How to Make Two Pitbulls Get Along? Effectively and Quickly

Pit Bulls can get along with other dogs under the right circumstances. However, raising two Pit Bulls in the same household can still be a challenge, and you need to have a good understanding of what needs to be done to help them get along better.

So, how to make two Pitbulls get along? To make two Pitbulls get along, you need to make sure they’re both properly socialized before gradually introducing them to each other. Try to give each dog its own space and toys so they won’t get territorial. Also, try to give them equal attention and discourage any aggressive behavior immediately.

Continue reading to learn more about how to help Pit Bull get along with each other and what to do if they start fighting.

Do Pit Bulls Get Along with Each Other?

two pitbulls playing to show how to make two pitbulls get along well

Pit Bulls have a reputation for being violent since they were originally bred to fight with other animals. They’re also known to be very protective of their territory and will react negatively if an unfamiliar presence threatens that territory.

However, all of this doesn’t mean that Pit Bulls cannot get along with each other or with other dogs. They’re still social dogs by nature, which means they tend to seek company.

In fact, being in the company of other dogs might even have a good effect on a Pit Bull as it will help prevent it from developing separation anxiety if its owner ever had to leave it alone for some time.

 Any Pit Bull’s behavior will depend mainly on how it was raised. So, if the dog was raised under the right circumstances, which involves being properly trained and socialized, it will have a bigger chance of getting along with other dogs.

Can Pit Bulls of the Same Gender Get Along?

There is a lot of debate about whether the dog’s gender has anything to do with how well it can get along with other dogs.

Some experts suggest that dogs of the same gender will have more difficulty getting along with each other than dogs of different genders, especially if both dogs are males.

That is mainly because two dogs of the same gender will constantly be fighting for dominance over their territory since there can only be one alpha male or female within the same pack.

However, this is not always the case with domesticated dogs. As mentioned before, the dog’s behavior toward others, regardless of gender, will depend mainly on how it was raised.

So, if two dogs of the same gender were properly trained and socialized, they are likely to get along smoothly without starting any fights.

Can Pit Bulls Be Trained to Get Along?

Pit Bulls can be trained to get along. Pitties are generally smart, so they will be able to learn quickly on their own and from each other.

The training process should start when the dogs are still young, and it typically involves socializing them as well as disciplining their behavior. This will help make the dogs more obedient as they grow older and prevent them from developing any aggressive behaviors.

However, keep in mind that the training process might be easier if you’re raising two Pit Bulls together from a young age than if you’re introducing a second Pit Bull to the one you’ve already raised.

How to Help Your Two Pit Bulls Get Along?

Having two Pit Bulls in the same house can be a challenge, especially if you’re introducing a new dog to the one you already have.

So, here are some useful tips you can follow to help your two Pit Bulls get along quickly:

Make Sure That Both Dogs Are Socialized Properly

You need to make sure that both dogs are socialized properly from a young age to teach them to feel comfortable around others and prevent them from developing any behavioral problems.

Proper socialization involves allowing your dog to interact with other dogs in different environments. You can take your dogs to a dog park or arrange play dates with other dogs.

Start the Obedience Training for Both Dogs Early

You also need to start obedience training for both dogs early to have more control over their behavior as they grow older.

Make sure to teach them the basic obedience commands first and to use proper methods to encourage or discipline certain behaviors.

Introduce the Two Dogs to Each Other Gradually

When bringing a second Pit Bull home, you need to introduce the two dogs to each other gradually to prevent them from getting territorial or overwhelmed.

First, you will need to let the two dogs get used to each other’s scents and being in each other’s presence. You can do that by arranging meetings for the dogs in a calm environment that wouldn’t overwhelm them.

Ensure both dogs are leashed during those first few meetings and supervise all of their interactions.

As both dogs get more comfortable being around each other, you can try taking off their leashes and allowing them to interact more closely or play together.

Try to Give Each Dog Its Own Space and Separate Belongings

Since Pit Bulls can get very territorial, it’s recommended to give each dog its own space where it can sleep or rest without disturbing the other dog. You can do that by getting each dog its own crate or putting their beds in separate rooms.

It’s also recommended to give each dog separate belongings such as this includes blankets, food bowls, or toys, so that they wouldn’t start a fight over these belongings.

With time, Some Pit Bulls might be comfortable enough with each other to share their space and belongings without any trouble. However, it’s best to let the dogs reach this stage on their own without forcing them.

Establish a Stable Routine for Each Dog

You need to establish a stable routine for both dogs to help you manage their needs better and reduce the chances of them getting in each other’s way.

This means you need to set specific times for each dog to take its meals or to go on a walk. You can also set some time for activities that both dogs can do together, such as playing or exercising, as long as both dogs are comfortable and you can handle them at the same time.

Try not to make any sudden to their daily routine, as the lack of stability will make them feel more anxious and cause them to act out.

Discourage Any Aggression Between Both Dogs Immediately

It’s perfectly natural for one or both dogs to exhibit some aggressive behaviors, especially at the beginning of their introduction. However, you should never ignore this kind of behavior or, as some say, let them fight it out.

Make sure to discourage any kind of aggression between both dogs immediately to prevent it from escalating further.

When discouraging aggressive behavior in dogs, you need to avoid using aggressive methods such as yelling at them or beating them, as these methods will only cause the dogs to become more aggressive in retaliation.

Spend Time Bonding with Both Dogs and Give Them Equal Attention

You need to spend enough time with both dogs to strengthen your bond with them. You also need to give both of them equal amounts of care and attention so one of them wouldn’t feel neglected.

Pit Bulls are highly sensitive, and they love spending time with their owners. If they feel like they’re not getting as much attention as they need, they will start to feel depressed, which will cause them to behave destructively.

What to Do if Your Two Pit Bulls Start Fighting?

Even though providing your Pit Bulls with proper training and socialization will help them get along with each other better, there’s still a little chance that they might start a fight with each other.

If your two Pit Bulls start fighting for any reason, you need to take action immediately to break up the fight; then, you need to discipline both dogs properly to prevent any fights in the future.

You can check out my complete guide on how to discipline a pitbull correctly here. 

How to Safely Break Up a Fight Between Two Pit Bulls?

Breaking up a fight between two Pit Bulls can be very dangerous as you might end up injuring yourself or the dogs.

So, here are some methods you can use to break up a fight between two Pit Bulls safely:

Distract the Dogs

You need to find a way to distract the dogs and take their attention away from each other long enough to separate them.

One of the ways you can distract them is to make a loud noise. However, avoid yelling at the dogs as this might provoke them even more. Another way is to spray them with some water.

Use an Object to Separate the Dogs

You can use an object to separate the dogs. This method will be more effective if the fight is too violent as you wouldn’t have to put yourself in harm’s way by touching the dogs directly.

You can use various objects to separate the dogs, such as a broomstick or a chair. You can also through a towel or a blanket over the dogs while they’re fighting so that they won’t be able to see each other.

Physically Separate the Dogs Yourself

You can try physically separating the dogs yourself. However, this method should be your last resort if none of the other methods work, as it puts you at the most risk of injury.

A common technique that pet owners use to separate dogs is known as the wheelbarrow technique. It involves approaching one of the dogs from behind, then grabbing and lifting their hind legs so that they end up balancing on their front legs like a wheelbarrow.

Once you have a good hold on the dog’s legs, start walking backward to separate it from the other dogs.

This technique will also work best if you have another person grab the other dog’s legs at the same time.

How to Prevent Two Pit Bulls from Starting a Fight?

Even if you can safely break up a fight between dogs, prevention will always be the best policy.

To prevent your two Pit Bulls from starting a fight, you need to monitor the interactions between them and look for any sign in their body language that would indicate that they’re getting aggressive with each other.

Common signs that a dog is about to get aggressive include grinding and baring its teeth, barking and growling loudly, pulling its ears back until they’re completely flat against its head, avoiding direct eye contact, and holding its tail up in a rigid position, and wagging its tail rapidly.

If you need to leave the dogs alone for some time, it’s recommended to put them in their crates or in separate rooms as you do not know what could trigger a fight between them while you’re gone.

Related Questions

What Other Dog Breeds Get Along with Pit Bulls?

Other dog breeds that get along with Pit Bulls include German Shepherds, Basset Hounds, Beagles, and Golden Retrievers. These dog breeds are ideal as companions as they share many treats with Pit Bulls, such as being social, energetic, and intelligent. They also won’t challenge Pit Bulls for territory or dominance.

Does Raising Two Pit Bulls Require A Lot of Space?

Raising two Pit Bulls does require a lot of space as these dogs are highly energetic, and they will need to have enough room to exercise and move around. They’re also territorial, which means each dog might even require its own space; otherwise they might start to fight over toys or other supplies.

How Long Can You Leave Pit Bulls Alone?

You can leave Pit Bulls alone for at most 2 hours when they’re puppies, but if they’re older, you can leave them alone for about 4 to 6 hours. It’s not recommended not to leave a Pit Bull completely alone for too long as this cause it to develop separation anxiety and behave destructively. 

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