The 5 Best Beds for Pit Bulls in 2022 – Indestructible But Comfy Beds

Even the most active Pit Bull needs a cozy bed and comfy sleep. Dog mattresses have unique characteristics designed specifically for their comfort, even though your dog may be quite content to sleep on the floor, the sofa, or even your bed.

You want your Pit Bull to have the most comfortable bed possible, but there are a lot of options available to choose from.

Here’s our list of recommendations for the best beds for Pit Bulls to help you make the right choice.

List of the Best Beds for Pit Bulls

ProductBest for
Bedsure Orthopedic Dog BedBest Overall
Furhaven Quilted Sofa-StyleDog BedBest Value
The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog BedPremium Choice
Best Friends by Sheri the Original Calming DonutBest for Puppies
The Puppy Paw Orthopedic Waterproof BedBest for Heavy Chewers

The 5 Best Beds for Pit Bulls in 2022

a photo of a pit bull in bed to show the best beds fr pit bulls

1. Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed – Best Overall 

The Bedsure Orthopedic Dog Bed is available in 5 sizes, allowing you to select the ideal size for your Pit Bull. Your dog can curl up in the sofa-style bed design with ease.

Your pet’s neck and head will enjoy additional support from the bolster side, which doubles as a pillow and promotes deeper slumber.

For added comfort, It has a polyester flannel cover that provides a warm sleeping area. From puppies to senior dogs, this bed is perfect for them all. In addition, your Pit Bull will feel more secure because the dog bed’s position can be fixed by its non-slip, studded plastic bottom.

It has a removable cover with zip closure for easy wash and a waterproof liner on the inside foam that protects against peeing and pooping.

Pros VS Cons 


  • Suitable for all life stages
  • a bolstered, comfortable sleeping area
  • Protection against peeing and pooping
  • Non-skid bottom


  • Not suitable for heavy chewers

Bottom line 

It is simple to understand why this bed is the top choice for Pit Bulls in general, as it is a comfortable, washable, secure bed that provides neck and head support.

2. Furhaven Quilted Sofa-Style Dog Bed – Best Value

To suit your taste and the size of your Pit Bull, the Furhaven Quilted Sofa-Style Dog Bed is available in 5 sizes and 6 colors. This dog bed has brushed quilted fabric made of polyester that is soft on paws and noses for improved comfort when your Pitty wants to snuggle and get comfortable.

Both the fluff-filled bolster railings and the egg crate orthopedic foam foundation support the neck, back, hips, and joints while cushioning pressure points and enhancing breathing. This combination helps promote deep sleep and reduce discomfort.

Moreover, your Pit Bull won’t have to jump to get on the bed because it is easy to step onto it. It also has a machine washable cover for easy use. Finally, compared to many other orthopedic beds, this bed is more affordable. 

Pros VS Cons


  • Suitable for all life stages
  • Provides joints and bones support
  • Easily washable
  • Many colors to fit your taste
  • Affordable


  • Dog nails could shred the cover.
  • Not suitable for heavy chewers

Bottom line

This is a very affordable option that comes with many benefits your Pitty will surely love.

3. The Dog’s Bed Orthopedic Dog Bed – Premium Choice

The Dog’s Bed is a waterproof orthopedic bed that is available in four sizes and covers made so that your Pit bull’s bed blends effortlessly with your home’s décor and your dog may remain close to the family.

This bed has 2 bolster sides and is filled with orthopedic high-density memory foam to offer comfort and support to your Pitty’s bones.

An effective preventative measure for young dogs of breeds predisposed to joint and hip problems like hip dysplasia ensuring your dog’s joints remain mobile into their senior years to boost their quality of life and keep your Pit Bull healthy and active for longer.

It also prevents pressure sores and elbow calluses brought on by being immobile when unwell or recovering from surgery.

It has bolsters that support your dog’s neck and prevent them from rolling off the bed. In addition, in order to prevent incidents related to incontinence, this bed comes with removable covers that are quick to dry and easy to wash.

Pros VS Cons


  • Relieves joint issues
  • Improves joint mobility
  • Provides better quality of life
  • For all life stages


  • The inner liner is a bit noisy
  • Relatively expensive

Bottom line 

This expensive option is surely worth it as it helps prevent your Pit Bull develop joint and hip problems. If it does, it’ll still provide the best support and comfort for your buddy.

If you want to pamper your Pit Bull, their bed is a really good choice because nothing is as important as sleep, and this bed is the one for you.

4. Best Friends by Sheri the Original Calming Donut – Best for Puppies

The Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Donut comes in five sizes and various color options. This dog bed is perfect for puppies who enjoy curling up because of its circular shape.

The carefully made donut design cuddler is filled with CoziLOFT fibers and made of sturdy, vegan nylon with sufficient cushion and faux fur cover, helping your pet to be immediately engulfed in quality, soft, and opulent comfort.

The self-warming feature of the bed is excellent for short-haired breeds who require assistance controlling their body temperatures. This characteristic gives puppies a sense of security, promotes calmness, and creates the ideal place for cuddles and excellent snuggling for dogs who enjoy burrowing.

Additionally, it has a water and dirt-resistant bottom that helps keep spills from getting on your floors. It’s also washable, so you won’t have any problem with a puppy that’s at the beginning of its potty training.

Pros VS Cons


  • Help regulate your dog’s temperature
  • Soothing
  • Sufficient depth for burrowing
  • It can be put in a washing machine


  • The cover fibers might get matted with time
  • Relatively expensive

Bottom line

This dog bed recreates the soft and warm feeling of a pup’s mom’s fur so that your Pit Bull puppy relaxes and gets the best sleep ever.

You can also get it on Petco currently, you can find it here.

5. Puppy Paw Orthopedic Waterproof Bed – Best for Heavy Chewers

The Puppy Paw Orthopedic Waterproof Bed comes in 3 sizes to fit your Pit Bull in all stages. It is made of high-quality material that imitates delicate velvet cloth, which your Pitty will adore lying on. 

This bed has a layer of gel-infused memory foam that molds to your pet’s body to offer orthopedic support and ease joint pain. It also has a high-density base foam to prevent the cushion from sagging and your Pit Bull from touching the ground.

Moreover, it is a heavy-duty bed made of Oxford cloth with a 1680D density that can withstand your Pit bull’s consistent chewing and tearing. This bead features a TPU inner liner which is a waterproof material to completely shield the foam from liquid or water spills.

Your Pit Bull can play safely and quietly thanks to the non-slip points on the bottom. In addition, the bed cover has a zipper that can be removed for machine washing.

Pros VS Cons


  • Works well with heavy chewers
  • Offers joints and hips support
  • Very comfortable


  • It only has one color

Bottom line

This bed for heavy chewers is made of durable material while providing comfort and bone support.

How to Pick the Best Bed for Your Pit Bull?

Features to Consider When Choosing a Dog Bed

Before talking about the breed-specific requirements for your Pit Bull, it’s critical to comprehend the general features you look for in a dog bed. The following are some of the most crucial qualities to look for in a dog bed:


Your dog won’t be comfortable on the incorrect size dog bed, and you’ll therefore be wasting money on something it won’t be using. Therefore, when choosing between two sizes for dog beds, opting for the larger size is usually preferable just to be on the safe side of things.

To figure out the best size, measure your dog from the tip of its nose to the tip of its tail. Unfortunately, because dog beds are primarily based on weight, they aren’t always error-free regarding your dog’s length.

When you have the measurements, be sure you get a bed that is larger than that. Your dog should have enough space to spread out. A few inches longer than your dog’s length is a solid rule of thumb to follow.


Pit Bulls are enthusiastic chewers. Suppose your dog has a habit of chewing on its bedding. In that case, you might consider investing in a high-quality dog bed composed of heavy-duty materials.

There is no such thing as an indestructible bed, although some are more prone to easier destruction than others. Check if the bed’s cover is thick and sturdy.


Dog beds are made with all kinds of fillings. Does your Pit Bull need a soft pillow to sleep on, or do they require something more supportive?

Consider an orthopedic bed if your dog needs memory foam or orthopedic support. These beds are meant to ease the strain on joints and fatigued muscles. You will notice your dog is sleeping way better and feeling less stiff and sore in the morning.

Your dog may not currently experience any joint problems; they may still develop them in the future. Using an orthopedic bed from the time your dog is a puppy can help prevent or delay the development of many unpleasant health problems.


Any dog bed will eventually become dirty. At some point, the bed may be covered in dirt, debris, loose hair, slobber, pee, vomit, or muddy paws.

It’s important to think about the cleaning directions for a bed before you buy it. Do you want a totally washable item you can throw entirely in the washing machine or only a detachable cover that can be washed?

If you don’t have the time to hand wash or spot treat the dog bed, think about if you can wash it in the washing machine. Pick a bad that will easily fit into your lifestyle too.


Your Pit Bull’s dog bed should complement your own style. It is, after all, a part of your household. You may match the bed to your décor by selecting a complementary color to match the space it will be placed in.

Pit bulls enjoy being near their owners; thus, this bed is likely to end up in a frequently used room, so choose a bed that you enjoy looking at and that meshes well with the rest of your house.

Special Concerns for Pit Bull Beds

While it’s helpful to keep the features mentioned so far in mind while looking for a bed for any dog breed, you must tread carefully while selecting a bed that is perfect for your own Pit bull’s unique needs.

Pit bulls have a lot of unique characteristics and inclinations that should be considered while making your pick. The following are some of the most common Pit Bull health issues and personality qualities that should affect your choice.

Preferred Sleeping Habits

Choose a bed that fits your Pit Bull’s preferred sleeping habits. You should get your dog a big, flat, roomy bed that is either round or square if it prefers to turn over or sleep on her side or back. However, “nesters” typically like somewhat smaller oval or round mattresses with bolsters to make them feel safe in their cocoons.

Check this article to learn more about Pit Bull’s sleeping habits.

Destructive Behavior

When Pit Bull are left alone, they can get bored rather quickly, which leads them to destroy many items around them with their destructive behavior, such as chewing or scratching.

Therefore you may need to get a dog bed made from durable materials to accommodate such behavior.

Skin Conditions

You’ll most likely need to wash your dog’s bed cover regularly to prevent it from developing any skin conditions, so be sure to get a bed that not only has a washable cover but also one that can endure repeated washings.

The ideal bed should have at least two covers so that you can wash one while the other is being used.

Body Weight

To accommodate the Pit Bull’s large muscular builds and help keep them off the floor, you’ll want to focus on getting a bed that offers lots of support. This will not only do that but also help support her already overworked joints.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Does Your Dog Need a Bed?

Your dog needs a bed so it can have a safe haven to retire to where it can unwind without being troubled. Dog beds can also provide relief and support where your dog needs it if they have joint or muscular problems. Even if you permit your dog to sleep with you in your bed, you might not always want it there.

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