breed of American Bully and Bulldog descent. They have all the characteristics of an American Bully, only exaggerated and packed in a compact dog. They are friendly and easy to socialize and train and make great companions.

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Frequently Asked Questions 

Is the Nano Bully A Good Family Dog? 

The Nano Bully is a good family dog considering they are very friendly, loving, and great with children. They are quick to get used to humans and other dogs around them. Their only downside is their shirt lifespan and various health issues.

Are Nano Bullies Easy to Train? 

Nano Bullies are very easy to train. They are obedient and eager to please, which makes them fast learners. With training, they can be very friendly to other dogs in the same household or outside. However, their training sessions need to be short for their health.

Are Nano Bullies Good with Kids? 

Nano Bullies are very good with kids. They are devoted and loyal dogs that are always eager to please. They are very friendly and love to cuddle. It’s still not recommended to leave them alone with kids, as kids tend to test their patience without fearing the consequences.

Are Nano Bullies Smart? 

Nano Bullies are fairly smart. They are not super intelligent, but they are smart enough to be easy to train and learn to follow the rules and commands. Nano dogs get their intelligence from their American Bully parent, known to be smart enough to follow the rules and learn rather quickly.

How Tall Is a Nano Bully? 

Nano Bullies can get as tall as 13 inches. They are fairly small dogs hence the “Nano” name. They have bred exactly for the reason of having a dog with the qualities of an American Bully in the small body of a French, English, and Shorty Bulldog.  

How Much Is a Merle Nano Bully?

A merle Nano Bully can cost up to $5000. Nano Bullies are considerably very expensive because they are new and hard to breed correctly. The Merle color is also a rare color for Bullies, which adds to their already high price point.

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