Is The American Bully Considered An Aggressive Breed?

You’ll find some people get intimidated when they find out you have an American bully at your home, and often get comments from visitors saying ”Put the dog in his crate”, or “ I can’t come, I’m not comfortable around this breed”, or even “ Didn’t you hear about bullies’ attacks? they could be very dangerous”. 

So, Is the American Bully considered an aggressive breed? 

The American bully is not considered an aggressive dog breed. They are known for being strong, protective, loving, loyal, and obedient to their families, but are not aggressive by nature. All dog breeds can be triggered to bite. However, the American bully isn’t willing to bite unless provoked. 

If you wanna know all about your bully’s history and why did he get this reputation, read the following article to know more.

Origins of the American bully and their reputation

american bullies in a playground to answer is the American bully considered an aggressive breed

The American bully is the outcome of An American Staffordshire, American Pitbull terrier, and other Pitbulls. Once people know this piece of information, they automatically think The American bully must have the same reputation as The Pitbull terrier; both are aggressive. They may be right. However, any dog breed could be aggressive if triggered or left untrained during his early months of age.  

No kidding, just by one look you’ll notice how charismatic and powerful this breed is. You’ll fall in love with how smart and gentle they look. With the proper training, your bully will never be a “bully”. In other words “aggressive”.

This breed can be the protector of you, your family, and your traveling companion. You better go workout before getting yourself an American bully, because oh boy, how well-built and strong they are!

With consistent training and when bred correctly, they can be so athletic that they would catch everyone’s attention. One of the best things you’ll like about your dog is how low maintenance it is; no hairballs because of his short, smooth coat, it needs brushing only once a week, which means no groomer is needed.

Because of his short coat, your bully needs to stay in a warm place; avoid leaving him in the yard for too long.

Note: Bullies live around 8-12 years. 

That Powerful jaw, strong structure, and intelligent brain come in 4 different sizes.

  • Standard – 20 inch
  • Pocket size – 17 inch
  • XL – 20 inch
  • Classic  – 20 inch 

Check out this complete guide to the types of American Bullies to learn everything about them and what sets each of them apart.

Are American bully puppies expensive?

Get ready to pay A LOT. The American puppy is actually very expensive, its price ranges between $2000 to $7000, which can make you reconsider buying one. However, you can always consider adopting.

I break down the reasons for their high cost and how much it costs to own and care for an American bully this guide to why are American Bullies very expensive.

Is the American Bully on the Dangerous or Banned Dogs Lists?

Unfortunately, yes, in some countries. One of the unfair decisions that had to be taken against this breed.

The American bully is banned in 10 countries because of the number of accidents that had happened, but the UK is not one of them. Because Bullies have been stereotyped as dangerous, they have been banned in the following countries.

Countries where bullies are banned

  1. France
  2. Denmark
  3. Poland
  4. Norway
  5. New Zealand 
  6. Belgium
  7. Canada
  8. Brazil
  9. Finland 
  10. The territory of Puerto Rico 

What is a banned dog?

‘’BSL’’, Breed Specific Legislation;  A law that can restrict anyone from breeding, owning, displaying a particular dog breed that has proven to be a threat to anyone’s wellbeing. Any dog that is suspected to be banned, will be immediately taken away from its owner and held in Kennels.

Luckily, banned breeds can be kept with their owner but under certain conditions, for example, being leashed or muzzled whenever in public. That, unfortunately, could do more harm than good. 

So, it’s better to always check and be up to date with the list of banned breeds in your country. 

Is the American Bully a dangerous dog, actually? 

Bullies can be very dangerous if they haven’t received the proper training at a young age because of their strength and territorial tendencies, so bullies can be very aggressive when they feel that they, their territory, or their owners are threatened, but they won’t attack without a reason and many warnings.

Any dog has the potential to be aggressive in any unexpected situation with or without proper training, that’s why it’s important to keep your eye on your dog in case something unexpected happens.  

If you are a first-timer I would suggest you do some research; talk to a friend who owns this breed, a vet, or any trainer that can give you some heads up, or advise you to get a more first-time-owner-friendly breed, other than this one that can be hard for you to train.

You can learn more about bullies’ aggression in this post that answers whether pocket bullies are aggressive.

Are American Bullies safe dogs? 

The American bully considers himself the family protector. They are safe dogs when trained and socialized early. Even though they can be overprotective and territorial of their families at times. With consistent training, their aggressive tendencies can be tamed.

Why do some people consider American bullies to be dangerous?

Bullies are considered to be dangerous for people who haven’t owned one, because of the bad reputation they have, but for owners, they are considered to be friendly, protective, kids-friendly, and have high pain tolerance unlike other dog breeds, so they are more likely to be comfortable around kids’ pulling their ears or riding them like a horse.

Are American Bullies Good dogs?

Bullies are an exceptional family companions, they are capable of taking good care of you and your family, excellent and gentle around kids.

Are American Bullies good with other dogs?

Well, let me say, every dog has his ups and downs, but a strong muscular built head with cropped ears, a powerful jaw, and a strong personality may look a bit intimidating for some dog owners thinking they may not get along with your American bully. 

Are American Bullies good with cats or other pets?

Yes, with early socialization, the American bully can get along very well with cats and other pets. What some people don’t know is that if you isolate your dog from other pets or people for a long time. There’s a good chance he might show aggressiveness. 

Your bully will have a good time living in a house with multiple pets without facing any issues. However, it’s very important to prepare your home to accept several pets and make sure you know how to introduce your old pets to their new friends.

Dog Breeds that usually get along with the American bully 

You know when they say energies match in humans, the same sometimes happens with dogs.

  • Basenji 
  • Cocker spaniel
  • German shepherd 
  • Bagel
  • Golden retriever 

When are American Bullies aggressive?

Bullies are not aggressive in nature. However, there are a variety of reasons your dog can show signs of violence, luckily all those reasons can be easily prevented so you, your family, you and your friends don’t have to suffer from any consequences.

6 reasons that lead your dog to be aggressive

  1. Fear
  2. Anxiety
  3. Possessive aggression
  4. Food aggression 
  5. Aggressive redirecting 

How to train your American bully not to be aggressive?

Dog aggression sometimes can be life-threatening if it isn’t controlled. Your dog’s behavior problem, let me tell you, can and will be a threat to you and your family.And, it could lead to the dog being euthanized or taken if it attacks another animal or a neighbor. Aggression can be avoided by early training.

Sometimes just being aggressive and threatening to attack can lead to neighbors or communities reporting to authorities and having the dog taken away and either euthanized right away or offered up for adoption in another state or county, and since these dogs are unlikely to get adopted, they end up getting euthanized either way. 

However, if your dog is already old or he was adopted; you never had him as a puppy, and you started to see some behavior issues, then it’s time to get him some professional training.

Luckily, for dogs, it’s never too late. They’re always ready for training. However, keep an eye for the following signs 

Signs that your dog is starting to become aggressive

  • Growling
  • Liplicking
  • Fast wagging tail
  • Raised fur
  • Teeth showing

 When your bully starts to show those signs, note what happened to trigger your dog or the circumstances. Remember that aggression is just a symptom. All you have to do is look for the cause. In the meantime remain calm, don’t approach your dog because there’s a good chance he will bite you, and remember to remove anything that you think may have upset him.

After your dog is calm, talk to his trainer about it.

How to stop your dog from being aggressive using “Positive reinforcement” training?

Positive reinforcement simply means “Learn to earn”, or in other words, rewarding your dog for good behavior. This may sound easy but without consistency, it could be a waste of time. That’s why we brought you some guidelines to help you in your first training session.

Use short words

Dogs, in general, aren’t very good with long sentences, so avoid “Leo, go sit on that chair in the living room” instead only use “Stay”, “ Come”, “ drop”, “ sit”, and so on.

Be consistent 

Consistency is everything when it comes to training. Make sure you tell your family to use the same phrases you used in the training so your puppy doesn’t get confused.

Reward timing

Make sure you reward your puppy with his favorite treat right after he has done the command. Puppies are food-motivated and can get easily bored if they don’t get the treat they want.

Training time

Your puppy has a short attention span. It’s crucial you limit your puppy’s training time to be 15 min maximum every day to assure good results.

Top picks for puppy treats to use in training

Choosing your puppy’s favorite treat could be a challenge. The right treat can help your puppy focus only on one thing which is doing what you say to get the treat, so yeah, a win-win situation. 

And because we know store treats could be a bit pricey, Check out the top puppy’s favorite treats you can find at home.

  1. Peanut butter and honey biscuit 
  2. Low-fat bacon
  3. Apple and carrots

Check Mistakes people make when treat training a puppy 

Are bullies easy to train?

The American bully is an intelligent dog and easy to train. However, you or the trainer you hired have to have a strong personality with a firm tone of voice. Because bullies are very smart, they can sense whether you’re hesitant and that may affect the efficiency of the training. 

They are capable of learning a very good amount of tricks and commands if the training session is fun and enjoyable.

Alongside training, American bullies, and highly active dogs, you’ll need him to exercise not less than an hour a day. So he doesn’t destroy your favorite furniture. Check the list below and choose your puppy’s favorite exercise.

  • Walking: Take a walk with your dog at least for an hour every day.
  • Fetching: Throw your dog’s favorite toy and let him get it for you, and repeat.
  • Swimming: Dogs love water, take advantage of that. Learn about bullies and swimming here.
  • Chasing:  Ride your bike and let your dog chase you, your dog will love it!
  • Toy search: let your dog smell his favorite toy, hide it, then ask him to find it.

Note: Some of these activities need practice so make sure your dog understands you.


The American bully is a beast-looking breed, yet has a heart as a little puppy. He’ll protect you and your family no matter what. Like any other dog breed, he could be aggressive when triggered, but with training at a young age, he’ll remain calm in any unexpected situation.  

Related Questions 

Are American Bullies tough? 

American Bullies are tough dogs, and they are considered one of the 10 strongest dog breeds, but they are also cuddly, affectionate, and overall good family dogs

You may find their name “Bully” questionable. This name refers to his origin as a guard dog that was tough enough to take on a bull. So yeah, this guy is tough! 

Fact: Some people think that “Pitbulls” and “ American bullies” are related, but the truth is, they’re not. They are two different dog breeds with different characteristics.

What problems do American bullies have?

While bullies are well known for their muscular, well-built structure, intelligence, and loyalty. They are also known for some health concerns that you may want to know.

Some bullies’ owners give their dogs steroids to make them look bulkier and more muscular, but as soon as they stop dosing them. They get back to their normal size which indeed leaves them with some health issues.

4 Health concerns and their symptoms

Condition Symptoms
Hip dysplasia Weakness and discomfort in the hind legs 
Heart disease Persistent cough Weight loss
Difficulty breathing
Skin diseases Itching Biting skin
Skin Redness
Eye issue Your dog bumps into things.
Redness or puffiness in the eye
Your dog is uncomfortable in new places 

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